Brandon Boykin not sure what “candy bar” meant, doesn’t care

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Eagles cornerback Brandon Boykin didn’t really know what Steelers receiver Antonio Brown meant when he called him a “candy bar,” though he surmised it was not a compliment.

“It’s up to me to do what I got to do to make sure they don’t treat me like a candy bar, or whatever they said,” Boykin said, via Zach Berman of the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Brown got the ball rolling yesterday, when he made the unusual reference to Boykin being the weak link in the Eagles secondary.

“He’s given up a lot of plays,” Brown said Wednesday, via the Washington (Pa.) Observer-Reporter. “Whoever gets that guy definitely has to take advantage.”

But Boykin said his brother called him “fired up” this morning, informing him of the slight. To his credit, he did not respond by calling Brown a bag of Funyuns or anything.

That’s his opinion,” Boykin said. “That’s funny to me. We’re just going to continue doing what we’ve been doing as a secondary, and me as well.

“We’ll see on Sunday. The game’s on Sunday. There’s no point in rah-rahing in the media on Thursday. I’ll let my game do the talking.”

Boykin took the “any publicity’s good publicity” tack, saying it was good that he was playing enough to make other players notice him. But he said he wasn’t aware who Brown was until he started watching Steelers tape a few days ago.

“I don’t know too much about Antonio Brown,” Boykin said. “I just found out who he was this week. …

“It’s good he’s pointing me out and it’s not doing anything other than giving me a little more attention. I got to go out and do what I do. And if I do right, he’s actually helped me in a sense. So tell him I appreciate it.”

And if anyone can fill an old man in on when “candy bar” became a unit of trash talk, I’d appreciate that too.

30 responses to “Brandon Boykin not sure what “candy bar” meant, doesn’t care

  1. Classy, Brandon. Unlike the Steelers organization. Seriously Antonio Brown. You’ve never done a damn thing. Shut your mouth and play the game on Sunday. Eagles win by 2 TDs….

  2. “Snickers” isn’t a bad nickname Brandon.

    At least he didn’t call you “Toast” (Giant fans will remember Elvis “Toast” Patterson”).

    We’ve nicknamed our own weak links in the Burgh as well…Charred Scott, Burnt Alexander, Lame Duane Washington to name a few.

    Regardless BB, you will be tested by the Young Money Crew.

  3. Very good response Boykin. Take the high road and use it as motivation on Sunday. I hope Brown gets a dose of Boykin because if the 1st year rookie outplays him we will all sure have a great laugh on Sunday at the steelers expense.

  4. For sake of his own bravado, Brown leaked Steelers’ strategy to attack the ‘weak’ link in Philly DB. That is clueless blabbing for the coaches.

  5. Boykins doing fine for a rook.
    GD Namdi is the weak link in the back field now!!!
    how in the hell did people think he was the best CB in the league before last season!???!

  6. Can’t wait to watch the steelers get trounced. What will the excuses be when Troy, Harrison and Mendenhall are playing?

  7. Ps.. As Steeler fan… Shut up Brown… You have been a class act, just continue to talk with your performance..

    We know you are headed for greatness.. Just don’t be that guy please.

  8. Seriously, Danny Amendola, Eric Decker, Davone Bess, Lance Moore, and Greg Olsen are all having better years than Brown. He had one decent season and all of a sudden he’s Osi Umenyiora?

  9. Oooooohhhhh the irony.

    An Eagles fan saying someone hasn’t accomplished anything. How’s your Lombardi case doing?

  10. Never heard of Antonio Brown?? Ok…you will know who he is after this Sunday I promise. That being said, Antonio please shut your mouth and let your game do the talking. The last time a Steeler opened his mouth Brady lit you up and you were cut after the season.

  11. Boykin should embrace the candy bar reference. Look at how skittles worked out for Marshawn Lynch!

  12. I just don’t think the Eagles will take this game seriously enough. I’d be stunned if they won in Pittsburgh. I think they’ll look like the team in Arizona. Andy won’t be able to control himself and will call 60 pass plays.

  13. Some of you should actually read the Washington Observer article before you go off.

    The reporter was looking for a story…AB and Cotchery made reference to a rookie slot CB…no big deal.

    “Snickers” will only stick if Boykin struggles Sunday and continues to struggle after that.

    Nnamdi should get a nickname…a more expensive treat…maybe Haagen Daas!

  14. Boykin has done a great job so far this season. He is a rookie afterall and is only going to improve. Let them talk trash Boykin, it puts more pressure on them to back it up.

  15. Boykin just found out who Brown was this week? No wonder he gets burned so badly. He apparently doesn’t study the NFL much.

    I will be he knows a lot more about Brown by Sunday night.

  16. Lol @ steelers fans thinking brown is some kind of star household name. Sorry guys, 1 pro bowl does not make you a star. He isn’t all that, deal with it

  17. I’ll be at the game sunday. Wait til brown catches a td pass. I’m throwing a candy bar on the field! Gonna be awesome…probably a snickers!

  18. Look at all of you Steelers fans “if you didnt know who Antonio Brown is you will on Sunday”. Really? He’s no superstar thats for sure LOL look at N.A he has made the pro bowl more then once but nobody is calling him a stand out CB anymore. pro bowl means NOTHING. It’s what you are doing NOW in the present not what you did in the past.

  19. I loved watching Boykin while I was at UGA, was one of my favorite players. Cannot begin to tell you how disappointed I was that he ended up on the dog-killer’s team. Hopefully Vick will be crippled and out of the league soon, so I can go back to rooting for BB.

  20. Why are people surprised that he hasn’t heard of Antonio Brown?

    I’m a fantasy football nerd and I didn’t even know who Brown was until well into the season last year.

    Boykin has been focused on PLAYING football instead of watching it….he likely only knows about Brown now due to watching film this week to prepare.

  21. birdzflyinhigh said:
    Oct 4, 2012 3:16 PM
    Boykin should embrace the candy bar reference. Look at how skittles worked out for Marshawn Lynch!

    – – –

    Good point birdz. One may also recall how Tootsie Rolls worked out for Darrell Green — probably the fastest baller in NFL history and a Canton enshrinee.

  22. Good point all of you who said you dont know who brown is.. why would anyone know a pro bowler who was the 1st player in history to ever have a 1,000 yds receiving and a 1,000 in return yds in a single season! You dolts!!!!!

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