Carlos Rogers says the Jets quit last week


The Jets have lost their best defensive player for the year, their best offensive player for the year, and according to Carlos Rogers, they’ve lost their heart.

The 49ers cornerback said on Sirius XM Radio (via the Newark Star-Ledger) that the Jets quit during the 34-0 beating the 49ers gave them Sunday.

“It kinda seemed like, after a while they just, I know, looking at their defense, they didn’t want to be out there,” Rogers said. “And after that it’s like, man, these guys don’t really want to play the game. You know, it’s pretty much over.

“You could see it happening. It kinda shocked me just because, you know, a lot of guys were saying on the sideline, ‘Oh, they don’t want to tackle, they don’t want to do this, they don’t want to do that.’ That’s a Rex Ryan defense. That’s a Rex Ryan team.”

Rogers said the stamp of their head coach made what he saw surprising, because he never thought he’d see such a thing.

“His defense, you know, plays throughout,” Rogers said. “And that was the shocking point about it. . . .

“It really kind of shocked me to see that them guys were ready to go get in the showers.”

You can fully expect Rogers’ remarks to be in the ears if not the hands of every Jet today. While no coach wants to be in the spot the Jets are in, every coach relishes the opportunity to create an “us vs. them” mentality, with “them” being the entire world.

It might work as a motivational tool, unless, of course, Rogers was right.

21 responses to “Carlos Rogers says the Jets quit last week

  1. quitters. losers. this is what happens when your coach talks trash and boasts your super bowl aspirations. when you cant walk the walk your team is going to quit

    dumpster fire.

    only 3 months until the rebuilding begins.

  2. he’s right…

    on one play, every one of the niners’ offensive linemen pushed every jets defensive linemen 5 yards back.

    it was embarrassing to watch and i’m a niners’ fan..

  3. They can have the “us vs. the world” mentality all they want, but the fact of the matter is you must have the talent to pull it off. The Jets lack offensive firepower AND creativity and I’m sure the defense was exhausted from being on the field because of constant turnovers. Watch the highlights. Look at Sanchez running for his life. NO QB plays well with NO protection. This coaching staff better right the boat SOON because there are rough seas ahead and no safe harbors in sight…..and definitely no islands.

  4. C’mon…with Rex Ryan as your coach, does anyone really give you any respect. It isn’t the team that quit, it’s the head coach who is the problem with he Jets. I know of no other coach in the history of football that found it more important to run his mouth more than Rex. The only thing missing with Rex on the sideline is the clown suit he forgets to dress in every game. How do expect players to want to play for man that has no class, no shame !

  5. Look at the jet franchise lifetime. Under .500% winning and lots of 4-12 seasons. Only 1 super Bowl trip and the AFC Easts doormat.

    This is what they are folks.

  6. The Integrity of the Game. This is what was at stake during the Referees’ strike. An NFL player will rarely jump into the ‘deep end’ of brutal honesty as C.R. has done here, but something really BAD struck him deep down in his competitive soul: He was witnessing the Integrity of the Game being challenged in another form.

  7. The Jets are hard to watch, no doubt about it. While Ryan’s chatter is obnoxious and weak what I really don’t get is why no one seems to be screaming for the heads of their personnel people.
    I know Ryan has a lot to do with it, but he isn’t the only one to blame. The Jets have allowed their personnel to become a joke and they simply do not have the players to compete. No wonder the players quit when they know they are in a fight and they know they don’t have the weapons.

  8. What do you expect when they have an offense that sucks that bad. They need to at least give Tebow a shot. Sanchez is Kyle Orton part 2. The defense does not believe in Sanchez.

  9. @rexcanoach…..enjoy 2-2 right now….because the team is full-steam-ahead and lookin’ down the barrel of 2-4. If you think for one moment the team looks and feels like a genuine tied-for-first team then there are probably bigger issues going on.

  10. Funny this coming from a guy who saw Holmes get hurt yet still mocked him by doing his TD celebration in the end zone.

    You all talk about Rex because he talks too much but not about a guy who mocks an injured player? I guess you are clouded by your hate towards Rex. If you dont like what he says, dont listen or read the articles. It is that simple.

  11. “It might work as a motivational tool, unless, of course, Rogers was right”

    Makes zero sense dude. If Rogers is wrong they don’t need motivating.

  12. The one thing that the Jets are definately not is “mentally tough”. When things go bad, they give up. I understand their situation, but their GM did NOTHING to help Sanchez succeed. Getting him 2 WR’s who worked with Super Bowl winning QBs who so happened to both catch SB winning TD catches does not help as they are used to winning not waiting. They have no run game, no o-line, no WR no TE and their defense is old. Their coach is clueless and you can’t “talk” that your team is the best when all knows they are not. If Tebow starts (which I said before the season starts would be game 6) soon, Sanchez is done as a Jet. And no one saw this coming getting Tebow? right.

  13. “Jets are a 2-2 team with issue but their 2nd half schedule is actually favorable”

    Favorable? I take it you didn’t see the game this week. Until the Jets find a quarterback, a head coach, and a defense, they don’t have any “favorable” matchups. The Jets easily look like the worst team in the league. It would suprise me if they surpass 4 wins over the course of the season.

  14. RexCanCoach says:Oct 3, 2012 9:47 AM

    2-2 and in first place.
    So 8-8 should win the division against Belichick and Brady, then?

    Jets fans wonder why people think they’re idiots…

  15. Fatigued? Time of possession wasn’t that far out of whack. The Niners had the ball for 36 minutes and the Jets had it for 24.

    Granted most of it was play after play of bruising running plays, but still.

    If the Jets Defense can’t handle 36 minutes, they aren’t in football shape.

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