Jets sign Jason Hill, who called them “overhyped”


With Santonio Holmes expected to miss the rest of the season with his Lisfranc injury, the Jets are going to fill his spot with wide receiver Jason Hill, according to multiple reports.

Yeah, that Jason Hill.

Hill was the same guy who called the Jets “overhyped,” and cornerback Darrelle Revis a “good player,” suggesting his fame was more a function of working in a major media market than his particular skills.

That prompted Revis, appropriately, to reply: “I don’t even know who that dude is.”

Who Jason Hill is is a guy who started 10 games for the receiver-starved Jaguars last year, and caught 25 passes for 367 yards and three touchdowns. He spent the offseason with the Broncos, but was released in final cuts.

The Jets will find all that out soon enough, as they introduce themselves to their new teammate.

Should be fun.

22 responses to “Jets sign Jason Hill, who called them “overhyped”

  1. Why not TO? Besides a couple drops in preseason, which were probably due to not playing in a while, he looked like he can still stretch the field a little.

  2. Jag fan here.

    He was right.

    But Jags should be saying anything about anyone else, as we are still trying to learn how to play football.

  3. As an observing NY Giants fan, the Jets are akin to that strange family down the street. They are odd, have always been odd and will always be odd.

    It is nice they take care of all those stray cats, though…

  4. Maybe T.O. really is just blacklisted… are we saying Jason Hill is better than TO?

  5. Jason Hill is more known (or unknown) from being a 49er with talent but unused in a run first offense back in the Dark Ages of 49ers under Mike Nolan, Singletary and the dreaded offensive coordinator of Jimmy Raye


    But he’s got good speed and athleticism and is at least a decent enough receiver. I refuse to defend his comments about Revis though.

    Jason Hill is a “Coulda- been”. Revis is a “Legend”

  6. Just as long as Tannebaum doesn’t trade a single draft pick for a WR, then I’m fine with anything.

  7. What’s that saying? Be careful of the toes you step on today; because they just might be connected to butt you’ll have to kiss tomorrow.

    At any rate, we all say stupid things. I was bummed this guy never seemed to catch on in SF after SF drafted him a few years back. Hopefully he can do well for the Jets.

  8. If I have to read another Jets story, I’m going to puke. How about we cover some great stories out there like the AZ Cards and the Falcons? I’d even take Bronco stories over this. There is a world that exist outside of NY people!

  9. They might as well sign T.O. The entire team is built for media coverage, not wins. He fits right in!

  10. People are saying why not TO. If TO ended up with problems with Garcia, Romo , and McNabb, how do you think he will fit in with Sanchez and Tebow throwing inaccurate passes to him?

  11. Niner fan here. Always liked Jason Hill, seemed to have good hands, etc. But he also never seemed to be able to get on the field.

    Not sure if it was something behind closed doors, or if he wasn’t showing up in practice, but he’s a decent WR.

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