Cowboys lacking home-field advantage


The Cowboys have a showplace of a stadium.

They just don’t have a home-field advantage.

The Cowboys are a meager 14-12 in Cowboys Stadium since it opened in 2009, and the Bears felt particularly at home Monday.

“Big ups to all the Chicago fans in Dallas. Felt like a home game,” Bears wide receiver Brandon Marshall tweeted (via the Dallas Morning News).

“Cowboys Stadium felt like Soldier Field with all the Bear fans,” teammate Charles Tillman added.

Their .538 winning percentage in their opulent palace is well off what they had at the old Texas Stadium (213-100, .681).

Defensive end Jason Hatcher tried to be diplomatic recently when asked about the noise level.

“No comment,” Hatcher said. “I got to tell the truth, but no comment.”

“We just have to go out there and play football,” he added. “Whether they’re loud or not, whether we have a 12 man or not, it doesn’t mean nothing. We just have to go out there and play Cowboy football. Whether you come in there and you can hear a cricket farting, we just got to go in there and do what we got to do.”

Of course, when the cricket is more entertaining than the Cowboys offense, there’s not going to be much reason to cheer.

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  1. Lets be real, the amount of money it has to cost to get season tickets in that stadium likely makes most of the crowd rich folk looking to be seen rather than actual die hards cheering the Boys. Jerry couldn’t could less though, he’s making money hand over fist.

    Also, the gargantuan nature of the stadium makes it difficult to get very loud. Its like the anti-Seahawks stadium, not designed to keep noise in.

  2. Rg3 is defined incompetent and the measuring stick for all else trying to not be as bad. No Redskin weighs an ounce on the scale of glory. Fear not Cowboys fans! Rg3 will be there shortly to start the expectations on your glorious season. The Redskins suck!!!!!!! You’ve been warned!!!!!!!

  3. Owners need to realize that the price point for being a season ticket holder is through the roof. It’s just not a wise investment of our entertainment dollars anymore. With the advent of online ticket agencies it’s easier to just purchase a single game ticket when your team comes to a local stadium. This is not just a problem for Dallas but league wide. Greed is going to kill the golden goose eventually.

  4. I agree that there is not much to cheer about but on Offense your only suppose to cheer during or after the play. For pre-snap on defense you cant even hear the crowd which is really pathetic by the fans. I’ve been a Cowboys fan all my life and I when they show the crowd after a big play most of them are sitting. You would never see that in places like Baltimore or Seattle. Just pathetic…

  5. 95% of Cowboy fans in Texas believe they are “owed” something from the team. That the team must do for them first so they sit back and act like they are watching an event and not a football game. I remember coming down there my first time for a game at old texas stadium and me and my buddy going crazy being loud, screaming for the team and a fan next to us says “shhhh” wtf??? we lit into his a$$! i look at the games on tv and shake my got d@mn head at the fans.

  6. Cowboys are lucky they were not booed out of the place. Fans can only keep cheering so long through so much bad football.

  7. As far as visiting fans are concerned, what did they expect? When you build a spectacle of a stadium like that, it immediately becomes a destination. When a fan of a visiting team picks up that schedule in April and looks to plan a trip, Dallas is going to be at the top of the list, at least for a few years. People want to experience Jerry world.

  8. “Their .538 winning percentage in their opulent palace is well off what they had at the old Texas Stadium (213-100, .681).”

    That statistic is meaningless without comparing it to the team’s record on the road during the same periods. Most of the reason the the Cowboys don’t have as good a record in their new stadium is, to put it bluntly, they aren’t as good a team now as they were most of the time they were in Texas Stadium.

  9. I live 15 minutes away from the stadium. Been there twice. I don’t like it, too flashy. Like George Strait in Pure Country when he has smoke and fireworks on stage, then goes back to his roots. I miss Texas Stadium.

  10. Bot Jerry’s Palace was supposed to guarantee winning all home games. Just a waste for a poor team.

  11. I go to 6 cowboy games a year. 3 in dallas and 3 on the road. It’s a lot more fun to go on the road and be a fan where there is actually a football atmosphere. Monday night was embarrassing. The bears fans ran that stadium. It’s a nice place except to play football in.

  12. Jenny Jones put a Victoria Secret shop in a man’s arena.
    Anyway, that photo speaks enormous words. The ad did state if you was bored you can go to Victoria Secret to get your shop on.
    I wonder how many Cowgirl fans was in the store on Monday night.

  13. I think home field advantage is one of the most overrated concepts in sports. I think it’s a marketing concept designed to get people to pay money to go to games. But, in reality there’s only minumal effects fans can have on the outcome of a game. For example in the glory days of the cowboys ie: Roger’s or Troy’s Cowboys they would be anyone anywhere. As a Saints fan I can attest to countless Sundays the dome was packed only to see the Saints lose. Now, last year the went unbeaten. I don ‘t think the dome was louder then it was ten or fifteen years ago. I just think the team was better. The reason the new stadium isn’t providing a home field advantage is because the home team playing of the field just isn’t that good.

  14. I couldn’t believe how many Bears fans were at the stadium. Every time the bears made a big play, there were loud cheers. I kept thinking I missed something on the play (like maybe it was actually the Cowboys that made a big play). Then, as the cameras panned the stadium, you see a bunch of Bears jerseys. Pretty cool turnout for the Bears.

  15. The huge three ring circus atmosphere has way too many distractions for fans. Bars, girls dancing on poles Fans are watching the game on the big TV. Who pays that kind of money to watch a game on the TV?

    Home field advantage lost thanks to Jerry and hig big stadium and big ego.

  16. It was the same thing at BofA stadium in Charlotte a few weeks ago. The amount of Giants fans at that game was staggering. I felt like I was at a home game. When the Panthers were introduced the crowd went nuts and was loud. But the noise from the Giants fans in the crowd were about equal to that. It probably was 50-50 split between Giants and Panthers fans, which was very surprising. I know Charlotte is a melting pot, but it was still more than I expected.

    Unfortunately, Cowboys fans don’t have a lot to be excited about lately. So the fact that Jerryville was mostly full of Bears fans doesn’t surprise me in the least.

  17. I have been a Cowboys fan since ’76 and the trend of quiet fans have been going on for decades. For some reason in fan noise in both Texas Stadiums have been lacking. I think the problem with the new stadium is the attitude and activities. The Cowboys players walk through an open gateway pass the fans (no intensity – like Garrett), the stripper poles and dancers (which is cool, in another setting), a Victoria’s Secret shop in the stadium (again cool, but this is football), and the rest of the stuff that should not be part of a true, hardcore football experience. The stadium is an architectural masterpiece and an amazing feat, but they could have done the same thing with a hardcore football attitude and gain home-field advantage (like Death Valley – Clemson in the old days, the Coliseum in Oakland, CenturyLink Field in Seattle, etc)

  18. When teams do not establish a winning atmosphere in their home stadium fans will not pay to play. When the visitors come from a fan base used to winning they will travel and pay for the chance to see their team play. Some fans from Pittsburgh, Chicago, Philly, NE, NY and Denver will overwhelm the home crowd. Ask the Tenn., Miami, Tampa fans how it feels. Not good.

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