Rex Ryan says Jets didn’t quit, but were tired late

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49ers cornerback Carlos Rogers says that the Jets quit during Sunday’s 34-0 thrashing at MetLife Stadium.  Jets coach Rex Ryan says that’s not the case.

“I think we have a reputation in this league of being a tremendous defense,” Ryan told the media on Wednesday, via Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News.  “We didn’t play that way.  But as far as us quitting, there’s no way.  That wasn’t the case.”

But Ryan admits that the Jets got tired, which is equally troubling when it comes to whether the coaching staff has gotten the players ready to play.

“Late in the game, did we get fatigued? I think we did,” Ryan said.  “I think we wore down a little bit at the end of the game.  But there’s no quit.  You can look at that tape.  There’s no quit.”

Whatever it’s called — quitting or fatigue or talent imbalance or a virus that makes guys play like they’ve quit — it’s not good for the Jets or for Ryan.  With cornerback Darrelle Revis and receiver Santonio Holmes done for the year, it will take the coaching job of Ryan’s life to keep this team from quitting and/or getting tired and/or whatever it’s called when the Texans roll into town on Monday, and beyond.

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  1. You don’t “cry” is baseball and
    you certainly don’t “quit” in football!

    Maybe “surrender” but NEVER quit!

  2. I agree he ejst did not quit with the exception of Sanchez who checked out in the 2nd quater. It is hard to say a team played well when they lose 34-0 but the Jets played very well against the 49ers except for Sanchez. Without Sanchez’s play they had a good chance of winning the game.

    The jets constantly were in 3rd and short situations and sanchez constantly missed wide open WRs. The Jet defense was on the field all day. Eventually they cracked. But consider 7 points was on the santonio fumble 7 on the blocked punt, 7 on the Sanchez int and other 3 on Sanchez fumble and one can see the problem was not the defense.

    The question is can the Jets do anything with Sanchez to get him soemwhatready fro the Texans. The Texans are a better team than SF and they could really bury the jets especially if sanchez gives up again and tanks the game.

    The Texans are much better team than SF and his could be one ugly game. If the Jets are going to stand a chance they need to be able to pass the ball for 1st downs and keep the defense off the field.

  3. this jerk is a friggin buffoon!! 2 weeks ago he changed meeting times to 9am so players could sleep in and get their rest, now their tired!! give me a break! CAN’T WAIT until he’s fired!

  4. I don’t think it’s troubling to say the defense got tired. They were on the field the whole game. There’s not being in shape and then there’s my offense is so ridiculously bad we should just punt on first down to avoid turnovers for touchdowns.

  5. We know that the talking heads on ESPN are all going to take Houston in a blowout on Monday night while making fun of the Jets during the entire pregame show. For that reason alone, I think the Jets will win.

  6. lets take a poll, who’s future would you rather have Jets with Sanchez, or Dolphins with Tannehill…Big Packer fan and let me tell you, THill, is Rodgers 2.0. Thats what the Jets get for being arrogant. I’m loving it.

  7. Hey T.Rex tremendous defense don’t get fatigue. Your team QUIT PLAIN AND SIMPLE.!!!!!!!!

  8. Seriously Coach. Keep your mouth shut. Fatigued!!! It’s only week 4. Quitting sounds better. That’s something that can be fixed.

  9. Wait until the Texans come to town. The Jets will know what tired is when that game is over. This is going to be a “killing” because this Jets team is a mess. The offense is a complete mess, but what do you expect with Sparano???

  10. Look – no one takes more pleasure than criticizing Wrecks Ryan than me.

    But from a strategic standpoint, you’re down 35-0, you put in your second and third string guys and give them a chance to get some real game time experience and you rest your veteran starters and keep them healthy.

    That’s not “giving up”

    That’s just common sense.

  11. The jets won’t be the last team the 49ers tire out!!!! That team mauls you for 60 min and the jets are not built for that kind of fight…….

  12. Just like his father was run out of Philly the nut will not fall far from the tree. This guy will be run out of NY between now and next April.

    Get a life Rex; saying that the Jets we’re always thought of as being one of the best defenses. I think he must listen to what he says because no one else believes that.

    The Jets aren’t even funny any more. Just tired of hearing the same old garbage.

  13. I’m a Red Sox fan. I know the recipe for a good meltdown by heart. I’m seeing a doozy starting to come together here.

  14. Rex, in every game this season the Jets have played, the defense has given up 20 points or more. Your “reputation in this league of being a tremendous defense” only exists in your delusional mind.

  15. Look…… The time of possession was horribly skewed. The 9ers had the ball 65 percent of the game. You HAVE to expect that the defense is going to be gassed. Once the 9ers got a good lead that game was done. It forced the Jets into obvious passing situations and San Fran was still getting pressure on the QB. Sanchez is not a franchise QB, but I wanna put some onus on the coaching staff as well because they are hanging this kid out to dry. Their running game is bad, their blocking was putrid, they’ve been without a few of their only weapons and San Fran had something to prove after that debacle in Minnesota. What did you think was gonna happen?

  16. “lets take a poll, who’s future would you rather have Jets with Sanchez, or Dolphins with Tannehill…Big Packer fan and let me tell you, THill, is Rodgers 2.0.”

    I would rather have rookie Tannehill (with all his mistakes and turnovers) than Sanchez every day of the week and TWICE on Sundays.

    Sanchez has never had a game like Tanne’s against the Cards. The Fins finally have their franchise QB while the wets continue to flounder.

