Week Four coaching hot seat

It’s an undeniable reality of life in the NFL.  At the end of the year, there will be bad teams.  And some of their coaches will be fired.

Until then, we’ll monitor those who should be monitoring whether the locks get changed on December 31, the day after the end of the regular season.

This week, there are six in all, via a two-way tie for fifth place.  You’ll find out who they are by clicking the little triangle below.

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7 responses to “Week Four coaching hot seat

  1. I think this is the year Norv Turner escapes the hot-seat, mainly because of how easy the Chargers’ schedule is.

    So far, the Chargers barely beat the Raiders, who look like a bad team this year (getting blown out by the Dolphins and Broncos – 1 win over a weakened Steelers squad doesn’t change that). The Chargers blew out the Titans, but the Titans look awful this year, losing THREE of their games by 20+ points.

    The Chargers were annihilated by the Falcons, one of the few quality, playoff-caliber teams on their schedule (which is a sign the Chargers aren’t that great), but the rest of their schedule isn’t too bad, except for a couple of games against the Broncos and 1 against the Ravens.

  2. And after the Jets get mauled by the Texans this week, Rex Ryan will move from #2 to #1 coach on the hot seat.

    Will someone please clue T-Rex in.

  3. Mean spirited speculation on who will lose their job.

    Not cool.

    Not cool at all.

    There’s plenty of positive things to be debating. Like who should be coach of the year. Do that.

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