Romo, Bryant frustrated by the big mistakes in loss


Fantasy players will see Tony Romo’s 300-yard game, and Dez Bryant topping 100 yards, and think everything’s ducky.

But both players were explaining themselves after last night’s 34-18 loss to the Bears.

Romo’s five interceptions were a disaster, with two of them going back for touchdowns. And having a bye week to marinate on it only makes it worse.

“It’s going to sit there in your stomach and just eat at you,” Romo said, via David Moore of the Dallas Morning News. “In different situations out there where you’re trying to do too much and help out different areas, I think that is going to catch up to you at some point in the National Football League.

“I’m going to have to reassess a couple of things that are happening and make sure that they don’t happen again.”

The last two games have been brutal, with a combined eight turnovers (after a pick and two fumbles in a win over Tampa Bay).

“The number one factor is taking care of the football,” Romo said. “I know that and preach it to the guys.

“It’s obviously frustrating.”

Not just for Romo, either.

Bryant was disconsolate after dropping three passes and running a bad route which led to a pick-six, and was one of the last players out of the locker room.

I know what kind of team we are,” Bryant said. “We’re a great team. We’re a family and we play good football. Tonight, it was just unfortunate for us. They were the better team. They came out and played and came out with the W.”

The Bears are good enough, particularly on defense, to win games on their own.

They don’t need the gifts which the Cowboys were in the mood to provide.

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  1. Great teams don’t get blown the f out by seattle. They got lucky week 1 when the giants decided not to show up for opening day. They are mediocre at best, incompetent at times. Although tony romo usually waits till late november to look like a dumb dumb.

  2. This is what the “fan boys” fail to see.

    This Cowboys team will never be respectable under Jason Garrett (nice guy though). Romo can easily be the stat king when his career is over making him a decent QB but this does nothing for the organization as a whole.

    Jerry is someone we will have to put up with until the day he dies. And as much as he loves this team, he is NOT a GM. He is more like PT Barnum (note last week was the grand opening of Victoria’s Secret IN the stadium).

    For the past few years the Cowboys have looked good on paper, but it has not translated well in getting to the playoffs.

    The past does not equal the future, stop bringing up how many championships this and titles that…

    Jerry needs to get a real GM, but it’s not going to happen. Jerry needs a real HC one that he will not micro manage, but who knows? Maybe some day…

    We can draft monsters, buy and trade all the talent in the world and they still have to step on the field and produce.

    But until then, just sit back and observe and stop buying more Cowboys paraphernalia, vote with your dollars to get Jerry’s attention.

    [End of rant]

  3. You haven’t seen frustrated until Rg3 chokes the last breath from this worthless franchise. Rg3 will burn the house that Jerry built to the ground and rebuild it in a thick film of burgundy and gold. Recognize the greatness among us. The division has flipped!!!!! You’ve been warned!!!!

  4. Dez is wrong, they’re not a great team, average at best. Life long Cowboy fan here, that’s tired of this crap. Jason Garrett is reminded me more of President Obama with every game; Just a bunch of rhetoric with no substance. It’s so frustrating…..

  5. Romo is trash! Average at best! He doesn’t have that it factor Dallas needs! Everybody rides Dallas’ jock cuz of the past! Stop blowing them bums up! G-Men for life! Yes Sir!!!!!!!!!

  6. Stellar game by the Bears offense, too, including your favorite whipping boy Jay Cutler, and some much-improved O-line play…Gee, maybe the offense is good enough to win games, too.

    This was the type of game Bears fans envisioned after the upgrades Emery made this past off-season.

  7. Dallas is to the NFL what Notre Dame is to CFB. Every year people expect them to be great just because they were great at one time…. then reality sets in, they are just (at best ) mediocre.

    Romo is ok. The only chance Dallas has is to realize that Romo is a “coach killer”. He will show just enough flash to make Jerry think he is great, but in the end Romo is not great.

  8. I’ll bet Jerry is reaching for the Romo Seltzer this morning – he has to be sick to his stomach watching his star QB and receiver stinking it up.

    Dez Bryant has the physical tools, but I really think he lacks the smarts to be effective. Romo just goes into meltdown mode when pressured.

  9. Dez – it’s become obvious what kind of team you are… Great isn’t a word I’d use – try Disconnected or Inconsistent or Mediocre.

    Big Jerry – say what you want about Romo… they guys brains will fall out at any given moment… along with your receivers hands.

    When is enough… enough to face reality?

  10. Romo+Bryant=Garbage…
    Opie Garrett go and tell Aunt Bee to bring me a apple pie & hot dog.
    I am so tired of the media and the cowgirl fans thinking this team is a elite team. Yes they have a few players but that is it at best. The cowgirls will never be the team (Aikman, D Sanders, M Irvin & E Smith) of the 90’s. Mr Wrinkles opens his ckbook and pay players looking for the check on Tuesday only. I am so happy today that DA Bears came into America’s stadium where it has Victoria Secret apparel for the cowgirls if the game gets boring, in which it was not boring for me last night and whip that a** good. Now go and lick your wombs Romo & Bryant. That team is just an average team, so please stop promoting them like their are in the same class as the Giants, Patriots & DA Bears!!!!

  11. Romo will never go to a Super Bowl!!!

    First, his organization drafts undisciplined players, he has too many embarrassing games yearly, and he can’t be relied to throw it more than 30 times per game!!!

    My goodness, he stunk so badly last night he played the role of Kyle Orton in Denver last year while Kyle played the role of Tim Tebow. Romo goes out and Orton actually does something positive like “The Chosen One”.

