Skelton still not 100 percent

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Last Friday, Cardinals coach Ken Whisenhunt offered candid insight during an interview on Pro Football Talk regarding the status of quarterback John Skelton and the looming question of whether Skelton or Kevin Kolb will play when Skelton fully recovers from an ankle injury suffered during a Week One win over the Seahawks.

Per a league source, Skelton still hasn’t reached 100 percent.

With the Cardinals operating on a short week before Thursday night’s rendezvous with the Rams, it means that Kevin Kolb most likely will start.

When Skelton gets to 100 percent, Whisenhunt has admitted he’ll have a tough decision to make.  The time is coming for that decision to be made.

Unless, of course, Whisenhunt is using the same “100 percent” standard that former Vikings coach Dennis Green used 14 years ago, when Randall Cunningham was having a season for the ages as Brad Johnson recovered from a broken leg.

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  1. Seriously?

    Kolb is undefeated this season, and is only picking up steam as he goes along.

    He hasnt gotten a fair shake from the get go with Arizona. Let the kid play and at least feel secure for 12 minutes with the starting job.

  2. ” Let the kid play and at least feel secure for 12 minutes with the starting job.”

    Really? Why would you ever want to “let” your quarterback feel secure in his job? Your quarterback should MAKE his job secure. A quarterback should be playing well enough to erase all doubts. Otherwise you should be evaluating which of your QBs gives your club the best chances to win.

    And as a Seahawks fan I actually think the Cardinals best chances at continued wins are with Kolb. But Kolb does need to make that decision easier on Whisenhunt, by putting up numbers that reflect an undefeated season (thus far).

  3. Jimmy Johnson also did this with Steve Walsh when Troy Aikman was hurt years ago. Its called riding the hot hand without making actually demoting anyone. Plus I am betting he knows Skelton will eventually be the starter there anyway and wants to avoid ticking him off.

  4. Kolb has earned the job, at this point, he deserves to continue in the role as he’s shown he’s more than capable of it… He’s beaten three very good teams (I’m including Seattle – that’s a game winning drive against a top D) and willed himself (8 sacks) and the team (21-14 deficit, 4th and 10) through adversity in what was a trap game.

    All Whisenhunt needed to do with Kolb was tweak his offense a bit to include shorter route combinations, which he was reluctant to do. Kolb given a full offseason (despite a poor preseason) has also helped matters…

    Now that he’s done that, Kolb has shown the ability to be an effective player. That throw on 4 and 10 from the 15 is extremely impressive – was a rope.

    He’s better tham Skelton, always was… Now, Whisenhunt better do the right thing and play him the rest of the way, let him learn. Guy has never had a full season of reps before.

  5. So far, Kolb is playing the best he can and still manages to throw some bad picks. So far, Kolb has ridden the Cards Defense to stay in the game while he and the novice offensive tackles tread water until they can get hot. So far, Kolb has had one excellent game (Philly), one excellent series (Seattle) and two games where the defense bailed him and the offense out. As a franchise QB, Kolb has looked so-so. As a backup, Kolb has done very well.

    The reality is this: Kolb has an excellent WCO skillset. However in the Cards offensive playbook, only 20% of its passing plays are of the WCO variety. The Cards will either keep running these WCO plays over and over again (meaning Kolb can do these plays until Defenses wises up) or Kolb must expand his skills to handle the rest. When Kolb tries to handle these other type of pass plays, bad things happen as shown last season and during the pre-season.

    What will it be Cards fans? Eventually lose with Kolb or keep winning with the QB who can best execute most of the Cards Passing Offense? Remember Cards fans and grow-up, this is not the local playground or the high school team so stop this silly talk about being “fair” to Kolb over giving the Cards their best chances to win every game possible. Being fair to Kolb (or any other player) just means making sure he gets paid his big bucks on every payday and that he has the best medical coverage and treatment when needed.

  6. Everyone likes to compare the Cards to last years Bills….but that defense is looking like a young Pittsburg Steelers….back when the Steelers D was really good. The rest of the NFC west is hoping they never get a QB.

  7. I really dont think you should sit a hot hand . not saying that skelton couldnt come in and get the job done , but kolb is doing the right thing’s so far…hasnt been mistake free but hes human.. and i think the team is really starting to belive in him right about now . never change something thats not broken . sorry skelton yer my boy but for the better of the team.. i say

  8. The Cardinals have a good D no doubt but I would be a tad concerned about a team that just gave up 420+ yards to a rookie qb, over 240 yards to a number 3 type wr and over 140 to another number 3 wr

  9. It doesnt matter who starts at QB for the Cardinals because the Rams will win this game regardless. Even though I think the Rams would have an easier time exploiting Kolb on the road.
    The 4-0 Cards have had 3 games at home. Their little streak ends Thursday.

  10. Kolb is A LOT more accurate when given a little time to throw. He’s missed a couple of throws he should have had and 2 picks on the season so far, but he gives the Cards the best chance to win right now. They really need to find a way to give him a little time though.

  11. “Everyone likes to compare the Cards to last years Bills….but that defense is looking like a young Pittsburg Steelers….back when the Steelers D was really good.”

    Erm, didn’t a rookie QB with no wide receivers throw for over 400 yards?

    The fact that the Cardinals won in overtime doesn’t mean that that’s not relevant…

    The Steelers defense never let a QB throw for over 400 yards. But you know what defense did?

    The Bills last year – they relied on interceptions to win close games despite allowing a ton of yards, and eventually their luck ran out.

    Just saying.

  12. Kolb, picking up steam??? He looked to be struggling last week and that pass into the endzone was ???…reminescent of preseason. He has done a satisfactory job with flashes that looked good toward the Eagles. He is getting too comfortable as starter and still can’t get the ball to Fitzgerald if he is down the field. I hope the Cards are taking their A game to St. Louis with all their defensive weapons at theh ready. The Rams aren’t the team we thought them to be…lol!

  13. It would be different if Skelton was an established qb himself, but the fact is he isn’t. He’s a young qb with some upside but he hasn’t proven anything. Stick with the guy who is winning games.

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