Santana Moss wondering if Umbrella Man lurks nearby


Redskins wide receiver Santana Moss isn’t paranoid.

He’s just smart enough to know everyone’s out to get him.

Moss said Monday it was suspicious that it just so happened that rookie quarterback Robert Griffin III’s headset went out at just the instant he might have needed it the most — during a game-winning drive in Tampa.

“The only thing that might be surprising to you all is that he’s young and it happened to him,” Moss said, via Mark Maske of the Washington Post. “I mean, I’ve been in plenty of games that when we’re away, we can’t hear the call, especially on the last part of the game.

“So I’m almost thinking that that’s something that they do in stadiums to say, ‘Hey, you know, let’s make it little harder for them.’”

Moss then spun his head to hear the black helicopters hovering over the Redskins facility. Not really.

Charges of home teams “jamming” headset radios are at popular urban legends, and have never been substantiated. That said, there aren’t many teams in the league who don’t think someone’s done it to them at some point.

The good news for the Redskins is that Griffin didn’t seem flustered by the lack of communication.

“You put him in a game-time situation, that critical, game on the line, it makes it a little more, ‘Wow,’ ” Moss said. “But other than that, as a player you know that that’s what he’s there for…. I’m glad we have a guy that, even though we’re dealing with his youth of him not being here, he doesn’t play like his age or his coming into the league this young.

“He doesn’t approach the game that way. He approaches the game like he’s been here before.”

Moss then re-affixed the tin foil lining he keeps in his helmet.

20 responses to “Santana Moss wondering if Umbrella Man lurks nearby

  1. Santana Moss wondering if Umbrella Man lurks nearby

    I thought Tom Benson owned the Saint’s & Mr. Peanut was just fictional.

  2. Gee, how did teams ever communicate on the field before headsets and radios? How do high schools, colleges, and baseball managers communicate to players?? It’s called hand signals, ya dummy. Use them.

  3. perfect example of confirmation bias… the only time anyone brings up confirmation bias and headsets is when one reads an article about headsets going out during the game winning drive, case closed.

  4. And if someone did it after a loss you would say they’re a shiner and tell them to get over it. There’s no pleasing people. Then again, most people are morons.

  5. “Moss then re-affixed the tin foil lining he keeps in his helmet.”
    The only people who don’t want you to believe in conspiracies are the one engaged in them. Of course they exist.

    Perhaps the greatest feat of a conspirator, is to convince everyone else that conspiracies don’t exist.

  6. “brianforster says:
    Oct 2, 2012 1:14 PM
    perfect example of confirmation bias… the only time anyone brings up a headset failure is when its during a game winning drive, case closed.”

    That would be the most opportune time for it to happen, don’t you think?

    It’s no excuse for the team to not have a good drive, if you have a smart QB and hand signals, but I fully believe teams can and will do that.

  7. jmsincla says:Oct 2, 2012 1:32 PM

    perfect example of confirmation bias… the only time anyone brings up confirmation bias and headsets is when one reads an article about headsets going out during the game winning drive, case closed.


    Case closed, you say? Let’s look at this for a moment:

    The headset system is usually reliable and seldom fails, and in fact on the day in question has worked perfectly all afternoon, except, hmmmmmm…in the last 1:42 of a game where the visiting team has a rookie QB and needs a field goal to win?

    No, nothing at all suspicious about that.

  8. Ummm is Santana really not realizing that having no headset gave the offense an opportunity to run real plays and not Kyle Shanahan’s favorite Madden plays? Pretty sure Griffin was 3-3 on the drive with a run of about 15 yards…

  9. Somehow John Elway and Joe Montana managed to become legendary clutch performers without headsets in their helmet. Figure it out.

  10. Why does Darin act like this isn’t plausible? We all know teams will do whatever they think they can get away with to get an advantage. The NFL should be responsible for all team headsets, not the home team/home stadium. If this didn’t happen frequently on 4th quarter drives to away teams, then there would be no suspicion, right?

  11. Visitors have been getting bad 4th quarter reception in Foxborough since about the year 2000. Not a new story.

  12. You know, it’s perfectly possible it’s not even the team doing it, but rather some tech savy fan. It happens too frequently, and at too coincidentally opportune times to be written off.

  13. Steve Grogan called all his own plays.

    If any coaches believe in the conspiracy, they’d better have their QB prepared to deal with it. Anything else is bad coaching.

  14. Like others have said, it’s easy and really kind of too easy. Especially with the amount of technology we carry around with us and it’s acceptance in stadiums.

    An upstart league would be smart to put the play calling in the players hands. The QBs that thrive as backups in the NFL would thrive there as truly intelligent athletes.

  15. Kyle Shanahan can’t stop running his favorite Madden plays? What does that even mean? What RGIII never completed a pass until the end of the game? I love how idiots try to sound smart by saying things that don’t mean anything. Every idiot on here thinks they know more about football than Kyle Shanahan. If so then why aren’t you coaching college football or something?

  16. Kind of raises John Unitas calling all his offensive plays himself to God-like status eh? Boy the mold was broken and then some when Mr. U. and the position of quarterback met on the field of play. What a professional!

  17. I remember Jason Campbell and this exact same story. The evidence is anecdotal but it has happened to the Skins a number of times

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