Matt Hasselbeck will start for Titans on Sunday

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A second injury to his non-throwing shoulder in four weeks has knocked Titans quarterback Jake Locker out of the starting lineup for this Sunday’s game against the Vikings.

Coach Mike Munchak announced Wednesday that Matt Hasselbeck will be at the reins of the offense against Minnesota. It’s the news most expected after reports that Locker needed to get his shoulder right after suffering two similar injuries in such quick succession.

Locker said Wednesday that his shoulder is less comfortable than it was after the first injury against the Patriots, but pledged to play “with no reservations” when he’s given the green light to get back on the field. The report from Jim Wyatt of the Tennessean earlier this week indicated Locker would miss multiple games. The Titans play again a week from Thursday, so it seems likely that we won’t be seeing Locker until after Week Six.

Hasselbeck has completed 23-of-36 passes for 236 yards in two relief appearances for Locker this season. He has thrown two touchdowns and two interceptions in those games.

31 responses to “Matt Hasselbeck will start for Titans on Sunday

  1. filthymcnasty1 says:Oct 3, 2012 5:04 PM

    Matt is pretty fortunate that he gets to ease back into the starting gig with a cream puff opponent.
    Nothing creampuff about 3-1 and first place in the NFC North.

  2. “We want the ball and we’re gonna score!”

    Matt is a cream puff (an old, stale one that we all still love in Seattle), so I suppose there’s a bit of justice in that.

  3. That’s good news for the Titans. Though Locker is clearly a very talented youg QB, Hasselbeck gives them the best chance to win at the moment.

    filthymcnasty1 says:
    Matt is pretty fortunate that he gets to ease back into the starting gig with a cream puff opponent.

    I’m guessig the 49ers would respectfully like to disagree with you on that comment.

  4. I’m a long time Vikings fan and I’ve seen Matt Hasselbeck at his best. If they face the good version of Hasselbeck it could be a long day for the Vikings. But if the vikings can get pressure on him he’ll fold like a soggy newspaper.

  5. My wife & I plan to be at the Titans at Vikings game on the 15 yard line. Matt Hasselbeck will get a lot more reps with the first team offense and should play better. The Vikings have a strong defense against the run and are weaker on pass defense so hopefully Hasselbeck will put up some big numbers and somehow pull out a win in Minnesota. The Titans will be focusing on stopping the run and not turning the ball over in this game. Go Titans !

  6. I watched Locker in virtually every game he played at Washington and he’s as tough as it gets. Unless his arm falls off I’m guessing he’ll be back soon.

    I happened to see Hasselbeck for years in Seattle too and the Titans could do a lot worse.

  7. The latest line has the cream puff giving 5.5 points to the titans. So I would wager a guess that the real cream puff is the blue team not the purple.

  8. The Vikings “Slobber Knocked” the hell out of the 49’ers in the dome,a team vastly superior to the Titans,,,keep talking filthynasty boy, Hasselbeck is walking into the belly of the beast! Feel for him ,,,almost,,,

  9. pacific123ocean says: Oct 3, 2012 5:48 PM

    “I predict at least 7 sacks of Hasselbeck.”

    C’mon now. The Vikings have more containment issues than Christina Aguilera’s blouse.

  10. If you play fantasy football, start all your titans.

    Vikings fluke win vs the niners was an Amy given Sunday.

    This team will not win 5 games, and hasn’t played one good offense yet. I wouldn’t call the titans great, but I’ll be shocked if they don’t flat out embarrass the little Vikings.

  11. C’mon now. The Vikings have more containment issues than Christina Aguilera’s blouse.

    i like those issues, those are some nice BIG issues!!! hmmmmm

  12. Vikes came out flat as pancake against the Colts. They do that at home against the Titans and they will be 3-2. Got to respect Hassleback. He’s only the backup to make way for the next generation. Hutchinson is respected and will make sure he gets it on Sunday as well. No smack talk about this game. If Vikes are going to be a contender they have to win games they are suppose to win, and execute as well as did for games they were suppose to lose. SKOL VIKES!

  13. Vikes, Come out flat? At home and in a tie for first place in the division!! Are you people NUTZ? The Vikes aren’t taking anybody lightly!! There are no bad teams! The Vikes know this!!

  14. here you are again tokyosandblaster what do you have against the vikings that you keep bashing my team are you a packer fan or something we will beat the titans we have home advantage and percy harvin and dont forget greenway and maybe allen as he is having some problems but if he is able to play he will be itching for some sacks so we will see and ponder has not thrown any interceptions yet like I said yet
    so I am hoping for a victory on sunday and vikings go 4-1

  15. Ball security , running game & a fierce Defence will win this game for us…. IMO the Lions Stafford ,Megatron ,N. Burleson ,T Young much better then the titans QB/WR corp an we got 5 sacks on them an kept them out the end zone til garbage time …were on a roll lets keep the petal to the metal

  16. The Detroit Lions lost to the Vikings due to the Lions poor special teams. Both the Vikings & Titans played the Lions in the last 2 weeks and the Vikings couldn’t score an offensive touchdown on the Lions defense and the Titans scored at will on the Lions defense. The Vikings-Titans game will come down to who turns the ball over more. Matt Hasselbeck will have a weak of practice with the first team Titans offense with Locker out injured. ESPN’s John Clayton said, it is surprising that the Vikings are in first place because they have done it with few playmakers on offense other than A.P. and Percy Harvin. The Vikings have won by not turning over the ball so far. The Vikings beat the 49ers because the Vikings won the turnover battle as Alex Smith & the 49ers turned the ball over 4 times look it up. The Vikings have a stout rushing defense but a lower level pass defense so far statistically. The Titans offense has turned the ball over a lot in every game except the game they won, putting the Titans defense in a bad position which in turn they gave up a lot of points. The Titans have given up 34 points or more in every game this season. The Titans may get their best defensive player Linebacker Colin McCarthy back from injury this week. The Titans have had trouble with their safety’s play and have changed the lineup a few times. This Titans at Vikings game could go either way based on who turns it over more. My wife & I will be at the game. –Titans Fan Dan Update: Jared Allen may not play as he has aggravated a groin injury in last weeks win.

  17. paychrisjohnson28 and how many turn overs did the vikes have in that game against the 9ers ? Yea garhart fumbled 3 times in the 4th alone AP fumble 1 time totalling 4 lost 2… The 9ers gore fumbled smith fumble+INT totalling 3 lost 3 … Not a big deal … We shut down Megatron an the rest of the WRs an the RB the titans were in a shoot out hence the high score .. that will not be the case in this game our D is not there D

  18. NO WAY!!… Allen doesn’t play !!.. This is not a serious injury he came back an finished the lions game … He’s not a pup anymore an the team is just being careful with him

  19. Both the Vikes & Titans have good running backs! Wide recivers are pretty similar, But I do belive the Vikes D fence is better! And the fact the Vikes are at home! gives them the edge. But there are no easy opponets =Good game!!

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