  17. By the end of the game, I’m sure they were “tired”……..”tired” of getting their butts kicked all day by the 9ers.

  18. There is a real psychology to football. Mental toughness matters.

    The Bills have been beaten up by the Patriots for years. They get a win finally last year, go out and spend heavily in free agency on the defensive side of the ball, and get toasted in their first two divisional games, giving up over 100 points. They came into the season jacked and reality hit them hard.

    The Jets, on the other hand, overachieved under Ryan before having the wheels fall off last year. Reality hit them hard when they lost Revis and Holmes and they quit. Much of that is due to having no faith in their offense.

    Contrast that with the Dolphins, a team that people picked to be worst in the league that fights to the last second, and, with the Patriots, who fight back to win big after two losses and a tough first half.

  19. When (not if) Rex is fired, is it too much to ask that they hire Tony Sparano as HC?

    Please Lord make that happen.

  20. I hated to agree with Carlos Rogers comment but I do…perhaps he should be concerned about the Buffalo wide receivers instead pointing this out…I don’t agree with Coach Ryan especially at the Game 4 stage of the season.

  21. They’ll have plenty of time to rest, come January. What they have to do is take the worst QB in the NFL and put in the 2d worst.

  22. Tebow is garbage. Sparano is garbage, too. Look around the league! There are far, far superior versions of the Wildcat being implemented and executed. I’ll admit, putting Tebow in COULD provide a spark. But it’s more like a spark from lighting a match, as opposed to a spark plug in a bass trembling monster race car engine. The Jets are garbage and should Just End The Season. If Sanchez gets benched, put in the 3rd stringer and see if he has any talent. With any one of these QBs, I don’t expect them to win many games, or any games, or look that competitive, based on the lack of talent this team has this year.

    Name one other team in the league that has such a lack of talent on the offensive side of the ball. Go ahead, I dare ya, ’cause there aren’t any teams out there as bad! At least with the 3rd stringer, we could see if he might be something next year. It’s so bad that New York radio should start their Jets off-season talk. I blame the owner first and Mr. T seccond. No! It’s more like 1A and 1B. What a joke.

  23. The Jets defense better get used to playing tired because there will be a whole lot of 3 and outs once Tebow takes over.

    But, on the bright side, Jets fans and players can look forward to Terrell (The Locker Room Destroyer) Owens joining the circus any day now.

  24. Tired late = Quit. And that’s what your team did, Rexy boy. The Jets were lucky the score wasn’t 50 plus due to Alex Smith missing wide open receivers, Akers missing 2 field goals, and Kaepernick sliding before scoring.

  25. As a Texans fan, I’d love to say and think how bad we should blow out the Jets. Lets face it, with no Holmes, Keller, and terrible RB’s how are they going to score? Without Revis, how can they stop Andre Johnson? They can’t….

    BUT the Texans are 0-5 vs. Jets, and 0-2 vs. Rex Ryan’s Jets, Jets were humiliated last week, I think Rex gets his team ready.

    At the end of the day, talent wins. TEXANS 27 – Jets 17. Texans cover the -9

  26. One of the Jets young receivers will step up and become a new star in NYC. One of those guys has an opportunity of a lifetime!

  27. This is one of RRyan’s biggest problems. Why, as a HC, respond to a player’s comment from last wk’s game. Deal with it in house and use it for motivation. Otherwise you just look like a clown.

  28. The Ryan family: masters of meaningless gum-flapping that never goes anywhere. Only once did a Ryan ever actually win anything and that was as defensive coordinator of a unit studded with superlative talent. They’ve been living off that ever since and have zilch to show for it.

    The Jests are a comical disaster. All that pre-season chatter about the vaunted “Wildcat” and Tony Sparano, yet not one Jests fan recognized that this “Wildcat” offense consisted of a few gimmick plays that last proved effective in a few games during the 2008 season. Rexy couldn’t coach his way out of a soggy paper bag and the FO there in Giants Stadium knows less about drafting than Fireman Ned or whatever that idiot’s name is.

  29. I think Rex was commenting more on his defense. I hate the Jets, but of course they’re going to be tired w/ an offense who can’t sustain a drive.

  30. “Sounds like conditioning coach needs to get fired”

    Didn’t I read about how Wake and Bake quit during preseason (or maybe it was Sancheezy’s jests west camp). He was so out of shape he begged the coach to pull him out? What a sissy.

  31. Why do people keep saying to put Tebow in? The jests won’t do that, because it’ll just prove ONCE AGAIN that this is a totally dysfunctional franchise when Timmy gets embarrassed. He no longer has that solid D (in Denver) or awesome running game (in Denver).

    Oh, and Sparano did not initiate the wildcat offense in Miami. The OC did on a flight back from a bad loss because he realized the Fins didn’t have enough talent to run a conventional offense. It baffles me that the dummies in the jests FO didn’t know that since it was all over the media back then.

  32. With no Offense on this team, the Defense will tire . That’s what happens when your offense sucks. Start Greg McElroy. Can’t believe the bestQB doesn’t even suit up.

  33. Jetsareajoke – You nailed it….that plane flight story and rolling out the wildcat was how it happened. I think it was rolled out against the Pats and we beat them pretty good.

    Nobody ran the wildcat like Ronny Brown. Between him and Ricky Williams, it was fun to watch.

  34. Most teams rotate people in, especially on the front 7 on defense to ensure that their guys don’t get blown out in the 4th quarter. If the Jets have zero depth, and zero conditioning to play 80 snaps, there is nothing anyone can do. I think there is a minimum expectation that may be missing on that team…

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