Dennis Allen explains why he was smiling after Raiders lost


Oakland coach Dennis Allen grinned as he shook the hand of Denver coach John Fox following the Broncos’ 37-6 beatdown of the Raiders on Sunday, and some Raiders fans have complained that it looked like their coach wasn’t taking the loss as hard as he should have. But Allen says that’s not the case at all.

Instead, Allen says, his laughter was a bit of gallows humor after Fox asked him if the Raiders made it through the game without any serious injuries. Allen says the Raiders are dealing with so many injury problems at so many positions that he found it funny to be asked if they were healthy.

“The question that he asked me was, ‘Did you make it out healthy?’ And with the health of our corners, with the health of our tackles, with the health of our wide receivers, I couldn’t help but get a chuckle out of it,” Allen said, via

Allen said anyone who knows how seriously he takes his business knows that he doesn’t see anything funny about losing.

“I think everybody here within this organization knows that I take this very seriously, and I don’t laugh at getting beat like that,” Allen said. “But it was a reaction to a question that, ‘No, we didn’t make it out healthy because we didn’t go into it healthy.'”

Allen knows some fans have questioned why he’s smiling in the picture posted here, and he says he understands their frustration.

“I know that’s been a big picture, but I’ll deal with it,” Allen said.

Every NFL coach is in a bad mood after his team loses. Allen just happened to get caught on camera at a moment when he didn’t look like he was in a bad mood.

54 responses to “Dennis Allen explains why he was smiling after Raiders lost

  1. Oh, so he was laughing at his players for being injured instead of laughing at his players for losing the game….got it!

  2. DA needs to realize that the system knapp is running works great for our off. skill players…its just that knapp is horrible at calling plays!!! He has no feel for the game!! He seems like he’s guessing all the time and isn’t sure about what plays to call!! Al Saunders knows how to call a game in the nfl!! Put Saunders in and run the same system we’re running just with a better play caller!!!

  3. The raiders have a coach is in over his head. The worst offensive coordinator in the NFL in knapp. And the worst gm in all if sports in Reggie mckenzie. It’s going to be a very long season and a very long time before we start winning. The raises won’t until the three stooges are gone.

  4. Had everyone been healthy they may have scored 10 more points & held Denver to 10 less points…still 27 – 16

  5. What’s funny is no matter what a coach does for the Raiders, he’s out at the end of the year anyway.

  6. Ok DA. Time to ditch the ZBS. Hand the O to Saunders and Palmer. Let DMC run wild. And please please please learn to adjust!!!!

  7. It’s not a big deal. These are human beings not robots. It looked bad but it’s a stressful game and the camera caught him in a lighter moment. He probably was ticked off. People deal with it differently.

    And Allen’s not going anyplace for at least three years. This is why the Raiders are in the mess they are in. My firing coaches one after the other.

  8. It’s stupid and pansy that he would even need to answer such a pissy question.

    Who wrote the commentary on this stupid, pansy, pissy subject … oh, MDS. Figures.

  9. John Madden never smiled after a loss. I’ll bet Tom Flores never did either.
    DA should take lessons from those who matter.

  10. Fox probably asked him if that was really Carson Palmer playing QB and so Dennis Allen had no choice but to laugh.

    This team isnt very good, its hard to blame the coach. It usually takes a few years once you hire a new coach to see what you really have there

  11. Referencing my last post, I didn’t mention Gruden because, as popular as he was, he didn’t really win anything here.

  12. I get the new GM wanting his own people, but firing the one head coach that got this team to play its only good football in a decade will go down as one of sports’ biggest blunders of 2012.

  13. I hadn’t heard about this being an complaint until now, but this is one whinny group of Raider Nation fans. Man up and get over it! A loss is a loss. Him laughing, for whatever reason is far from the worst thing that is wrong with the team right now.

  14. What a shame that a team that was 8-8 and getting better for two years in a row won’t probably win more than 3-4 games this year (if there are lucky). This team has mismatched players , schemes and coaches and don’t even look like they are trying to win right now. Why couldn’t they just have left the offense alone this off-season and kept Saunders @ OC and the 7th overall offense in the NFL? Bringing back Knapp and all his goofy ideas was a HUGE error. They should have left it all alone and put some effort into fixing the defense, which was the problem all along. Even that is WAY worse than last year, which is really saying something pathetic. The roster is paper thin and I literally am finding it unwatchable for the first time really ever. Even the 2-14 season under Shell wasn’t this bad…at least they played good defense that year. Reggie should honestly be ashamed. He let ego override his good sense. Raider fans have dealt with enough bad football over the last ten years. We deserve better than this!

