Richard Seymour: Raider, finder of silver linings


The Raiders have given up 22, 35, 31 and 37 points in each of their four games, only one of which they won.

That’s an average of 31.2 per game, 28th in the league.

But Raiders defensive end Richard Seymour wasn’t discouraged by what he saw when he watched the film of the Broncos’ 37-6 strafing of his team.

“We’re so close on so many plays. It’s fixable,” Seymour said, via Vic Tafur of the San Francisco Chronicle. “We’re headed in the right direction.”

Sunday’s was their worst loss to the Broncos in 50 years, and they have just three sacks on the season. Peyton Manning peppered them with quick passes, but they all worked.

The Raiders have allowed scores on more of half their drives, 52.2 percent. That’s up from 35.6 percent of drives allowing scores last year, when they set franchise records in a number of categories.

I’d hate to see what was happening if Seymour thought things were getting worse.

23 responses to “Richard Seymour: Raider, finder of silver linings

  1. Yeah and a handful of guys were so close to beating Usain Bolt in a race. Close is relative and to be expected amongst the best athletes in the world at this sport that come up short of championship level performance. Everybody that loses on every play comes pretty close to being able to say they could have made the play with a slight change.

    This is a game about doing not trying.

  2. If Seymour wants to improve things, he can start by playing hard EVERY down instead of getting it up for 5-10 snaps and then taking the rest of each game off.

    Tommy Kelly and Rolando McClain are doing the same thing, except McClain can’t even manage that much.

  3. He probably should’ve said, “We just suck and there’s nothing we can do about it.”. Of course, then you would’ve criticized him for that.

  4. “We’re so close on so many plays. It’s fixable,” Seymour said, via Vic Tafur of the San Francisco Chronicle. “We’re headed in the right direction.”
    Sounds like a veteran response to try & keep this team from completely falling apart. I have family & friends that are Raider fans & that think this team is difficult to watch.

  5. He got paid $7.5M this summer and another $7.5M this year.

    His cap numbers in 2013-15 will increase from $17.818 million to $19.133 million as a result of re-doing his contract.

    Of course he has to say that things are working… They’re working out pretty well for him.

  6. I’ve been a Raider fan my whole life, but even I think Seymour must be smoking something. There was NOTHING encouraging on Sunday. It was embarrassing. Dennis Allen said they will look at everyting during the buy week. I think that’s the right approach. Hopefully, they scrap the zone blocking scheme or better yet, find a new offensive coordinator.

  7. As a raider fan who is sick of waiting to win, all I can say about Seymour is if I was getting paid $15M for the year i’d be optimistic myself.

  8. This is obviously a “Bomb for Barkley” campaign in Oakland this year. I’m sure the new GM doesn’t plan on hitching his wagon to Carson Palmer for the long term.

  9. Who knows – it’s a long season and we play in the AFC West. Remember Denver was 1-4 and 2-5 last year and won the division. While 8-8 probably won’t do it this year 9-7 might. Nobody in the west is likely to win more than 10.

    The Raiders play at Atlanta after the bye week so 1-4 is probable. Then it’s Jacksonville, at KC and Tampa Bay. The Raiders have to be at least 3-5 probably 4-4 at the midway point to have a chance.

  10. This year, Raiders fans will lament the passing of their usual 8-8 seasons, and will reminisce fondly of them as quaint and nostalgic history, now that they are assuredly a 1-15 team.

    Go Chargers!

  11. I was wondering where all of the people are at that said that Tommy Kelly and Richard Seymour were going to “Snap Manning’s Neck” and take him out the first time they played Denver? The only neck that could have broke in that game, would have been Carson ” we gave up what?” Palmer. I was shocked they didn’t pull him out of the game earlier and let someone else get abused.

  12. Raiders have not won the game after their bye week in 10 years (2002)

    It is a guarantee that they will give up 30+ points to the Falcons in week 6.

    Seasons over lol. NFL’s whipping boy once again.

  13. natelan69 says: Oct 2, 2012 2:49 PM

    This year, Raiders fans will lament the passing of their usual 8-8 seasons, and will reminisce fondly of them as quaint and nostalgic history, now that they are assuredly a 1-15 team.
    8-8 doesn’t do anything for me. But the Raiders going 1-15 is about as likely as the Chargers getting that first ring. Not impossible, just improbable.
    As for Seymour, he should stop talking and start getting some pressure. And in his free time, he should reach out and give Rolando McClain one of those Roethlisberger head slaps.

  14. Reggie is just getting started….2013 casualties…..

    Seymour – $16 million plus
    Palmer – $16 million plus
    Huff – $11 million plus
    DHB – $10 million plus
    Tommie Kelly – $9 million plus
    Rolondo McBust almost 7 million

    and the beat goes on!

  15. I love the haters always chiming in about the RAIDERS- they are obsessed, especially charger fan.

    Hey Gantt- still airing out your hate for the RAIDERS? Your subtle jabs in almost every post takes away from your “professional integrity”.

    Another worthless post- keep up the good work.

  16. to be fair @radrntn

    Non Raider fans have been saying that for years. Only now you guys are starting to admit it.

    Seymour waste of a 1st rd pick has not played at the level he once was, or even been a vet leader of the team

    Palmer Waste of a 1st rd pick. Reasons are obvious

    Huff Waste of a top 10 pick. Does not play like a top 10 player

    DHB See above

    Rolnodo Jogging McClain See above

    Tommy Kelly. Actually a pretty decent scouting job. To bad he was paid like a top 5 player, and doesnt play like a top 5 player.

    and the beat goes on…

  17. @natelan69- You donkey. The next meaningful game the chargers win will be their first.

    Focus on the chargers and the spanos clan that owns them.

  18. I had higher hopes, but it’s clear this is a rebuilding phase. Get some help in the secondary and ditch the zone blocking scheme and all will be good.

  19. How obsessed must someone be with a team to create a screen name mocking such team commitment2ex?

    We all know you’re a closet Raider fan, otherwise you wouldn’t post your vile on EVERY Raiders story.

    It’s time to come out of the closet boy.

  20. Zone blocking works great for the Texans…just ask Foster and Tate how they like it.
    Raiders fans who think their division is up for grabs are going to be disappointed. The only way Oakland wins the division is if Manning gets hurt.

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