Jones-Drew, Cutler reunite after 2011 Twitter incident

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In early 2011, Bears quarterback Jay Cutler absorbed plenty of criticism after tapping out of the NFC title game with a knee injury.  The naysayers were legitimized by Jaguars running back Maurice Jones-Drew, who openly questioned Cutler’s toughness on Twitter.

Said Jones-Drew at the time:  “All I’m saying is that he can finish the game on a hurt knee… I played the whole season on one.”

Now, as the Jaguars and Bears prepare to meet for the first time since that incident, Jones-Drew is tiptoeing around the Twitter topic.

“I think I explained that enough two years ago,” Jones-Drew said Wednesday, via  “I really don’t want to get into that.”

The two men still haven’t talked about the issue.  “I never got a chance to work it out with him,” Jones-Drew said.  “That was two years ago.  I’m just happy that he’s smiling.  You know for a while he wasn’t smiling during the year and you always want to see players having fun and enjoying the game.  So it’s good to see him smile.”

Cutler doesn’t expect to exchange smiles or anything else with Jones-Drew on Sunday.

“There’s nothing to talk about,” Cutler said.

Indeed there isn’t.  In August 2011, Jones-Drew said there’s nothing for which to apologize.

I don’t regret anything I do,” Jones-Drew said at the time.  “You think about everything you put out there. I’m not going to be one of those guys to say, ‘I shouldn’t have done it.’ Because I did it. I knew what I was doing when I tweeted it. I just didn’t know that many people were following me at the time. . . .  I wouldn’t apologize because I didn’t do anything wrong, I don’t think.  I didn’t commit a crime.  I didn’t kill anyone or rape anyone or anything like that.  I mean, I stated my opinion, and it seems like you get more backlash for that than committing a real crime in some sense.  I feel like I didn’t do anything wrong, I just said what everybody else was thinking.”

We’re thinking that at some point before Sunday’s game ends someone will be saying something more about this issue.

47 responses to “Jones-Drew, Cutler reunite after 2011 Twitter incident

  1. MJD used to walk 5 miles to school. Barefooted. Made it all the way to sixth grade before coaches took his tests for him.
    Cutler is not insulted by a moron.

  2. if I were Jay I would ask him how that whole holdout thing went and how he likes playing on a losing team.

  3. The media is going to jump all over Jay’s manners again if he doesn’t hug Jones-Drew and apologize for the way his sprained MCL and ensuing lack of smile were so rudely offensive.

  4. I really want someone to ask MJD about sitting out the last 2 games that season when his team could’ve made the playoffs. Hypocrite.

  5. I’ve figured it out….you had a crush on Kristin Cavallari and Jay ‘stole’ her from you, right?

    It has to be something like that, because despite the fact that 90% of the responses to Gantt’s earlier story were to ‘move on and get over it’ you guys write ANOTHER story not even 12 hours later. What a bunch of ambulance chasing gossip column writers you all are. Not sure how any of you still have a job….

    (Now by all means, delete this, Mike. Because I know you don’t have the ballsack to leave it up.)

  6. Aside from being infallible in judgement, a universal mind reader, and the uncrowned Prince of Arrogance, MJD is just your garden variety conceited pro athlete. Ironically, his target, Jay Cutler, matches him in obnoxious attitudes and behavior. Both guys are worthy of contempt.

  7. MJD didn’t know that many people were following him?? Not the sharpest tool, is he?

    The Bears D will do more than just follow him on Sunday. His knees won’t like it.

  8. I miss the days when twitter didnt exist and pointless articles luke this would never have been written…

  9. So JD, since no fewer than four orthopedic surgeons came out within 48 hours of the game and stated publicly that not only should Cutler not have started the third quarter but should have been pulled when the injury occurred, I’m wondering just what is it you know about such injuries that they don’t?

  10. MJD is a very good RB but as a person he’s low class. You never question the toughness of another player in the league. If you want to have respect then you need to show it.

  11. Who cares? When it’s all said and done, this little spat will be small beans compared to the giant butt-tickling the Bears will give the Phaguars on Sunday. Enjoy wasting your prime years on a horrible team MJD. Someone should start a support group for guys like him and Steven Jackson.

  12. This is the media again just trying to bring up some sort of hype for a Bears-Jaguars game. Nothing more to it.

    But Cutler had a sprained MCL to not play in that game. MJD, you almost didn’t play b/c you wanted more millions to the millions you already had…how ’bout them apples?

  13. One, Cutler didn’t ‘tap out’ of anything, he tried to play through it and THE TEAM made the decision to sit him down…Two, Jones-Drew is entitled to his opinion, but come on, it’s been two years, let it go already.

    (And spare me the ‘I played a whole season on a hurt knee’ crap…Playing hurt means you are not able to perform at peak level, thus hurting your team, and you risk possibly worsening the injury and shortening your career…Makes you dumb and selfish, not tough.)

    As for the game, the Bears will be 4-1 heading into the bye, but you, Mr. Florio, still won’t care, more important to worry about Cutler’s attitude than to enjoy the game itself…How sad.

  14. You guys in the media are really desperate for stories apparently. It’s a game of men, not a soap opera for bed ridden house wives. There are better story lines out there. Real ones even.

  15. Sick of everyone giving JAY a freaking pass on him acting like a spoiled trust fund brat! He’ll never win a championship cause the locker room is always divided.