    The problem is that there are too many Romo maniacs that unnecessarily believe in him when he has the smallest proof of consistency and post season success!!! Romo is a fake franchise QB!!!

    No champion has a 5-interception game!!! He’s on pace to throw 32 by the end of this season. Romo = NO HOPE.

  12. Also, dump Dez Bryant after this year!!! He can go to the Rams and be a part of the “headache children family” with Janoris Jenkins!!! His ex-WR coach Ray Sherman is there.

  13. “I know what kind of team we are,” Bryant said. “We’re a great team.

    I’ve been a Dallas fan for 44 years. I’ve seen great Dallas teams. No, this is not one of them.

  14. I’m a Cowboys fan. Bryant is wrong, this is the furthest thing from a great team. It’s an undisciplined team with a terrible offensive line and no running game. 8-8 if they’re lucky.

  15. The Cowboys are a mess, and it starts at the top. Jerry Jones needs a real GM. Jerry needs to quit micro-managing and let the coaches do their jobs. Jerry needs to quit publicly emasculating his head coach. Otherwise, he’ll be stuck with Jason Garrett types…yes men who aren’t good head coaches. The best candidates will avoid Dallas like the plague because Jerry is the new Al Davis.
    The Cowboys need to stop re-living their glory days. Yes, they’ve got a bunch of Super Bowl rings. But they haven’t won a play-off game in how long?
    The Cowboys have some talent, but it isn’t translating to on field success. That’s on Jason Garrett.
    The players need to face this reality: you’re only as good as your record. You don’t win games based on potential, you win them by playing better than your opponent.
    And right now, the Cowboys aren’t doing that.

  16. Mabe Romo wasnt that bad… I think Chicago’s defense is that good!! Last night the Bears defense would have did the samething to any QB in the NFL

  17. For a performance like last night’s, it takes two to tango. Chicago’s defense was excellent AND Romo was that bad. Plus, the Dallas offensive line was truly offensive, the WRs were wearing their IQs on their uniforms (kudos to thebadguyswon for that), and the play-calling was, as usual under “offensive genius” Garrett, predictable.

  18. As a Cowboy fan let me just make a couple of observations:

    1. Jerry Jones is the mouthpiece not the GM. Stephen in my opinion has taken on that role.

    2. There is enough talent on this team to win games. There isn’t enough coaching. The sooner they decide to ‘tear apart’ this team the better – but i would do it with the staff and not the players.

    3. Why is it in games where they have a lot of penalties, there seems to be more focus as opposed to games like last night when the penalties were low but the focus wasn’t there?

    4. Romo – still better than most qb’s. Dez – you have a lot of work to do.

    5. Where the hell has Miles Austin gone? They seriously are going to line up Dez and Ogletree as wideouts without Austin?

  19. Was Romo the first QB to have a shovel (aka shuffle) pass intercepted? If not, certainly that was the first returned for a TD.
    Give him credit- he finds novel, dramatic ways to entertain the nation (outside of the Dallas area anyway).

  20. Here’s all you need to know about the Cowboys to see how overrated they are:

    4-18 in last 22 games as a favorite against the spread. You don’t get far with an 18% win percentage.

  21. As a Cowboys fan it’s frustrating seeing your team play like that against a mediocre team like Chicago or Seattle. One week they are great and beat the Super Bowl champs, then suck against a team they should easily beat. No excuses for Romo, but the o-line is gonna get him killed. They are partially to blame for the running and passing game. Even if Brady or Manning were under center for Dallas, they would have the same issues. Bryant has no excuses other than lack of discipline. He needs to keep his ass on practice field if he can’t run the correct route. At least the Defense has picked it up – now if they could just get off the field for a while instead of having to play 75% of the game…

  22. How Dez Bryant still has a job in the NFL baffles me. I can’t recall seeing that many passes hitting an NFL receiver’s hands and without catching them in one game.

  23. The team lacks identity.

    Running the ball 11 times while the game is still close is a joke but when looking at why the game has to be on Romo’s shoulders it’s easy to see:

    Murray’s first run goes for 10.
    The rest of his runs: 1,2,1,0,-3, 2,1,0,2.

    The offensive line is outmatched. Vickers at FB may be a dropoff from Fiametta last year.

    Drops by Dez, Ogletree and two deep passes that Romo missed will haunt them.

    Oh and the defense is overrated.
    Welcome to 8-8.

  24. I wonder if Giant fans realize they have the same record and are in a bigger whole than we are in the division since they are 0-2. They haven’t even beat a legit team. The Panthers and the Bucs. Yea they look like contenders this year. Talking about this game though.. Yes it was a terrible outing by the whole team, not just Romo. We couldn’t stop Marshall with any coverage we threw at him. It was noticeable how much we missed Spencer and are going to miss Church. Victor Butler looked lost on most plays and putting Jenkins at safety was a mistake. I think our offensive line did a better job than what most people are giving them credit for last night. Romo was only sacked once the whole game which is incredible against the team that is leading the league sacks right now. Bryant needs to get his head in the game, learn the damn playbook, and hand signals. He looks ridiculous out there.

  25. bearflagfan says: Oct 2, 2012 2:44 PM

    How Dez Bryant still has a job in the NFL baffles me. I can’t recall seeing that many passes hitting an NFL receiver’s hands and without catching them in one game.

    Go ahead, continue to blame the young receiver…..I guess those 5 int’s is his fault too…..

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