  15. Any of you ever thought that maybe, just maybe that Frank Pollack was a bad idea? Losing Wylie and Wiz has bit this team in the ars.

  16. That’s the problem hiring a new gm … the coach is the first to go.
    It’s a shame … Hue had the Raiders a top 10 offense and now they are a bottom 10.
    Oh well … at least McKenzie will give DA a couple of years to see what he’s got. This crap about replacing a coach every year never gets you anything but a losing season.

  17. OK to be clear, I’m a Broncos fan. But in the off season, I was screaming at anyone who’d listen, that on paper, I thought the Raiders were going to be the class of the AFC west. I truly thought it would be Denver & Oakland neck in neck! With all that talent, it has to be the coaching, or lack thereof.

  18. Be careful what you wish for “Raider” fans. Cuz you were the same people who posted billboards for Al to hire a “GM” Well you Got your “GM” now. The clueless and arrogant Reggie Mckenzie coming into the most iconic franchise in the history of sports and trying to do it “the packer way”

  19. The only explanation i would have deemed acceptable for him smiling after a blowout was if he just fired Greg Knapp and brought back our old offense.

  20. Once again, RAIDER haters demonstrate their unyielding obsession with the Silver and Black.

    Simpletons like natelan69 and the genius who actually took the time to create the handle- r8rh8tr or something like that. Hilarious.

    Let the obsession continue…

  21. Let me also qualify my previous post by saying that I certainly understand a new GM wants to bring in his own coach and sometimes a slight step back is taken to move forward. Plus, Hue made it very tough on himself with his power-trip when Al passed and they way he acted. He wrote his own pink slip out of town quite frankly with that crap. Hiring DA wasn’t the issue I was addressing.

    I just don’t think the team was in need of being “blown up” quite to this degree. There was a way to build for the future without totally dismantling things to an Arena League level in terms of talent. We could have remained competitive with a little more moderation in terms of changes this year (ie: leaving Saunders and offense from last year that worked in place) AND developed for the future. I pay $200 something a year to watch the team on DirectTV week in and week out. This is almost unwatchable right now (with the exception of the Pittsburgh game). Really bad football!

  22. Its to bad that Raider Nation wanted Al (RIP) dead at one time and now they have what they wanted. Now this is what we get?
    Welcome back DHB!!! Although he is not the reason for the lack of W’s or making 3rd downs. Its not Palmer either or any other player for that matter. The PROBLEM is DA and CrappKnapp’s belief that the ZBS can be implemented with the Raiders in 1 off season who just went 8-8 last year with the PBS scheme and without DMF for half the season and were 1 game away from making the playoffs is the problem.
    What are the players supposed to say? “NO”! “were not playing that scheme”! I wish they would and the entire team would strike against the coaches and what they already know to be a forced plan on the team that’s destroying their entire season if not already!! Tell the coaches as a team “we will not take the field until you give us back the scheme that worked and we can win as a team again”.
    The real shame here to is that RM has not already stepped in and done something about this? I understand the salary cap problem he had to fix and the lack of money to sign big names to the roster, like Benson and some others who wanted money we couldn’t give them and why he is making these no name signs to the roster just to hold it together, but to stand by and allow his coaches to break what was already working has me second guessing RM? Not to mention we have a GM who has never been one before and the same for our new HC and DC and our special teams?, disgusting!
    We are worse then we have been in years again, and I’m just sick of the losing and watching this garbage. We all know what needs to happen but the problem is that “US”, Raider Nation, doesn’t get to make these decisions now do we???? S.O.B.’s

  23. I dont see a problem with it. What do you want him to do? Grab an official? Slap Fox on the back? Say he thinks Crabtree has the best hands ever? Or any other insane thing coaches have said and done. This isnt even a story. If he were to throw a Harbaugh like tantrum on the field, youd be criticizing him for that….move on.


  24. Or how about the fact that these two men worked together last year and they’re probably friends, do you walk up to any of your friends and give them the stink eye and storm off?

  25. Knapp is an incredibly bad play caller – loads of 2 yard passes and pitching back 8 yards behind the line of scrimmage on 3rd and 2…just moronic. The thing that gets me is DA is a DEFENSIVE coach??!!
    Not only is our offense inept but the defense sucks too.
    There is nothing to smile about, much less laugh.
    Raiders faithful are crying while this moron laughs.

  26. Dennis Allen is the Future so get over it folks there giving him at least 3 years and in Reggie We Trust its a whole different ball game there’s an adjustment period …Go Raiders! !!

