Latest concussion ends season for Kevin Boss


Chiefs tight end Kevin Boss was placed on injured reserve Wednesday, after doctors told him they wouldn’t clear him from his most recent concussion, according to Adam Teicher of the Kansas City Star.

Boss, has been out since suffering another concussion in Week Two.

His track record of concussions, and the fact they’re willing to shut him down so early this season underscores the seriousness of his condition.

It’s yet another hit for a Chiefs offense which turned the ball over six times last week, and a league-high 15 on the season.

11 responses to “Latest concussion ends season for Kevin Boss

  1. Boss was wide open on the play. WIDE OPEN. And of course numbskull Matt Cassel hangs him out to dry with a bad throw.

    Not only is Cassel killing us with turnovers but he’s getting guys hurt. Ridiculous.

  2. Boss seems like a really good guy but he needs to retire.

    The guy get a concussion almost every hit now.

  3. his career may be over. i hope it’s not but he should really take a closer look at what’s more important for him, health or football. i sucked to see him leave the giants to take more money from oakland, but i’m glad he did. i hope he was able to get some sort of financial security for him and his family. he was always a good player. stay healthy sir.

  4. In the longrun all the celebrity and money isn’t worth the price of his health and hopefully he will take this as a wakeup call about priorities. It is sad to have a career cut short by injury but permanent brain damage is a high price to pay and good health cannot be bought. I’m always sorry when a player has a serious and career ending injury and wish him good luck in his recovery.

  5. @joetoronto couldnt have said it any better. I heard he’s had 4 (not sure if thats accurate).

    He seems to be a great guy with family life still ahead of him. Time to hand it up before he has scrambled eggs for brains. Sucks to see Chiefs lose him, but there are more important things than football.

  6. Boss takes hits like Brent Jones did for the Niners. Nothing graceful, just wham! It seems Boss always goes down like a sack of rocks.

    Great guy, hope he retires and keeps his health.

  7. Coming from a Giants fan who used to watch Boss go up for balls with no apparent regard for his own health, only for catching the ball and advancing the team, I’m thrilled he got a decent amount of guaranteed $$ from Oakland. Sure, I hated to see him go, but hindsight being what it is, it was obviously the correct decision from his standpoint.

    Get well soon, Billionaire Boss. Can only hope that somewhere down the line there’s a job in the NYG organization for ya.

  8. I can`t help but think the Chiefs recievers, tight ends and running backs are tired of getting crushed , because of Matt`s horrible accuracy !

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