Roddy White talks about Falcons’ hot start


The Atlanta Falcons have had four straight winning seasons.  They are five wins away from their fifth.

But receiver Roddy White realizes that the team that has gone 0-3 in the postseason since 2008 won’t be taken seriously until the Falcons win at least one game in January.

White talked about that and other issues during Tuesday’s PFT Live, including the late-game win over the Panthers and Matt Ryan’s profane reaction.

I could keep writing about what he said, or you could watch it for yourself.

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2 responses to “Roddy White talks about Falcons’ hot start

  1. Did Roddy mentioned that their 1st 5 games are versus teams with a 2011 combined record of 34-46? Top 2 opponents…San Diego & Denver 8-8.

    Now compare that to say Philly’s opponents at: 45-35. Top 2 opponents…Balt & Pitt 12-4.

    So let’s not jump the gun in awarding the Falcons all this credit when they haven’t played a team with a winning record from last season.

  2. LOL^ why does it matter what there 2011 record was? And compared to philthy that won 3 games by combined 4 points? Also Denver with Peyton is a heck of a lot better than them with tebow. No matter how much it pains you to hear Atlanta is a good team. Get used to it

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