Louis Delmas returns to practice for Lions

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When the Lions return from their bye in Week Five, they could be bringing an old face back with them.

Tim Twentyman of the Lions website passes along word that safety Louis Delmas was on the practice field with the rest of the team during the portion of practice open to the public. Delmas has not practiced with the team since July and his return has been eagerly anticipated since he underwent knee surgery early in August. Delmas was originally projected to return to the field in time to play in the first game of the season, but Delmas’ absence has lingered well into the regular season.

Twentyman writes that Delmas didn’t look limited “at all” during practice, although how Delmas’ knee reacts to the return to work will be worth watching before any assumptions are made about his availability for the game against the Eagles. With the Lions off this week, though, Delmas will have plenty of time to adjust back to football life. The team has played John Wendling, Amari Spievey and Ricardo Silva at safety with Delmas out and the Lions defense would definitely benefit from a healthy return of the safety.

The Lions have been looking to recapture some of what they feel they had going for them last year. Perhaps Delmas will bring it with him.

11 responses to “Louis Delmas returns to practice for Lions

  1. Just a heads up. Anyone that calls themselves lions fans think that with delmas back it’s gonna make all the difference you are blind as a bat. He’s good, but not THAT good.

  2. They need all hands on deck and a new attitude. The next 4 games are all playoff games for the Lions.

    IF they win out (big if), they’ll only be 5-3 when they meet the Vikes at the Metrodome. Then their 2nd half schedule gets even harder. Best they can do is another WC.

  3. Sad part is that the defense has been pretty descent this year. They would be 3-1 if the ST didn’t give up 14 pts in each of the past two games. Yes, the offense has been inconsistent and does need to get on track as well. That being said, looking at their schedule and only having room for approximately 3 more losses it looks like their playoff hopes are over already.

  4. @jdavis20

    Yes, the defense IS better with him of course. But even when he is in there he is NOT the playmaker everyone thinks he is. I get sick and tired of people putting him in the same tier as Polomalu and Ed Reed, because in reality he is just above average.

    Anyone that wants to argue with me, other than his rookie year what has he done on the field? He overpursues plays, is not a fundamentally sound tackler, and always takes risks that rarely pay off.

    Delmas is good, but nothing more than “good”. Anyone that disagrees is clearly not a true Lions fan and doesnt actually WATCH the games.

  5. Yaaaaay! No more practice squad safeties or the slowest/stiffest safety (John Wendling) in the NFL to get targeted all game long anymore!

  6. Maybe Delmas can play special teams when he gets back (kidding)… They’ve been playing more like Special Ed in that phase of the game. Defense hasn’t really been THAT bad. I mean, if you expected them to be a shut down defense, your just not a realistic Lions fan. But I think expecting to be average on special teams wasn’t a stretch, and they have been far from that.

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