Jerry Jones says he trusts Tony Romo to rebound


Joe Theismann might not care for the way Tony Romo is playing now.

But the good news for Romo is, the man who signs his checks has his back.

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said despite last week’s five-turnover disaster, he’s confident in his quarterback, based on Romo’s track record.

Jones pointed to last year’s Week Four game against the Lions, when Romo threw three interceptions in the second half, two returned for touchdowns, but rebounded to have his best season.

“I like where we are with Romo at quarterback,” Jones said, via Clarence Hill of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. “No one learns more from his experiences than Tony. This time last year with Detroit in the fourth game, point noted. He came back and never played better. I think the Detroit game had something to do with that.

“If we can get the same kind of response he had last year when he had a downer. If he can come back and do that we will be fine.”

At the moment, it’s the only answer Jones can give.

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  1. If you remember, before the season started, the Cowboys couldn’t stop talking about the Giants game in week 1. They talked it up like it was the Super Bowl. Sure, they won and looked good doing it, but I think they put all of their eggs in one basket. Now the true, inconsistent Cowboys are showing up again

  2. Yeah and they missed the playoffs last year like they will again this year and Romo sucks.
    Thank you Jerry for being the dumbest GM in football

  3. Romo has to be one of the most frustrating athletes that I’ve ever watched in my life. He has the tools and talent to be a top 5 QB, and at this point in his career he should be elite but he just hasn’t gotten it done when it counts. I don’t blame him entirely but some his teammates need to look in the mirror (i.e. Dez Bryant, OL, inconsistent running game).

    I disagree with Theismann. I’ve seen Romo come through in the clutch, seen him escape the pocket and playmake on the run numerous times, also seen him win a game while throwing 5 INTs (the MNF game at Buffalo). This guy is a model of inconsistency but he does have the tools to win in this league. And until he harness those tools, he won’t.

  4. Every single year, the Cowboys have the same problem: offensive line. No set of patchwork fixes, no flashy receiver, no new corner will fix that.

  5. I like where we are with Romo at quarterback,” Jones said.

    Non Cowgirl fans like where Romo is at also, lol. I really thought Jenny Jones was serious when he stated earlier in the season, that some thing is going to change in Dallas. The only thing I seen thus far is those girls added a Victoria Secret store in a man’s environment. WOW!!!!

  6. Football doesn’t come first with the Cowboys anymore. I mean, that stadium is like a shopping mall, girls dancing on poles (ok, that’s not so bad). But the whole atomsphere around this team is like a rock concert, not a sports team. It seems like Jera is more concerned with entertainment at this point than actual wins. Romo is overrated. Plain and simple.

  7. If his receivers catch 75% of the balls they dropped Monday night, this is a totally different ballgame, one DaaBears could very well have lost.

  8. Romo’s been the starting QB for how long now? If he was truly learning from his mistakes, he would stop making so many. He’s physically talented (you can see that from the throws he makes), but the mental errors are what kills him.

    Until he gets the mental part of the game down, Jerruh better keep the Romo Seltzer handy.

  9. Every year the Cowboys “Superbowl” is playing the Giants and Redskins. After those games, the big boys across the league play in the real one.

  10. It is what it is…

    Meet the new Oakland Raiders!

    This franchise is just one of Jerry’s main toys he plays with…

    The joke of the league…

  11. The Golfer is better than the Surfer dude but that’s about it. Although the Surfer dude is starting to catch some waves…

    Sub in Romo and Gabbert.

  12. As a die hard Cowboys fan I would love to believe in Romo, with a solid O-Line I think he could could be a consistent QB. Great, I just don’t know maybe if he had the O-Line the Cowboys did in the 90’s he could that the team to the Super Bowl. This is where Jerry Jones has failed the Cowboys, they’re horrible.

    Of course there are other areas on the team where improvement is necessary too, wide receivers need to run the right routes and CATCH the ball! Millions were spent on the defense this off season and and Jay Cutler made them look average at best, hopefully getting some injured players back will help.

    With that said, I don’t see the Cowboys finishing any better than 8 and 8. which is exactly the same record they had last year when Romo “came back and never played better” after the Detroit debacle.

  13. Danny White all over again. Romo has proved time and time again that without a doubt he can’t perform in the big time…especially where pressure is involved. When he feels pressure, he can’t even hold the snap for a kick!

  14. Danny White all over again


    At least Danny White went to 3 Championship games in a row and was on his way to beating the 49ers when Dallas fumbled on the final drive. Plus he was in the playoffs just about ever year….

  15. If Dallas has all the talent everyone seems to think they have then it comes down to coaching. And Jerry Jones and his puppet (Jason Garrett) just can’t coach. Boy do I long for the days of Tom Landry and Jimmy Johnson!

  16. Jerry never gets it.

    Last year Romo lost the Lions game for them and it came back to haunt them because had Dallas beat the Lions, they would have gotten the wildcard spot that the Lions got. By beating the Lions, they would have finished with the same record but the Cowboys would have had the tie breaker by winning head to head.

    Bears game could haunt them later too in a similar way.

    But Jerry feels good about the rest of the season.

  17. Jerry,

    All of us also like where you are with Romo as quarterback. Also, we think you have are doing a great job as General Manager. Please don’t change a thing.

    Your friends,
    “Daniel” – Landover, Maryland,
    “Jeff” – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania,
    “John” – East Rutherford, New Jersey.

  18. I just don’t know where to start when it comes to this. I’ve been a Cowboy’s fan for my entire memorable and comprehendible life. Granted the 90’s were awesome and unforgettable but as America’s team I/we expect better than what has been accomplished since then. Since I got married and have had a child, which have both been Cowboy fans since then, all we have endured is heartbreak. Every year we have such high expectations and in return with my family and I loving the ‘boys, I’ve spent a countless amount of money on game tickets and merchandise than what you could imagine. I am so sick and tired of not drafting a QB at least in the 3rd round just for maybe an uncovered gem or maybe competition for Romo. I could not believe for the life of me why we didn’t try to pick up a QB in the first to third round of this past draft, I just can’t understand what Jerry is thinking. What I do know is since my son has been alive he has not witnessed a Cowboys Super bowl victory and it hurts me badly. I believe this situation starts with the head coach to the defensive coordinator. Unless the QB, head coach, and Jerry at least hires a consultant to help him and Stephen run the GM part of the team nothing will change. It will always be overrated players playing for bad coaching. I love Rob Ryan’s spark and attitude he brings to the players and the game but his game plans and in-game calls are getting very questionable as we see these games. I’m ready to rise back to stardom and be the team Landry and Johnson had so all of the haters will shut up!!!

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