Aldrick Robinson recovers from pregame collision

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Before Sunday’s game against the Buccaneers, Redskins safety Brandon Meriweather ran into receiver Aldrick Robinson, who was walking with his head down. Robinson was knocked unconscious.

Amazingly, Robinson has been cleared to play.

Even more amazingly, coach Mike Shanahan says Robinson could have played last Sunday, after coming to.  (Or is it “coming too”?  Or “coming two”?)

Shanahan says Robinson, who suffered a concussion, was cleared on Wednesday to return to practice.

The news isn’t as good for Meriweather, who already has been scratched due to an aggravation of the knee injury that had caused him to miss the first three games of the season.

6 responses to “Aldrick Robinson recovers from pregame collision

  1. He is part of last year’s great draft class, of which this year’s is already better.


    thanks for letting us know who this guy is, because if you didn’t he, of the great draft class of last year, nobody would know.

    btw, last year’s great draft class produced one starter. (two if you count a guy named jarvis jenkins who’s playing in place of somebody whos injured for the year).

    so……one player. One starter. One. Wow. That’s awesome. But…..that’s a redskin fan for ya…..

  2. skins fans crack me up, been bad for 20 plus years, get a mediocre QB this year and they think they are SB bound and going to be great, what u talking bout, willis?? yal still need to play a good D and a nfc east team yet, so dont pre-order playoff tickets yet and dont eat all of RG3 subway sandwhiches, he will be working there in 3 years, sandwhich artist rg3!! has a ring to it!!!

  3. “coming two” would imply that Meriweather hit him in the “other” head. He definitly wouldn’t have been able to play after that.

  4. Ryan Kerrigan & Leonard Hankerson start, Aldrick Robinson is a deep threat (wouldn’t trust him anywhere else) Jarvis Jenkins was in the rotation at lineman, he would start on a couple other squads. Roy Helu is a great 3rd down back (and would be a top 15 back if he could pass block.)

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