Report: Woody Johnson eventually will push for Tebow


The Jets have dominated the news in recent days, and not for good reasons.

It will continue, and not for good reasons.

Eventually, it will result in the news that Tim Tebow is the quarterback.

Rich Cimini of recently reported that two people “who know Johnson, and know how he runs his football operation believe he will push his football people to start Tebow.”

Without knowing who the two people are, it’s impossible to assess the credibility or potential accuracy of the report.  But it won’t be a surprise if that’s what Johnson does.

Indeed, we’ve been saying all week that Johnson eventually will.  Though I don’t personally know Johnson and have no idea how he runs his football operation (some fans would say Johnson doesn’t, either), common sense suggests that he’ll eventually give the order to use the guy who led the Broncos to the playoffs in 2011.

With the season quickly circling the drain, the Jets need a kick in the ass.  Tebow possibly can provide that.

Either way, it can’t get much worse.

Well, maybe it can.  But there’s only one way to find out.

64 responses to “Report: Woody Johnson eventually will push for Tebow

  1. The coach is a can’t back anything up blowhard & the two Qb’s are very average…at best.

  2. Put him in this week so it’s against a good defense. That should pretty much put a final and merciful end to all the unwarranted Tebow hype.

  3. This is unbelievable. The Jets are 2-2. I know they are playing poorly but c’mon. No one in the the division has a better record right now. There’s still plenty of time to turn this thing around. The media and everyone else is acting like they’re 0-4. Still plenty of time to turn this thing around and they’re not exactly in the worst of spots here. I’m not saying they’re even gonna win 10 or 11 games or even finish better than .500 but take it easy. It’s a long season. I they go out and beat the Texans you guys(PFT) and everyone else including the joke of a beat writer the Jets have, Rich Cimini, will be changing their tunes real quick. Next time talk to Manish, he won’t spoon feed you this garbage you seem to want to hear so bad.

  4. How many years are the Jets going to give Sanchise to “develop”. The guy aint a franchise QB. Perhaps Tebow could pull this season out of the toilet like he did last year in Denver.

  5. I think “out of the frying pan and into the fire” was coined specifically to address the Jets’ QB situation.

  6. “use the guy who led the broncos to the playoffs in 2011”

    I had no idea Von Miller played for the Jets now

  7. It would seem to me that if they want to get any production from Tebow he needs to be on the field far more plays than he is being used to date. the Wildcat only has a chance if they don’t key on it. If they pull Sanchez and put Tebow in the defense is going to prep for it and dare Tebow to beat them passing, .. which frankly isn’t his best quality.

    Put him in a FB, he’s shown he can pick up a blitz, .. have him run a bit, .. catch a bit and switchg into the Wildcat occasionally. Use the hurry up offense to further confuse the defense.

    Whatever Sanchez shortcomings are it’s also true that the Jets don’t have the running game to play ground and pound. Also, now they are a bit thin in the receiving corps as well as defense. Put all the weapons n the field on offense and mix things up a bit. Otherwise the Jets are going to be doing a lot of three and out and the defense will be toast by the third quarter.

  8. does anybody really think 100 yards and 0.7 TDs a game is gonna win games?

    that’s what Denver got when they started Tebow…

    their D just kept them within a TD or a FG in 4 games and they squeaked out… if Tebow had to put up 250 yards and 2 TDs, otherwise known as an average game, they would have went 2-7 with him.

    if the Jets start Tebow, prepare for embarrassment…

  9. mongeese1 says: Oct 3, 2012 8:52 PM

    How many years are the Jets going to give Sanchise to “develop”.

    Well Vick is still “developing” and he’s been in many years longer.

  10. This is ridiculous. It’s like everyone wants Sanchez to fail. I’m mean, seriously, EVERYONE in the media has said Tebow will start in October like its a sure thing. Isn’t Sanchez 28-24 as a starter, not counting the playoffs? I know Sanchez has had some pretty bad games. But c’mon, the Jets traded up for him three years ago. Since then, he’s taken them to two, not one, TWO AFC Championships.

    Like I said, he’s had some bad games. But he’s taken them to TWO AFC Championships. Last time I checked, Matt Ryan has never even won a playoff game. That shows that you can have some bad games that won’t matter in the long run if you play well when it counts.

