Texans, Falcons tighten their grip on the power rankings

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For the first time this year, the first-place team in the PFT power rankings didn’t lose.

With the Jets on the docket, chances are the new trend will hold for at least another week.

Beyond the Texans at the top and the Falcons in the second spot, you can check out the other 30 right here.

And you can gripe about where your team is ranked right down there.

5 responses to “Texans, Falcons tighten their grip on the power rankings

  1. Im looking at the Texans schedule and I can easily see them going 13-3 or 12-4. Its hard for me to put them in the same category as the falcons when they clearly had it easier with the broncos only being a challenge. They only have 4the tough teams on their schedule, pats, packs, bears and ravens. Out of the four, they’ll probably beat the bears, the Texans wont be fully challenged until the playoffs assuming they’ll make it. Don’t know if it’ll hurt them or benefit them with one of the easiest schedule and but I guess we’ll find out when that time comes.

  2. I’m sorry, even with the weak AFC South Division – the NFC South is no powerhouse – How is the Texans at Detroit, Minnesota, at New England, Baltimore, at Chicago, Green Bay, at New York easier than Atlanta’s competition of Dallas, Oakland, Washington, New Orleans, Tampa Bay, Carolina?? – their only tough game is the NY Giants.

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