David Wilson beginning to open eyes with return skills

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Fumbling on his second professional carry cast David Wilson the trust of his coach, and it’s no accident he’s played only 14 offensive snaps in four games.

But he’s starting to show the spark the Giants envisioned as a return man, and that could help him work his way out of Tom Coughlin’s doghouse.

Wilson averaged 36.2 yards per kickoff return in Sunday’s loss to the Eagles, with a long of 53 yards. For the season, he’s averaging 30.2 yards per attempt.

“We probably had as good a field position based on our kickoff return game that we’ve had in a long, long time,” Coughlin said, via Ohm Youngmisuk of ESPNNewYork.com. “David Wilson as a weapon is quite obvious now [and] people are really going to have to contend with that aspect of our game.”

That hasn’t translated to an offensive role, and with running back Andre Brown stepping up in Ahmad Bradshaw’s absence against the Panthers, and Bradshaw returning, the chances to carry are going to be limited.

Coughlin praised his work in practice, saying he prepped the defense by playing the role of LeSean McCoy in practice (although he may have been too good at it, since McCoy carved up the Giants in the game).

“He works hard every day,” Coughlin said. “The kid … he works hard. He’s trying to get it all figured out. He wants you to know how much it means to him and how important it is to him. He’s gone out and proven a few things [on Sunday].

“I mean, yeah … Is there a place for a guy that can take it at 5 yards and run it the rest of the way? Yes.”

It’s just going to take Wilson time, and hanging onto the ball, for that role to come.

10 responses to “David Wilson beginning to open eyes with return skills

  1. I think he had the pleasure to operate against a pretty poor Eagle kick team but i like the way he took that 1/2 sec to look at the blocking develop and then hit the after burners. he did a nice job.

  2. he’s your first round draft pick, he fumbled the ball. isn’t it time to get over it and get him some snaps – you are losing games.

  3. Jaiquan Jarrett down, Brian Rolle down, when is Casey Matthews out?… it’s easy to gain yards on the Eagles return teams when we have guys whom we keep as potential “fringe” starters rather than those with special teams ability

  4. Most weeks you will be playing a team with a kicker that can kick it out of the back of the endzone – The return game is dead.

  5. And this is against the best return coverage unit in the NFL. Because all Eagles are the best in the NFL at what they do. Just ask them.

  6. College coaches are partially to blame. When they have a stud RB, they just hand him the ball every down and let him run for 7-12 yards a carry. These RBs never get to perform things like blitz pickup because they’re rarely in 3rd-and-long game situations – so they don’t come to the NFL with the skill set needed to do the job.

    But that college open-field running shows up in the NFL return game, and Wilson has likely become the explosive kickoff returner the Giants have lacked for years. Blockers now know if they stay on their blocks, they can spring this guy for serious yardage and it makes the whole squad better.

  7. Sorry but just because a guy fumbled once, your banishing him for numerous games? Wow. I guess Jamal Charles should also be banished for the fumble he had last week.

    Get over it Giants. Let the kid play RB like he’s suppose to. Lord knows they need a spark from the backfield because Ahmad Bradshaw is running on fumes. He’s done.

  8. And it didn’t start against the Eagles. Of course Eagles fans will claim they’re subpar or battered, in order to attempt to negate what Wilson did in the return game, but he’s done it all preseason and every regular season game thus far.

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