Redskins support Maryland casino measure

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The NFL typically avoids anything any association with gambling, even though the league knows that plenty of people bet legally or otherwise on the outcome of games — and that millions play fantasy football for money, which makes it gambling, too.

But even as the league sues New Jersey to prevent the expansion of gambling to include NFL games, the Redskins have publicly announced support for Question 7, a Maryland ballot measure that, if approved, will allow the construction of a casino.

“As members of the Prince George’s County business community, we see it as our obligation to speak out in support of major economic-development initiatives,” Redskins president of business operations Dennis Greene said, via the Washington Post.  “We believe Question 7 represents a tremendous opportunity . . . to create thousands of good-paying jobs, increase funding for public schools, and help provide dollars for other critical state and local government services.”

The Redskins didn’t seek league approval before making their announcement, but NFL spokesman Greg Aiello said that approval wasn’t necessary.

“So long as a proposed casino would not include sports betting, there is nothing in our league guidelines that would prohibit a club from supporting this type of ballot referendum,” NFL spokesman Greg Aiello told the Post.

Still, the Redskins’ reasoning could be applied to what New Jersey hopes to do by allowing gambling on NFL games.  Gambling expansion always is aimed at creating jobs and raising money.

So, at a minimum, the whole thing looks more than a little hypocritical.

Of course, that bridge already was crossed when the NFL approved the use of team names and logos for scratch-and-lose lottery tickets, a get-rich-quick scam that preys on those who need the extra few dollars the most.

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  1. Of course they are in favor of another tax revenue stream….that way it will be easier to go after public funds for their next stadium!

  2. Your not in a real casino if there is no sports betting, no poker room and the bar closes at 3 am.

  3. As a MD resident, I have to say that the entire casino issue is a load of BS. Anyone who thinks that this will provide more money to schools is crazy — while funding will come from the casinos to schools existing funding will be “re-directed”. As for the high paying jobs, ask people in the areas where casinos have been built how that is working out. The state is way too late in trying to get into the casino business.

  4. As a Prince Georges County resident, I too support this initiative. Not for the reason many, including the Redskins, state. But because I want an outlet to get my gamble on. I am not naive enough to think these money hungry politicians will not get some form of kickback for allowing this casino to happen. I am not sure how the NFL can discipline the Redskins for speaking out on this question. But I do wish they stop falsly advertising the casino will benefit the schools when the Arundel Mills casino has yet to aid the local area schools. Bottomline, I too support the casino so I can get my gamble on.

  5. I live in PG county and I hope we get it. The area the casino would be built on is near the national harbor which is one of the more beautiful and well developed area in the DMV. The casino is going to be developed by the owners of the MGM. I can’t wait. I hate having to drive to AC or Charlestown wva just to get my gamble on. I refuse to go to that casino in anne arrundel. It’s only video gambling no tables. On top of that they’re trying ro block the casino project in PG because they think they will lose revenue. What is it with these Baltimore area businesses always trying to restrict DC businesses? I could never support the Orioles because they constantly blocked a DC MLB franchise for years. Anyways can’t wait. I know what I’m voting for this November.

  6. Gambling should be legal in every state. If someone wants to build a casino, allow sports betting/table games/slots, they should have the right to do so. The nearest place I can go to do any gambling of the sort is Atlantic City, and I’ll pass on New Jersey personally. The fact that this has to be voted on in 2012 is ridiculous, if someone wants to blow their money in a casino, that should be our right.

  7. We can debate how much money will go to the schools but one things for certain, a casino in P.G. County will keep the gamblers from going out of state. I’m also a resident of P. G. County and grew up here but I went to college in Delaware. My school Delaware State University is located right across the street from Dover Downs and if you go look at the license plates of the cars in their parking lots the majority of them are from MD and DC. That casino will make so much money because people will gamble and if they have a place to go it that is close to home they will go there. Believe me when I tell you that the state of Maryland wants that money to stay in state. The other cities and locations like West Virginia, Anne Arundel County, Baltimore and AC are worried because less people would be going to their casino. What the Redskins did in supporting the measure doesn’t hurt or help them so its no big deal.

  8. As a Skins fan, and MD resident, I would prefer the Skins not comment on this “issue”. The Skins corporate home is, and will be for the forseable future, in the never ending road construction project that is Norther Virginia. The Skins call PG County home 8 Sundays a year.

