Aaron Maybin calls his 2012 start “average,” which could be an overstatement


One of the great stories of the 2011 season has become an afterthought in 2012.

Linebacker Aaron Maybin, a first-rounder whom the Bills dumped after only two seasons, became a key contributor in 2011 with the Jets.  But the anti-Gholston, who had six sacks despite no starts last year, has become Gholston, Part II in 2012.

Maybin, who has no sacks and no quarterback hits through four games, describes his performance to Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News as “average.”

“If I don’t make any game-changing plays, I don’t feel like I had a good game,” Maybin said.  “So in my mind, I haven’t played a good game yet.”

Maybin’s playing time has reduced, which isn’t a good sign as he prepares to become an unrestricted free agent in 2013.

“There’s a lot of packages that I’m in this year that I wasn’t in last year, but it doesn’t mean that we’re running them,” Maybin said.  “I can only do what I can with the opportunities that I got.  So, whenever they call my name, I’m ready.  And whatever that job is, I’m ready to do.”

But he hasn’t done the jobs they’ve asked him to do so far this year.  The bad news for the Jets is Maybin’s lack of production has become the least of their problems.

14 responses to “Aaron Maybin calls his 2012 start “average,” which could be an overstatement

  1. thats whats wrong with society today,

    you have mel kiper and todd mcshay making ridiculous salaries for feeding NFL fans opinions and false promises…

    every draft “in 3-5 years this kid is gonna be a special player ” ,

    look on wikipedia of all the past drafts, how many of them are still around? top 10 guys – barely any or bust, etc…

    tom brady in the 6th round is all i got to say.

  2. I’m thinking the Bills should sign him again.

    They seem to love giving multi millions of dollars away to athletes before checking in their chest to see if they have heart.

  3. No Aaron, your 2012 season so far is what you should refer to as “expected.” Your success in 2011 was nothing short of miraculous…… you Bum!!!

    Disgruntled Bills Fan

  4. The fact that you just tried to use Mel Kiper and Todd McShay as a culprit to what’s wrong with society is pretty sad. Those guys are giving opinions of football players, not curing cancer, take it with a grain of salt. Why blame those two for top 10 busts? Obviously Kiper and McShay weren’t alone with their opinions seeing that the team did draft that player in the first round.

    It’s a simple formula, some players have dreams of reaching the NFL whereas some players in the company of Manning and Brady have aspirations of being the best ever. These top 10 picks get complacent when they sign their big deal and get lazy. Brady had a chip on his shoulder and worked his tail off, Tom Brady is the exception, not the rule. Not every sixth rounder is a gem similar to not every top 10 pick is a bust.

  5. A pure speed pass rusher, with no size or strength. He came out of nowhere to be an effective situational player last year. Teams have the tape now. He’s not surprising anybody.

  6. @mjbulls45 — I’m not sure where that misguided rant came from. The only people who thought Maybin was a good pick were the people at 1 Bills Drive. He had limited results in college, and he was badly undersized for the role the Bills wanted him to play (as a 4-3 DE). He was a “workout wonder” at the combine, and he wasn’t even a starter his senior year until injuries handed him the starting job.

    Maybin is a speed rusher, that’s it. He had some success last year with the Jets as a pass rushing specialist, but he’s useless against the run so he can’t play in those packages. For where he was drafted (#11 overall) and what the Bills were paying him, they couldn’t afford to keep him as a situational player. They needed him to be an every-down player, and he never will be one.

  7. He’s not a good player who has an inflated opinion of his talent as most Jets do. He had some lucky stats last year and disappeared at the end of the season. He is correct though, his 1 tackle in 4 games is his average and typical production. Well done Aaron! Maybe you can write another rap song.

  8. The point was missed here. Maybin still has all the skills that got him those big plays last year. The thing about Maybin is that he can not overpower an olineman. Olineman can move him around. Maybin only becmes deadly when there is ridiculous coverage in the secondary or when the qb is flushed out of the pocket and is in a position where the onlineman blocking Maybin isn’t expecting. It is only then that Maybin can use his only weapon, speed. Unfortunately for the Jets, no qb has been hurried this season adn our dline has never created a push. It isn’t Maybin’s fault as long as you know what to expeect and when he can succeed.

  9. “But the anti-Gholston, who had six sacks despite no starts last year, has become Gholston, Part II in 2012.”

    Did Rexy build him up like he did with Gholston? That could be the problem. Everyone Rexy builds into a superstar (in his and their gullible fans) becomes a bust. Can you say Sancheezy? Cromartie? and the list goes on.

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