  16. filthymcnasty1 says: Oct 4, 2012 12:20 AM

    MJD is right. He just said what everyone else was thinking.

    Speak for yourself…’Everyone else’ does not include me, or most knowledgeable football fans.

  17. I cannot stand Cutler, but to question him about that injury is NOT what “EVERYONE” was thinking, MJD. It was what YOU were thinking. Be man enough to claim it as your own opinion instead of trying to make it look better by claiming there was a majority of people who agreed with you. Maybe Cutler should ask MJD about the bullying charges he was dealing with from college. MJD was found innocent but hey, “EVERYONE” knows he was guilty, right?

  18. Numerous players (and even teammates) said the same thing Jones-Drew did. We all know Cutler is tough though to willingly go play behind that O-line. Almost as bad as ours here in Jacksonville. We might get a sack this week! By the way wasn’t Cutler out on the town the next day also? Besides everyone knows Cutler is overrated. MJD on the other hand…name a team that wouldn’t want him. And get the ball out faster Blaine

  19. Didn’t MJD miss the last two games of that season with a knee injury? And they were in the hunt for a playoff position.

  20. ErikW65 says: Oct 3, 2012 11:55 PM

    “MJD didn’t know that many people were following him?? Not the sharpest tool, is he?”

    No…Just a tool.

  21. fuzzynuts55 says: Oct 4, 2012 1:38 AM

    “Sick of everyone giving JAY a freaking pass on him acting like a spoiled trust fund brat! He’ll never win a championship cause the locker room is always divided.”

    Sorry to hear how sick you are…There is no cure for what you have, but you might feel better if you just let go of your bitterness.

  22. I dont blame MJD…Farve took illegal late blows to his knee and he is twice as old as Cutler…he finished the game..couldnt imagine a bounty on cutler….oh wait, dont need one

  23. If this is a must win for the Jags they are in trouble cause Cutler wants this game BAD an so do Tice.
    Chicago’s defense dont care who you are… Its going to be a long day. MJD your mouth has a check to pay an the colletion man is at the door. YOU WANNA DANCE YOU GOTTA PAY THE BAND

  24. Don’t get all the Cutler hate, IMO Brady is 10 times the “diva” that Cutler is percieved to be. I think Cutler is a fine player, maybe a bit to careless sometimes but still an above average QB. A lot of teams would like to have a guy like Cutler on their team.

    Also I’m sure Cutler is a lot smarter than a bunch of you haters including the always overrated MJD. The guy has a Vanderbilt education, how many of you can say the same?

  25. What a delusional hypocrite.
    MJD missed the last 2 games of that season with the playoffs on the line with a knee injury less severe then Cutler’s.

    Cutler only gets a bad rap because he refuses to treat the media divas with the respect the feel they are OWED.
    Newsflash divas, respect is earned not owed. So far I come away respecting Cutler more and the media less after everyone of your stories on him.

    The guy has played behind the worst OL in football for 4 straight years and taking a pounding and injuries because of it. Yet lets rail on him because you don’t like the “look” he has on the sideline.

  26. randallflagg52 says: Oct 4, 2012 5:16 AM

    …….I’m sure Cutler is a lot smarter than a bunch of you haters including the always overrated MJD. The guy has a Vanderbilt education, how many of you can say the same?

    Lots of lawyers and doctors produced by Vandy. Unfortunately, Cutler received an athletic scholarship and majored in Human and Organizational Development (must not have learned much, based on his rep as a petulant, whinny blamer). Personally, I’m University of Michigan (1989) with academic scholarships. You?

  27. Cutler won’t have to say a word.. # 54 #55 #90 and the rest of the D will do all the “Talking” necessary between the whistles of Sunday game. Then maybe MJD will learn to keep his mouth shut!!

  28. Soooo Cutler sits out a quarter and a half due to a legitimate injury, MJD sits out because he’s a greedy, self righteous, spoiled little man. Right.

    All the negative feedback you got fom the last anti-Cutler article, and you write another. You must have some serious deep rooted hate for this guy. He’s a bit of a jerk, we all get it. But this is football, not ballet. Another garbage article, this is becoming way to common on here…SAD

  29. MJD is really making an excellent case for more data needed on blows to the head in the NFL. Something turned him into a blithering idiot. “My neck hurts all the time–why did Peyton Manning have to sit out for a whole year!” He’s a moron.

  30. “Don’t get all the Cutler hate, IMO Brady is 10 times the “diva” that Cutler is percieved to be.”

    Because Cutler won’t talk to the media the way they like so they’ve taken it upon themselves to slander him every chance they can get. Example: this article. Or the replacement refs. Where are all the articles about the mistakes the regular refs made last week? Or did you conveniently not look for every single mistake last week they way you were the first 3 weeks since your crusade against the replacements is now over?

  31. The Bears should protect Cutler better NOT JUST ON THE FEILD BUT AT THE MEDIA MIC TOO. Anyone like Dan pompi talking against Cutler should be cut off now… Dont Talk To Them At ALL. ALLOW Cutler to tell them stait up NO I DONT WANT TO TALK TO YOU

  32. MJD is hypocrite, plain and simple. Everyone knows he didn’t play on a very similar injury as Cutler. Cutler actually tried to play, but the team (ie coaches and medical staff) pulled him from the game. Why is this FACT so difficult to comprehend? My prediction for this contest? PAIN….Bears 38-10.

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