Chandler Jones wins NFL defensive rookie of the month

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Chandler Jones has made an immediate impact on the Patriots defense, and how he has some hardware to prove it.

Jones was named NFL defensive rookie of the month for September.

Jones has 17 tackles, three sacks and two forced fumbles in four games for the 2-2 Patriots, who are tied for first place.

The Patriots have been looking for consistent pass rush for several years, and it seems they’ve found a solid piece to build upon in Jones.

13 responses to “Chandler Jones wins NFL defensive rookie of the month

  1. He has played like a flat-out stud from moment one. Recall a number of pre-draft analysts who didn’t even believe he’d have an impact ’til 2013.
    Then there was Mayock, who a month prior to the draft insisted whoever took Chandler Jones would have “the best defensive player in this draft in a couple seasons.”
    Or maybe sooner, Mike.

  2. Man does that feel good to have a pass rushing rookie come thru. It has been a long time since the D was formidable and this draft class has made a huge impact.

  3. The lad is so gifted & with lots of upside. Had Ninkovic on the other end of the D line was good enough to stop QBs from scrambling on his end, CJ could have 2 or 3 more sacks.

  4. He’s played awfully well. Should have been Lavante David though. 33 tackles (28 solo) 6 tackles for a loss and has taken over defensive play calling. Every down linebacker.

  5. This was the obvious choice. He is making impact plays that have changed the course of games. Now he just needs to be consistent and avoid injury…..cough cough Mario Williams.

  6. Where are all the haters who love to comment on what poor drafts BB has had ? I also remember that he couldn’t succeed without Pioli that Pioli was the brains behind the draft? How’s that working out for Chiefs fans?

    Chandler Jones, Hightower and 2nd round pick Tavon Wilson 2 picks( big reach pundits said) all have had a major impact on this defense.

    This team is set up to continue to contend for many years as one of the youngest teams in the NFL.

  7. hehateme2 says: Oct 4, 2012 1:15 PM

    If he won with those numbers, the other rookies must not have shown up. Not impressed.

    Yeah I know, a rookie DE on pace for 68 tackles, 12 sacks, and 8 forced fumbles. Who would want that right?

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