    You can say what you want as far as he had a good team around him, but you can’t make it to two AFC Championships in this league without solid play from the QB too.

    Does anyone else think this is ridiculous?

  11. Too bad Luck still isn;t at Stanford.

    Matt Barkley, Geno Smith and Tyler Wilson mat all be available when the JETs pick in the Top 5 in 2013.

    Question is: will the new Franchise QB be drafted by a new GM and led by a new Head Coach?

    I can’t see Tannenbaum surviving this. Rex might survive this time, although Mangini went 9-7 and got fired.

    All of Rex’s bluster is coming back on him, and I don’t feel bad for him. I like Rex, but he talks WAYYY too much, and he is now paying the price.

  12. What Jets fans don’t seem to realize is that Woody Johnson doesn’t care if the Jets win or lose as long as fans keep buying tickets.

    And Tebow will sell tickets.

  13. We all know it’s not a matter of if but when. Sanchez would have had to play at an all-pro level to keep Tebow on the bench just b/c of the mania he brings to the table. Clearly Sanchez has played fairly poorly and the team is underachieving and lacking some of their better players. Tebow will be the only thing to keep the folks watching as the season goes on…..therefore it will be supported by Johnson and eventually happen in my opinion. Not a long-term answer by any means, but for a team in trouble, a shot in the arm.

  14. Nice. I have Under Week 6 in my , ” Woody Johnson will push for Tim Tebow” pool. Cha Ching!!!!

  15. “I had no idea Von Miller played for the Jets now”



    You forgot to credit Prater as well.

  16. Perhaps the “two people” are Tim Tebow and his agent. This is exactly the passive-aggressive stunt he always pulls.

  17. So to summarize:

    Josh McDaniels and his coaching staff, after working with Tebow every day, decided he couldn’t play.

    John Fox and his coaching staff, after working with Tebow every day, decided he couldn’t play.

    Rex Ryan and his coaching staff, after working with Tebow every day, decided he couldn’t play.

    Two owners demanded he play, anyway.

    If Timmy was really a team-first guy, he would put a stop to this. But he truly seems to believe that what’s good for everyone around him is for him to be the center of attention.

  18. Now just hold on everybody. Does Woody want Tebow to start at QB? Or run for President of the United States?

  19. Woody Johnson is Jerry Jones minus knowledge of the game and who’s playing for this team. Scratch that last one; he knows Sanchez and Tebow. That’s it. Everyone else might as well be John Doe when he signs their checks.

    I would MUCH RATHER have Jerry Jones as my owner and GM than this tool. Woody doesn’t care about this team. He doesn’t CARE about this team. He doesn’t care about the fans. He doesn’t care about football. If he wants to own a business that simply makes money, sell the Jets to an owner who actually wants to bring home a Lombardi trophy and buy a movie theatre chain or a real estate property or anything else that does not involve sports and fans.

    Woody has had a woody for Tebow for some time and could not care less about the real needs for this team. Get rid of Mr. T and get rid of yourself and let’s get an owner who actually cares about his team and a GM who can build a team with winners.

  20. This is EXACTLY what we have all been waiting for; small pebbles have been rolling down the mountain, collecting debris, and building up momentum. The days are getting shorter, nights getting colder, and we are about ready to enjoy us a good old fashioned circus! So glad we now have PFM at the helm in Denver.

  21. The media and the rest of the NFL and all the fans are rejoicing when the Jets suck, all because of Ryan and his loud mouth, and the Jets players too. The Cleveland Browns lose, season after season, but no one’s cheering when they do, Ryan has turned the Jets into the most hated team in the NFL

  22. Woody Johnson doesn’t know dick about football.
    He is all about the money and NOT the trophy.

    He brought Tebow in because he wanted more fannies in the seats, well guess what, it ain’t working…Woody you need to get rid of Tannenbaum first.

