Marty Hurney say he has no contract, is on the hot seat


Despite high hopes for the 2012 season, the Carolina Panthers have plunged to 1-3.  In Charlotte, G.M. Marty Hurney is catching most of the blame.  He joined WFNZ’s Mac Attack on Wednesday morning to face the music.

And Hurney didn’t run from reality.

Asked if he’s on the hot seat, Hurney didn’t hesitate.  “Of course,” Hurney said.  “I’m the one that’s turning up the heat.  This is my life and I can’t tell you the agony you go through every time you lose a game.  Obviously, I believe in what we’re doing.  And I do believe that we have talent and the coaching staff and the people to be good.  But the bottom line is right now we’re 1-3.  So I understand all the criticism.  I don’t necessarily have to agree with everything that’s said, but I get it.  My job’s to win football games, and we’re not doing that. . . .  Nobody takes it harder than I do. . . .  It’s like dying every time you lose a game.  It just rips your heart out, it rips your guts out.  And no one feels worse about it than I do.  You feel like you let the whole region down.”

If owner Jerry Richardson decides to make a change, it won’t cost Richardson any extra money.  “I don’t have a contract, by my choice.  I’m in this thing to win,” Hurney said.  “I’m not doing this for money.  I’m doing this to win football games.”

Right now, he’s not.  So right now, he’s not happy.

Asked if he’s “miserable,” Hurney didn’t hesitate:  “I think that’s an understatement.”

Plenty of Panthers fans are miserable, too.  The team gets a chance to turn things around a bit when the Seahawks come to town on Sunday.

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  1. I could care less about the Panthers, but I believe, Cam Newton, Steve Smith and the running game are top notch pieces of the puzzle they have
    Give Hurney another year or so. Newton, is not Superman

  2. I just don’t understand that punt. The Panthers probably have multiple plays in the playbook for a hail mary, but we don’t have a single play to pick up one yard to win a game?

  3. I listened to this interview, and they pressed him about drafting and spending at LB and RB, while ignoring the secondary. Carolina hasn’t drafted a corner in the first 3 rounds of the draft in many years, even though it’s the secondary that is killing them. Hurney’s response was essentially that drafting and money is not indicative of talent, and that he thinks he has acquired good talent in those areas that everyone else sees as a weakness (yes, that menas you Captain Munnerlyn and Haruki Nakamara). Hurney is delusional, if he beleives his own words.

  4. Whatever dude….in the meantime – go ask your starting center how that Super Bowl ad is working out?

  5. I say the Panthers keep him on board to make the first- first round pick ONLY, and let someone else handle rounds 2-7 and free agency. He may be the third worst GM behind Ireland and Tannenbaum, IMO.

  6. To turn the ship around, he really needs to go find a third running back to whom he can give another $30 million guaranteed—and not give the ball.

  7. I’m a big time Panther fan but I think Jerry made a major mistake when he didn’t pick a new GM when he let Fox go. We are losing because we don’t have enough talent on both sides of the ball. Guess who’s been the draft architect – Marty. Check out the draft results for the past 4-5 years and you’ll find that we only have a couple of starters from all of those drafts. The pathetic draft record results in poor talent on the field. That’s why we are losing.

    BTW, Fox’s doing a pretty good job in Denver, isn’t he???

  8. First thing he needs to do is go to Cam and tell him not to act like a baby when things are going bad and to cut out the stupid TD celebrations when they are losing by 20. Do you ever see the great QBs in this league act like that. Grow up Cam and you will be a better QB for it.

  9. Yeah, they should resign him and maybe get some more rbs too. While they’re at it, they should give Nakamura a huge deal, maybe 7-years $80 M. There’s so much of Cam Newton’s career to squander.

  10. Panther fans have been ripping Hurney for years. I like DeAngelo and J-Stew at running back, but NOT for the price Hurney paid them. And you can’t explain how two second rounders from the last few years are no longer on this team? The only way that’s acceptable is if those guys lost a limb.

  11. It’s the defense that’s the problem. The offense to play dam near a perfect game for the Panthers to win. Rivera needs to fire Mcdermott and take over the defense or Hurney needs to fire Rivera and Mcdermont.

  12. I’d give him another year or two. They could be so much better with a legitimate secondary that doesn’t blow games like it did last week.

