Mike Pouncey apologizes to Dolphins fans


Two straight overtime losses aren’t a particularly good way of generating goodwill with your fan base, something Dolphins center Mike Pouncey seems to realize.

Pouncey took the unusual step of issuing a public apology to Dolphins fans this week after losses to the Jets and Cardinals have left the team with a 1-3 record after the first four weeks. Pouncey said that it has been tough shaking Sunday’s loss in Arizona because he feels the Dolphins are a better team than their record might suggest.

“It’s tough to let go of a game like that. We got to figure ways to make those plays at the end of football games. If you look at film and watch this team we should be 3-1 right now, but that’s the NFL. Very frustrating. Say sorry to the fans, it’s all on us, those games we should’ve won,” Pouncey said, via the South Florida Sun-Sentinel. “We got to finish these football games and we’ll turn it around and be a winning football team down here. We don’t look at ourselves as a 1-3 football team; we look at ourselves as a 3-1 football team, which we should be today. You can’t take it back; it’s the NFL, it happens, but we got 12 more games and we will turn it around.”

There’s an old quote attributed to Bill Parcells that seems to fit as the best response to Pouncey’s feelings about being a 3-1 football team stuck in the body of a 1-3 football team: You are what your record says you are. The Dolphins are a 1-3 team, regardless of what Pouncey might think about how the team looks on film.

That said, the Dolphins haven’t been nearly as bad as many people were projecting before the year got underway. The run defense has been very good, Ryan Tannehill provides reason for optimism about the future of the offense and there’s a lot less gloom in the forecast than there was this summer. There’s still plenty of work to do, but there’s also reason to believe things are heading in the right direction.

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  1. Don’t worry buddy , At least we have one win under our belt , Now if we can just win one more game preferably against the Jets , Our Christmas shopping list will be complete for the Year….. sign non delusional Dolphin fan .

  2. He’s right. The Dolphins should be 1-3 but they are not. I’m optimistic about the future. I’m still a bit pessimistic on Jeff Ireland. We need some WR’s and secondary help. Phins up!

  3. It’s a nice gesture, but we Dolphins fans don’t need woulds or shoulds anymore we’ve had our fill. It’s true, you should be 3-1. But you aren’t, and the only thing you need to do to apologize to the fans is to start winning regularly. It’s been long enough.

  4. “There’s still plenty of work to do, but there’s also reason to believe things are heading in the right direction.”

    Until Ireland has been relieved of his duties, I would dispute this statement…

  5. “That said, the Dolphins haven’t been nearly as bad as many people were projecting before the year got underway.”

    And yet you guys still have us as the 3rd worst team in the league, so it would seem you do still think we’re as bad as many people suggested.

  6. We want Olindo Mare back!

    In all seriousness, the Dolphins outplayed both the Cardinals and Jets, and if you take away the 5 tipped balls at the line, against the Texans, it’s a whole different ball game. We should definitely be 3-1 right now. No excuses.

    With that said, I like where the team is heading. Tannehill is the real deal. The WR corps is not as bad as we had anticipated. Hartline, and Bess have stepped there games up, and Gaffney should be a huge upgrade over Legadoodoo Naanee. Reggie Bush has been a BEAST, and our Run defense is the best in the NFL. The secondary needs work, but they are improving. QB’s have the lowest completion percentage this year when throwing at the Fins secondary, so that’s a good sign. Just don’t give up the big play. If Carpenter can actually kick one between the uprights, we’ll be okay.

    Philbin said on HardKnocks that he hopes this team will be better in December then it was in November. Well so far so good. You can really see the improvement with each week. Go Dolphins!

  7. I love the Pouncey brothers, those guys are tough as nails and play the game the way it should be. I love when a player takes the initiative and does things such as this. He understands that the fans pay his salary and give him the motivation to keep fighting. Despite the possibility that the team could lose anywhere from 11 games or more, they still flock the stadium and he is just returning the loyalty. You get respect in my book Mike, now you can live happily lol.

  8. We had the same problem last year- blew fourth quarter leads in five of our games towards an 0-7 start. We have a great D but they tire from the lack of offensive help. Until that changes we will just continue to be a tough out.

  9. Tannehill would appear to be the real deal. After he gets this season under his belt, things will be looking good. The metric ton of cap space in 2013 should help build an offense around him.

  10. Don’t apologize to these people. The moment basketball season starts they’ll jump right back on the Lebron bandwagon and you won’t even exist anymore in their eyes. That’s what they do…..jump from one bandwagon to another. Look at the attendance for Hurricanes home games these days. They aren’t competing for national championships anymore so these people couldn’t care less. It’s why Miami is pretty much the sports punchline for the rest of the country.

  11. Phintastic says:
    Oct 3, 2012 8:49 AM
    “There’s still plenty of work to do, but there’s also reason to believe things are heading in the right direction.”

    Until Ireland has been relieved of his duties, I would dispute this statement…

    The same Jeff Ireland who got Reggie Bush for a SWAP of 6th round picks and Jonathan Amaya? The one who drafted Brian Hartline, who just put up 250 yards and looks like he will be an excellent number two receiver at the very least? Or was it the Jeff Ireland that put together the top rush defense in the league? Seriously, people need to move on. Jeff Ireland isn’t nearly as bad as people make him out to be. In a few years, the Dolphins should be atop the AFC East with the Bills. Brady will retire soon — although Belichick could probably make a Brady-less team a contender, and the Jets are a mess and it will take forever to rebuild that team.

  12. Phintastic – Did you check out the 2011 draft class lately? Ireland is average, not terrible, not great. Average gets you 8-8. He needs to step up his game as well.

  13. Talk to last year’s Eagles team. They went 1-4 with tons of close games, 4th quarter blow losses. It ended in the owner dropping his Team President and telling the fan base that Andy needs better or he is out.
    Contrast it this year, Eagles are the reverse of the Phins, 3-1 (one could argue THEY should be 1-3… but they are not so its not dire… yet).

    I like that the player came out and said we need to play better and finish, but don’t say you should have been 3-1, because you when you miss the playoffs, you can’t console your fan base by saying ‘well, we should have been in the playoffs’

  14. Getting Gaffney and losing Naanee is a major positive move. With Gaffney joining Hartline, Bess, and Fasano, I predict our receiving corps will finally get some respect around the league and with the sportswriters. Tannehill needs another capable, experienced WR which he gets now. Our passing offense coupled with RB’s Bush, Miller, Lane, Thigpen, and Thomas will improve, and we will begin to win a bunch of football games.

  15. @ whodeytn- hardly likely. Clearly you have not watched this team play. Yes, those 6 minutes (from the Twilight Zone) during the Texans game really didn’t show that the Fins were playing them even up to that point and held them in check for the 2nd half. They killed the Raiders and were in position to win the next two.

    As for the Bungles…. not in the same class.

  16. Just wanted to put this out there…..the players who did very well on SUNDAY……(bess, hartline, thill, c wake, soliai, starks, and smith) all happen to be gems Ireland somehow found and they are finally being used the right way by a REAL NFL coach. FINS UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. The future is bright. We have alot of draft picks next year and we are 50 million under the cap. The question is do we trust Jeff Ireland.

  18. I like how the Dolphins are 1-3, have been cellar dwellers for years, and yet people still defend Ireland. (How are Martin and Thomas working out for you, by the way?)

    Oh yeah, he built a winner.

    Dolphins fans deserve better.

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