  23. hey nflsecurity862 how many playoff games have the Browns won since 2009? I mean sanchez is only 4 and 2 in the playoffs which is a better playoff record than Romo (1-3) Rivers (3-4) Matt Ryan (0-3) Cassel (0-1) Cutler (1-1). And trust me the defense did not win those game for Sanchez in the playoffs. Last time i checked sanchez was the one who was pulling the wait for the team in each game. Its very hard for a qb to excel when your sorrounded by mediocre talent and dont have your favorite target playing. Trust me if Brady didnt have welker gronk and Hernandez playing and on top of that his o line sucking brady wouldnt be doing soo good right now either. I notice a majority of people that comment on this really have no clue about football. Like the great bill parcells says “you are what your record is” with that said Sanchez is 33-24 as a starting qb the cleveland browns wish they had a qb that won 33 games for them in 3 and quarters worth of seasons. Think before you comment Sh*t Head

  24. Folks your misplaced hatred towards tebow makes me scoff. This is a man that took a miserable team to the playoffs and beat the steelers in his first ever playoff appearance. Tebow has only made progress and has the spirit of God to pursue anything he wants. Good luck trying to stop the inevitable.

  25. Does anyone else think this is ridiculous?

    Let me explain something to you, coltsfan. I’m not sure where you are located, but New York is cutthroat and losing is not something easily tolerated without a tremendous backlash. The Mets and the Jets are great examples of this. Even the Giants. Eli Manning and the Giants have won 2 SBs in the last 4 years and they still get whacked for losing games.

    Having said that, I do agree with you that it’s ridiculous. Sanchez has regressed this season, no doubt. But he also doesn’t have an offensive line that is giving him a chance to throw the ball or open a hole for his RBs. Speaking of, the Jets don’t have any RBs. And the receivers can’t get any separation or catch the damn ball. Sanchez can’t do it on his own.

  26. Sweet. Now all they need is some healthy receivers, tight ends, efficient line blocking, and a break away style running back.

  27. Tim Tebow led a team that was dead in the water to the playoffs, even winning a playoff game. He finds a way to win. Deal with it.

  28. If Woody’s smart he’ll push for McElroy as the starter, Sanchez as the back up and get rid of Tebow, I could hardly understand extending Sanchez, but to add insult to injury, they sign Tebow, go figure.

  29. “Christ(mas) comes sooner and sooner these days. The Jets slide back to irreverence has begun.”

    I do not think that word means what you think it means. The correct word is “irrelevance”.

  30. How many years are the Jets going to give Sanchise to “develop”.

    Well, let’s ask Dallas how long they should give him. They’ve been waiting on Romo for about 50 years now.

  31. WRs – Rookies and scrubs
    RB – Averaging 2.8 yds/carry

    Other than Dustin Keller, Sanchez has a very bad supporting cast on this offense for the rest of the year. The offense is also a conservative offense built around the run game, which is horrible. Put him in a passer friendly offense and he’ll be fine.

    It would do his career wonders to get away from the Jets.

  32. I am not a big Tebow fan but why is it some of you want to give Sanchez credit for getting his team to the championship game twice and talk about his winning record and then turn around and dis Tebow? Last I checked the Jets had a really good D that helped bail out Sanchez. Tebow has a winning record as a starter and helped his team get to the playoffs. You can’t dis one and not the other. Sanchez has had his chance in the league and failed. Tebow should at least get a fair shot to start and for enough games IN A ROW that matter.

    Any questions about Tebow and his abilities? Please see Vick and his stats. All the talking heads loved Vick for years and he absolutely sucked as a passer every year. Low 50’s comp % every year on the Falcons. Go and check.

    Let me clue all the naysayers in about Tebow too. It is a business. $8 beers and $30 parking. Tebow sells and he gets ratings. Get over it everyone. Tebow is good for football. He makes it interesting to watch. Every incompletion at a time.

  33. @nyjetsfan08;
    So, the o-line can’t pass block, the recievers can’t seperate, and there is no running game, eh?
    Hmmmm, sounds like an option attack is optimal….
    To everyone else;
    Why so much hype? I think that we are over thinking this whole situation.
    It’s not about tebow starting, it’s about having an in-game OPTION (no pun intended) the jets were getting mauled, and thoer offense was doing nothing; so, you change, not hust q.b.’s, but the entire offense mid game.
    sire, ot might not have worked, bit it might have.
    Plus, once you’ve shown the willingness to change, opponets MUST gameplan for two offences.
    It’s called “change of pace”.
    The same goes for my beloved RAATYYDAZ; where was pryor in the second half?