    It was visible vs the Giants too, Eli had multiple passes that should have been easy picks but went right through or off their hands.

  13. I certainly don’t question Marty’s desire or heart, but I do question his effectiveness and ability. The fact is, we have been a sub par team overall the last decade. We are supposed to be a team that builds through the draft and yet we have a hard time drafting after the first round. That falls squarely on his shoulders.

  14. Plenty of Panthers fans are miserable, too.


    I wouldn’t say miserable. We already have a franchise QB, good RBs in Sonic and Knuckles (Tolbert is Tails — utility guy who does all the dirty work and gets no glory 🙂 ), a stud WR, an effective enough OL with pro-bowlers, a pass rusher (Charles Johnson), an enviable LB core with back-ups who could start for other teams. I think we are quite blessed with good young talent all around. The season is young and we can still contend for a wild-card spot.

    “Miserable” describes our secondary though.

  15. Find me a team who has ever won in recent times, that didn’t draft their cornerbacks/safeties in the first few rounds.

    Maybe the Patriots. Then came McCourty, so even they got the picture. Had NE had any kind of secondary, one can only imagine…

    The NY Giants know the plan. Invest like mad in the QB, DL the Secondary, the occasional WR and figure out the rest as you go. Although their secondary has been a bit shaky over the years, they still know the money should go there…

  16. I thought he would be gone after he took Clausen… or maybe after he traded UP for Armanti Edwards by giving up what would become pick #1 in round 2… or maybe after the tens of millions he spent on RBs who can’t even outrush their own QB.

  17. Most knowledgable fans were optimistic, but also knew that going into the season doing very little to address the DL and secondary was a big mistake. The option BS needs to stop too. We need to be running the option a couple of times a game to keep the D on their toes but that’s it. Let Newton run a more pro style offense with some wrinkles instead of an option offense with a bit of pro style sprinkled in.

  18. Hurney does appear to be the next fall guy. They threw John Fox under the bus and got a new coach Rivera (his day is coming soon). Fox has been pretty successful so far in Denver. Made the playoffs last year with Tebow at QB (not easy to do).

    Panthers lost to the Falcons Sunday because their over hyped QB Scam Newton fumbled the ball and didn’t get a first down late. But Panther fans are still drunk on the Cam-kool-aid so he gets a pass on everything for now.

    Hurney is the current whipping boy and it may be Rivera next. Cam’s day is down the line a ways.

  19. Cam has to mature but he’s a legit QB. Other than the fumble, he played an excellent game. He was the reason the Panthers were in the game to begin with.

    If you are going to pin the loss on anyone, it would be our safety followed by the rest of the secondary.

  20. Hurney wanted to stick with pathetic jimmy clausen instead of drafting cam. Ha! Clausen stinks! Not to mention Hurney traded a 2nd round draft pick to draft Armanti Edwards. How stupid. Although, that move could have worked if they would have started Edwards at QB the season they let Clausen start. I know Edwards is a better QB than Clausen… maybe even a better GM.

  21. Every time Cam throws an INT they have lost. This time he fumbled and although not a turnover, it made them punt which set up the safety to make a bad play.

    It’s not so much blaming him for the loss.

    Look, if you are going to claim to be Superman, then you gotta get your team a first down late in the game to seal the victory. Just sayin’.

    That way your crummy safety is not put in a spot to show the world he is not ready for the NFL.

  22. If Hurney get resigned after this year I will declare Jerry Richardson a dumb-a!!! Marty either has something on Richardson or Richardson is an idiot. Marty has blown 1st round pick after 1st round pick. If he didn’t have one, he’d trade the next years 1st rounder for a 2nd round pick. He’s TERRIBLE! I could do his job for 1/10th the price.

  23. It starts at the top. Jerry “Big Cat” Richardson needs to sell the team to a new owner.Richardson has bought into the Scam Newton mystique. He can hear Newtons passes “whistling through the air” as he stated. Bringing Rivera and his crew in just makes the Panthers San Diego Chargers east. There are reasons Rivera didnt get any of the 9 head coaching jobs he unsuccessfully interviewed for over the years. Panthers nerd a new owner, and Richardson needd to go back to flipping hamburgers.

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