Bobby Carpenter returning to New England

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Bobby Carpenter, a free agent linebacker who was released by the Patriots just before the start of the regular season, is heading back to New England.

Tom Curran of reports that the Patriots will re-sign Carpenter.

The Patriots’ decision to sign Carpenter suggests that rookie linebacker Dont’a Hightower, who suffered a hamstring injury on Sunday against the Bills, may miss some time.

A first-round pick of the Bill Parcells Cowboys in 2006, Carpenter played four seasons in Dallas, played briefly in Miami in 2010 and then played for the Lions in 2010 and 2011.

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  1. Carpenter is a solid player who does not use illegal drugs or PEDs, he doesn’t kill dogs or murder people, and he doesn’t do anything to “offend” anybody.

    This is the kind of guy who deserves a second chance, so medialovesthecowboys rips Carpenter for getting opportunities, I must wonder if he does the same for guys like Mike Vick, Plax Burress, and all the players who have been found guilty of using illegal drugs or beating women.

  2. I was surprised they cut him, he was their top backup in the preseason and he looked pretty solid. He may not live up to his 1st round potential, but there are a lot of worse LB’s out there.

  3. He needs to just be an upgrade over special teamer Tracy White in playing backup LB while Hightower is dinged up, and I think he is.

  4. Not be the most physically gifted LB, but plays hard. Typical old school Parcells/Belichick guy. Wish the Lions had him back.

  5. makes sense, because they are super thin at LB. And seeing Spikes get roasted in coverage will lead to a move like this. If he sees the field it will be on passing downs to drop into coverage. Asking Spikes to do that is too much.

  6. Bobby Carpenter is a prime example of a player with unbelievable talent and athleticism that watched his stock skyrocket after the combine. However, in college at OSU it was obvious that A.J. Hawk was superior and even the middle linebacker Matt Schlegel was better. But, he did well in the 40 and bench and boom, first round pick. He’s a good rotational linebacker but product of why you can’t judge a player based on what he does without the pads on…Hopefully he can right the ship with the Patriots.

  7. As mentioned…this is a solid signing. He’s not Hightower, but he doesn’t have to be. As long as he is better than a Tracy White, the team will be fine. The other guys will have to step up a bit…but I think he’ll find his way without issue for us.

    Good pickup at this stage.

  8. I thought he looked good in pre-season for the Pats.

    He knows the system and was their first choice, so I suspect he will be fine.

    I hope Hightower isn’t out that long.

    Every team certainly has their share of injuries after 4 games.

  9. I wonder what those of you who are ripping this signing would have said about say, Mike Vrabel after he left Pittsbugh. Belichick has a solid record having done this in the past. He gets the benefit of the doubt in my book.

  10. lol @ Cowboys fans trashing him… might have something to do with his pick 6 against Romo last year which helped spark the Lions comeback !

  11. ^—funny. When I worked for the Cowgirls he was the hardest worker on the team. At the facility nearly every day in the offseason. Working on his technique, lifting and studying film. This dude just won’t quit.

    To answer all of the people above questioning why he keeps getting a chance. That is why.

    My best to you, Bobby.

  12. I was surprised they cut him at all seeing as how he appeared to be the first LB option off the bench and made some good plays in the preseason…Hopefully Hightower is okay and Carpenter can step in for a game or two and maybe even solidify a roster spot

  13. He looked good during preseason. I was surprised he was cut as well. It had to be a tough cut by Belichick. Too bad about Hightower. He is still developing and needs to be on the field.

  14. Cowboys fans need to blame Parcells. He’s the guy who surprisingly took a 3rd round talent 21st overall, or wherever he was selected.
    It’s not exactly Carpenter’s responsibility to say “thanks Coach but I can’t accept cuz you’re drafting me two rounds higher than I should be.”

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