    For that reason, in regards to the BS that is slots in MD, they should keep their mouths shut.

  9. Having grown up in Bowie, I say go ahead….of course, that’s meaningless because I haven’t been there in 35 yrs, I just wanted to mention I lived on Millstream Drive….now that I live near Atlantic City, I can tell you unequivocally you can forget school funding, all you’ll have is more lawyers on the state payroll!

  10. As a lifelong Maryland resident and taxpayer, I don’t support Question 7. But more than that, I don’t like the idea of the Redskins getting into the middle of a political issue that causes a portion of its fan base yet another reason to be upset.

    Dan Snyder should concentrate on what he does best: selling expensive tickets, high priced concessions and overvalued merchandise in exchange for a football team that has wavered between being mediocre and horrible for the entire time he has owned the team.

    Dan – if you shut up about divisive political issues, I’ll be willing to buy another $25 parking spot at Landover Mall so that I can have the privilege of walking a mile and a half from the parking spot to the stadium. Thanks, bud!


  12. 6thsense79 says:

    What is it with these Baltimore area businesses always trying to restrict DC businesses? I could never support the Orioles because they constantly blocked a DC MLB franchise for years.


    You might want to ask Jack Kent Cooke about his thoughts on Baltimore getting an NFL team when the Colts left. If the Orioles blocked DC from getting a team, it would have been based completely on the playbook written by Mr. “RalJon, MD.”

    As for the casino, it’s not really a county v.s county vs. Baltimore city thing. The real opposition is coming from WV and DE. I’ve seen ads for both positions on the issue and I have no idea what to think about either of them.

  13. Your not in a real casino if there is no sports betting, no poker room and the bar closes at 3 am.
    True, but if that’s all you have locally, that’s what you go with. My local casinos have poker but no sports betting and the bar does close “early”. However, I rarely bet on sports, don’t play poker with strangers, and never drink while gambling, so it’s no big deal to me.

  14. chief67 said:

    What will become of Las Vegas when all the rest of these greedy states get casinos ?
    The demise of Las Vegas has been predicted from the time that NJ approved gambling in Atlantic City in the 1970s. It hasn’t happened yet, and LV is bigger and better than ever, at least based on what I saw during my two trips there this year.

  15. natelan69 said:

    Gamblers are idiots.
    Only if we gamble with money we can’t afford to lose.

  16. It seems like the people of Maryland are being fed a load of crap from Martin Owe’Malley. When a Republican govenor brought up the idea of casinos, he and his fellow Democrats said “No way! You just want to take money from the poor”. Owe’Malley gets in office and suddenly casinos are a good thing. The legislature approves six casino locations – none in PG county. Suddenly, out of the blue, Owe’Malley declares we need to add another at National Harbor. Where was MGM when the original licenses were being granted? Do we all get to change the rules mid-stream like the govenor and his lap-dog legislature?
    Now to add the cherry on top, the Redskins want to weigh in on the situation. The hypocracy is dripping off this one. I’m sure the league office is just thrilled with Danny and the boys getting involved in this. Stick to football “Little Danny”. Probably not a good idea seeing how poor your team has been during your reign.
    Hey Marty! A fee is a tax. LOL.

  17. Chris El Father says:Oct 3, 2012 6:44 PM

    Haha. Most MD residents are Skins fans so why don’t all you Mary landers who don’t know how to drive just shutup!


    You can’t be serious dude. I hardly know any ‘skin fans in Maryland, they’re all Raven fans. In fact I know more Eagles fans in MD than ‘skin fans.

    Second, we don’t know how to drive? I assume you are from Northern VA, which just makes your statement even more ironic. NOVA drivers are notorious for driving like they are drunk 24/7.

  18. Nobody keeps lower income people out of the liquor store, shoe store, race track, video Keno, strip club, it any other perceived “waste of available funds” in the least. It is ridiculous to single out card games, slots, or sports betting as harmful to the financial well-being of any individual. I’ve never played cards for money, thrown a coin into a slot machine, or bet on sports. I honestly have zero desire to do any of these things but I fully respect the rights of others to make their own life choices, especially in “victimless” circumstances.

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