  27. What would make them happy? Do they want him to throw a tantrum? The coaching fraternity is pretty small. They all know each other and most are friendly. Once the game is over and the result is in, it is appropriate for some friendliness.

  28. when you’re down by 3 scores in the 2nd half with no hope of actually making a run, why keep dropping back to have Palmer throw it to the the scrubs on the receiving core? Outside of Moore, they have next to no one.
    Isn’t that the perfect time to keep working on the dreadfully inept ZBS you’re so in love with?

    Also, why isn’t your best playmaker in the game catching balls in the flat and making things happen?
    I ain’t talking about Marcel Reese or Mike Goodson.

    God, this guy is a Jacka$$.

  29. Someone should just come up with an Emily Post-style book on proper sideline behavior because it seems like Allen and Cutler always seem to run afoul of it. Or better yet, judge players and coaches by the performance of their teams but that would prevent the psycho-babble of what can loosely be described as sports journalists.

  30. This is coming from a 49er fan so there is certainly no bias in favor of the bad half of the bay, but the reason the Raiders are struggling this year after doing well the last two seasons is because they have a GM that is building a team the right way.

    When you invest your future heavily in win-now type players (Carson Palmer, Richard Seymore) you’ll end up with an inflated win total (8-8) but you wont actually ever improve past that because the rest of the teams in your division will still have full drafts to add talent.

    This season the Raiders didn’t trade away the draft, but they still were very limited on picks so it hurt bad; but it wont be this way forever. At some point the damage Al Davis did will be behind them and they will have full drafts to start building a complete team.

    It might be a couple of painful seasons for Raiders fans but there is a bright future.

  31. He’s smiling because he knows he’s one game closer to getting fired from that dysfunctional organization. Shouldn’t the Raiders motto be “where careers go to die”. Sure… Lots of grown men dress up in Halloween costumes every Sunday. Have fun watching the playoffs Raiders players from the comfort of your couch.

  32. I am sorry but the defense looked just like they looked against San Diego the last game of last year. We got to take advantage of winning the coin toss especially on our home field. Put together a drive and score in around 15 plays to tire out their defense. This would have given you to blitz from all sides of the field with a push up front and if everyone put their hands up when they saw him making passes that quickly. I understand players get tired when they have to stay on the field and thats what we got to do to them. Thats how we beat them and hardly even played in the second half when we scored 59 points on them about two years ago. This team has got to put a string of wins together and it has to start in atlanta. Throw is some wild cat and let Pryor in for a play or two with macfadden and defenses will not know what to do. Its time to pull out the plugs and put some trickery into the raider offense. Thats all Hugh Jackson did. Put Tiawan JOens back in an run some double or triple reverses with all that speed you have. Get the ball out of your hands so your next player to catch it can see it and bring it in wheter it is high or low not at the last second. Let Lecher try a couple of fake punts and put your bigger tight ends on the field for that play and send them on down and outs and the up back for a check down if rush is too much. It will work. Lechler has a good arm. I thinkd our defense if good enough it you give them time to blow and with the addition you should be able to rotate Carter in the mix. Lets go and win big baby for our new slogan. I am Mike Mirabella and I love the Oakland Raiders and would like to see the Raiders of old again, winning game after game and 15 and 20 points and just pounding the rock with that lead on 1st and maybe 2nd down or really smoke screen them with some play action passes for first downs when we have the lead like with used to do with Rich Gannon. I believe Carson can do it but as a team we need Pryor and Macfadden in the wild cat as well and even marcel reece running a skinny post as a tight end on that play. It would be wide open or even the Ausberry kid who I now affectionally call the bull dozer. Come on Raiders. Where is the committment to excellence we used to honor. Those teams were not legends. They were play makers even as far back as Warren Wells,Hewrit Dixon, Marv Hubbard, Raymand Chester, Dave Casper, ‘Charlie Smith, Pete Lammons, Jim Otto, Gene Upshaw, Art Shell, Henry Lawrence, Phil Vilipiano, Rod Martin, Cliff Branch, Fred Blitnekoff, Lester Hayes, Mike Haynes, Ted Hendricks, Otis Sistrunk, “Bruce Smith, Daryle Lamonica, Kenny the snake Stabler, Clarence Davis, Ben Davidson, Lincoln Kennedy, George Blanda and the;y all should be inthe hall of fame along with Jim Plunkett and Coach Tom Flores and last but not least, the man that got us the first, John Madden. I could name a lot more too like Jack Tatem and George Atkinson and Willy Brown and did I mention the ghost to the post mr. dave Casper. This list can and could go on and on. I have been a fan since the heidi bowl in 1968 and have never looked back even if my brother team the Jets beat us in the championship and the Super Bowl. My only consolation is that they only made it there once and we have been there as the Raiders 5 times winning 3 w;ith the first being the best in my opinion because we dominated both sides of the ball and it was said on offense that we block out the sun. Minnesota was never in the game and I think Ray Guys punt being blocked was his first ever but I may be wrong and I didn’t mention his name above either. He too should be in the hall of fame and I believe therr are some very biased people voting and that all I have to say.

