David DeCastro feeling no pain in his knee


The Steelers lost guard David DeCastro for at least the first eight weeks of the season when they put him on the injured reserve/recall list after he injured his knee in the preseason.

DeCastro can start practicing after six weeks, the exact date is Oct. 19, and it looks like he might not be too far off from being able to do that once that date rolls around. Members of the Steelers say that DeCastro has impressed them with his diligent rehab and classroom work since he went down with a torn MCL and dislocated kneecap in a preseason game against the Bills.

“I don’t have any pain, so I’m just working hard to try to get back,” DeCastro said, via Mark Kaboly of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.

DeCastro was expected to be the team’s starting right guard this season and its not clear if he’ll be able to step into that role upon his return to active duty later this season. He certainly has more going for him than Ramon Foster, but getting such a late start could hinder his ability to jump right into the middle of an NFL season. Of course, there could be injuries or other factors forcing the Steelers hand at offensive line at that point, so having a healthy DeCastro is only going to be a good thing for Pittsburgh whenever it comes to pass.

DeCastro hasn’t started running yet, so forecasting a return date is a bit premature at present. As long as his return comes with enough time left in the season, his ability to stay mentally connected should help him fill whatever role the team has in mind for him.

18 responses to “David DeCastro feeling no pain in his knee

  1. Right now the Steelers are displaying the same garbage o-line and d-line play they did last year, in addition to the two horrendous performances turned in by the wanna-be NFL’er named Ryan Mondy.

  2. This guy’s gonna be around for a long time. Stanford alums are smart . . . he belongs in the Burgh . . . surrounded by fans who are cerebral about the game.

  3. I had the exact injury on Aug 1. It stinks. I mean really stinks. Granted I’m not a football player, but I’m amazed if he can run by Oct 19. I would also be amazed if his knee will immediately hold up to the pressures on the line. I’d expect his lateral movement to be very limited going toward the knee that was injured.

    I wouldn’t label him a bust until he really has a chance to heal.

  4. Given the Steelers recent history they will use any healthy o liners they have avail. Given recent history we should all know they can still win it all without an oline. Even you ravens trolls deep down know Ngata and Suggs couldnt get it done against a bunch of backups. If only Ozzie drafted Tebow, the Ravens might be able to beat us in the playoffs.

  5. I can’t believe somebody whose name starts with “Nofool….” doesn’t know who Geno Atkins is. Atkins has been beasting for some time now. Get with the program.

    And I’m a Steeler fan – so this has no homer factor in play.

  6. Hello Geno Atkins you know DT from the Bengals that’s better than any D-linemen the Steelers have. I laugh at cerebral fans comment. Hope he does come back and have a good career though.

  7. To the banker, having a sense of humor is not usually associated with those in your profession. Lighten up have some fun and try to improve the image people have about bankers… Dull, heartless , cold and dishonest. Smile and enjoy the moment rather than calculating everything’s meaning. You have a nice day !

  8. Nofool,

    I work bankers’ hours — 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. with a two hour lunch break between 11:30 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. Every day is a nice day!

  9. andrewproughcfe says: Oct 4, 2012 7:09 PM

    Right now the Steelers are displaying the same garbage o-line and d-line play they did last year,

    um u need help man..that O-Line is doing a better job than last year..who are you kidding?bens sacks are down for one.and the O-line cant control the lack of running support being the backs they got in there are not starting runnin g backs..chances are you do not watch the steelers every week.and anyone who says decastro is a bust needs even more help than this clown whop said the O-line is garbage.Decastro is gonna be an all pro take that to the bank people..

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