Ben Tate’s status is undecided for Monday night

Getty Images

As the Texans prepare to become the second straight opponent to apply the “ground and pound” to the Jets on their own turf, running back Ben Tate may not be available for grounding and/or pounding.

Tate missed practice on Thursday with a toe injury.  Coach Gary Kubiak explained that a decision on Tate’s status will be made Saturday.

“I think if we asked Ben to do something today he would’ve done it,” Kubiak said in comments distributed by the team.  “I would say the same thing tomorrow but we are going to hold him.  We are going to get Justin [Forsett] ready to go.  Then I think what we do Saturday is we let Ben go and if he looks fine, then we’re back to our normal deal.  I think the key is that Justin gets the reps because Ben is ready to play.  He knows what he’s doing.  That’s kind of the way we practiced today.  We’ll see where Ben is at on Saturday.”

Tate, a key cog in the Houston attack last year with 942 yards rushing, has only 117 yards in four games this year.  He’s averaging 3.9 yards per carry.