  33. The clueless and arrogant Reggie Mckenzie coming into the most iconic franchise in the history of sports and trying to do it “the packer way”

    ugh really!!!!!first off better chance the Yankees would be themost iconic team in all of sports, but i digress. A little revisionist history here though: the last time Raiders were relevant they got drubbed by Tampa, the time before that 51-3 to Buffalo. you would have to go all the way back to 1984 or 1985…

    That being said, i said they would regret getting rid of Hue. They were starting to make a nice turn around and being a Bills fan, i know how losing feels so i am always rooting for a changing of the guard with teams winning…

  34. This is a issue to raider fans because all raiders fans know in order to be a real raider you have to hate the broncos with a passion. Here we have a coach who not only loses a game in blowout fashion to one of our most bitter rivals but he’s smiling shaking hands and kissin a** afterwards. This is not the raiders we’re use to. Losing games like this to the broncos is what got coaches fired by al in the past. Its one thing to lose but to lose to the broncos in a blowout and you’re smiling??? That says to me that you’re 1. not a raider and 2. not a coach… just “some guy” happy to have the job. smh Thats why raider fans are mad.

  35. nomoreseasontix says: Oct 3, 2012 7:39 PM

    John Madden never smiled after a loss. I’ll bet Tom Flores never did either.

    Yeah, but Chukie Gruden never smiled after a win.

  36. tatumsghost says: Oct 4, 2012 1:50 AM

    This is a issue to raider fans because all raiders fans……are losers. You have no grasp of sportsmanship, let alone love of the game. ergo, you will always be losers, no matter what.

  37. How about Bills & Chargers fans talking crap, lol.

    You losers have never won a damn thing and never will.

  38. So he should be crying for after a loss? I get it Raiders fans, when u get beat so bad yu tend find some thing u can explode on..Win baby nah its suck baby suck…lol..oh by the way, thanks so much for taking carson palmer away. We love what u all gave in exchange.

  39. The problem with the raiders is the same trend that’s been going on for years, no franchise QB and HC barely lasts 3 years. Still don’t know why they’ve fired Hue when things looked to go in the right direction. When players are going through different HC every year, they have to learn a new system and possibly be set back, look at the giants, how many times was tom on the hot seat and yet he coached them to win two superbowls. Hue was getting the raiders to play hard, now it just looks like their hearts isn’t in it. What is it gonna take for the raiders to get their chit together and stop being the laughingstock of the nfl.

  40. I don’t like it he should be pissed, and embarrassed…. bottom line he was out coached plain and simple….

    This year is like another bad Movie, directed by Reggie McKenzie, it’s the sequel called “Lame Kiffin 2 dejavu”, Starring comedian Dennis Allen, and also coming back for the follow up movie… Knapp who wins the oscar for the worse supporting actor.

  41. After a loss and he finds that funny? I wouldnt even think that was funny if I was in a good mood. Come on DA you can make up a better story than that.

  42. Yeah, Allen has no clue, if he did Knapp would have been let go after week one!! This team should be disbanded by the NFL for being consistently non-competitive for a decade!! I’m SO sick & tired of waiting on this organization to figure things out, when it’s obvious that it’s could be YEARS before that happens, if it ever does! I bet a city like LA could start a brand new team and win more games in their first 5 years than Oakland has in the past decade!! I don’t believe Allen’s story a lick and it’s sad he’s already acting like the players have been over the years, like being caught laughing on the sidelines when they are down by 30 points!! They don’t care about us loyal fans and we should stop supporting them because of it, at least until they DO care! WE DESERVE BETTER THAN THIS!!

  43. This really ticks me off as a lifelong fan of the Silver and Black. For the last three seasons we we’ve been respectable under Cable and Jackson with the last 2 seasons DEFINTELY being Playoff contenders. Why mess that up firing Hue Jackson? Who cares if there’s a new managerial regime; if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. So we got a new GM and Head Coach who does things differently and our record speaks for how well we’re doing. Who knows how long this is gonna take before we start really winning again…..

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