  34. hifive123 –

    If you insist that Timmy “led” the Broncos, go back and check the stats. What he “led” them to was a season-ending three-game losing streak, a non-winning record and a blowout loss in the last game.

  35. This will be rex ryan’s last season as coach in new york.when the owner starts pushing the head coach to play certain players,it is time to leave.

  36. personally I find Tebow’s act nauseating stupid. But I’m intrigued by him as a football player, not that I think he’s any good, I just like to see different styles of play. I think there are all sorts of option style QBs in the league the Jets would have been better off trying to run the kind of offence Tebow can run (Kapernick and Joe Webb come to mind), but running a different offence with Tebow is probably no worse than running a traditional offence with Sanchez.

    The thing is, you know a traditional offence run by Sanchez is awful. You only suspect it will be as bad or worse running a different style offence with Tebow…but at least you don’t know. So give it a shot.

  37. Woody should just take a moment to reflect on the state of the Dallas Cowboys and ask himself how that team has been impacted by an owner who is not a football man, making personnel decisions for the team.

    Woody may own the team and can have any opinions that he wants but in the final analysis, he needs to let his GM and coach do their respective jobs and simply hold them accountable for the results.

  38. @thatyankeedude:
    Its not Tebow as a person that i don’t like. It is people such as yourself who keep telling us that Tebow has god on his side and is therefore a good QB that i am tired of. QBs have to be able to throw the ball in the nfl. Tebow did NOT win games for the broncos last year. You didn’t actually watch the games did you? The broncos defense and their kicker won those games. I did watch most of those games last year. What i saw was a defense that generally kept the broncos opponents under 18 points which was a good thing because in most of their wins the offense was able to score 18 or less. For the most part tebow was able to throw a few passes at the end of games that were close enough to his recievers to allow them to make great catches and get them into field goal range. I am sorry but Tebow did not single-handedly win games for denver last year. People who keep saying that are delusional. He does seem like a good person but the fact that he shares your religious beliefs does not make him an NFL QB. I doubt very much that he will suceed as a starter for the jets because i their defense is not going to be as good as denver’s was last year. I am not saying this because i hate tebow, i am saying it because i have actually watched him play QB.

  39. This just in: The Easter Bunny recently reported that two people “who know PFT, and know how they run their football website believe lots of articles will be posted today, with no real facts, but the articles are guaranteed to generate a lot of hits to the web site.

  40. @ eightysixisback says:

    Did YOU actually see the Denver games? Matt Prater was the kicker for the first 5 games. The Defense was also there with Von Miller and Elvis Dumervil and everyone else. Result: 1-4.

    Why didn’t Prater and that amazing Defense win more of those first 5 games.

    Did Tebow do everything alone for the team to go 7-4 the rest of the way and beat Pitt in the playoff game? No of course not. But he did in fact LEAD them there. That’s what the QB does. Like it or not QB is the leader of the team. He often gets the credit when they win and the blame when they lose. Even if there are other factors.

    Is he a great traditional QB? No, but who says he can’t continue to improve and become one. Steve Young did it. When he first came out everyone said exactly the same things they were saying about Tebow now. But Young got better and better and became a great QB.

    Tebow is in his 3rd year and has only started for a portion of a year last year and did well. The Broncos were absolutely classless in trading him.

  41. @rodaday:

    Did you happen to watch how the Broncos backed their way into the playoffs by losing the last three regular season games? Did you happen to watch Tebow’s playoff performance against the Pats which was very similar to how he performed in those last three regular season games? Nobody is saying he is not a great guy. He is the most inaccurate passer this league has ever seen as well as the most inconsistent performer ever to be considered as a starting QB. The reason he asked to be traded to New York over J’Ville baffles me and I am certain Elway and Fox had to take time for laughing bout prior to the call to Woody when it happened. The circus started at that point and ask anybody in Denver; despite his magnificent competitive play at times, his side show serves as a huge distraction to a football team!

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