Cam Newton adds flash to already flashy pink shoes

There are fashion statements, and there are statements.

With the NFL allowing players to wear pink during games this month to promote breast cancer awareness, you find out a little color goes a long way.

But check out the shoes Panthers quarterback Cam Newton was sporting Wednesday for practice (photo via Bill Voth of Spiracle Media).

With those Under Armour kicks, it will be impossible for anyone in Bank of America Stadium to not be aware of the cause, if they’re not blinded and unable to see the game.

35 responses to “Cam Newton adds flash to already flashy pink shoes

  1. I like Cam. He’s fun to watch. But a lot of people give Tebow a hard time for him giving off the impression “it’s all about me”. Cam is starting to go down that path, he seems a little more self absorbed than Tebow. He’s better than Tebow, that’s a given, but you if you look for it you can really start to rack up the proof that Cam is a little selfish.

  2. I’m sorry… but I forgot that the Carolina Panthers were filled with all-stars or even hope of a brighter future. Let Cam Newton prove his team with faith; no matter how self-centered things he does may seem people still believe that ever game they enter they can win… That’s primarily because of Cam. Until Carolina provides him with a defense that doesn’t allow 30+ points a game their shouldn’t be any complaining.

  3. Is anyone else just tired of Cam Newton? Being a Cowboys fan, I put him in the same boat as Dez Bryant: flashy look-at-me players with talent but too self-centered to really unlock their true potential.


  4. Really? Even though pretty much every player in the league is wearing something pink – Cam’s pink is slightly different and you guys stretch that to be 1) He should be spending more time on his game 2) He is Selfish 3) He is a locker room cancer 4) He is self absorbed

    Geez you really need a life. (And yes I am fully aware that since I replied to this I also need a life – but at least I admit it!)

  5. aware of the cause, I think you mean aware of cam because that’s what he wants, cam cam cam, all about cam, are we winning? doesn’t matter, I’ll do my superman thing anyway

  6. How exactly will his shoes help defenders find and tackle him?

    He’s 6’6″ 250 lbs and has his name and number plastered on his jersey in huge font. But no, his shoes are somehow going to be more helpful to the defense?

  7. Under Armor made the cleats not Cam. They are for cancer awareness. If he would of refused to wear them people would of made a huge deal about it just like they are about him wearing them. Lighten up people.

  8. I dont know why Cam gets all the hate from some people here on pft! Some of the comments are straight up ridiculous and out of order!! Judging a person you dont know by sideline demeanor is asinine!!! The comments on his work ethic or lack thereof is unfounded and actually the opposite of what the coaching staff has said about him.(First in and last out of practice). Does he beed to work at his craft? Ofcourse he does, who doesnt? Brady 2-2, Rodgers 2-2, Mannings 2-2, Brees 0-4!!!

  9. Cam should go ask RGIII to borrow a pair of his funky socks to wear with those bright pink shoes.

  10. paulitik74 says:Oct 3, 2012 4:15 PMThere is no flashier loser in professional sports than Cam Newton

    It takes an entire team to Win or Lose! For the record Cam is a winner in every sense of the word. Just in case ya forgot, he went undefeated in the SEC enroute to a National Championship and Heisman Trophy! The year before that he led Blinn College to an undefeated Jr. College Championship! He then went to Charlotte and without the help of O.T.A’S transformed a 2 win 32nd ranked poorexcuse of an Offense and tripled the amount of Victories while having the 8th ranked Offensive production. Oh yeah forgot to add that along the way he crushed every NFL Rookie QB record that matters while destroying the All time NFL record for Rushing TD’s by a QB and winning the Offensive R.O.Y. One Helluva loser if I’ve ever seen one!!!!

  11. I agree. This isn’t about breast cancer. This is a “look at me” moment for Cam.

  12. I’m wondering if he accidentally clicks his heals together, does he wake up in KC?

  13. I’m starting to dread October games.

    I want football back. I know it will never happen, but that doesn’t mean i have to like this grab ass version.

  14. @mannyfresh209

    As a non-Cowboys fan, I hope that the Cowboys keep Tony Romo forever.

  15. @bigblu73
    What work ethic?
    After Brady, Rodgers or Peyton come off the field the first thing they go and do is see what the defence is runnig on the photos or talk to their coaches ….. What does Cam do?
    Nothing … he just sits there with a towel over his head or if he scores a td with his team down by more than 3 scores … he acts like he won a SB or something. Yup that sounds like a real winner.

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