Donte Whitner suggests players aren’t the problem with Bills

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49ers safety Donte Whitner will face off against his former team this weekend when the Bills head to San Francisco for a Saturday afternoon matchup.

Whitner doesn’t have the fondest memories of his time in Buffalo. During the playoffs last season, Whitner was asked about the differences between 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh and Bills coach Chan Gailey and he said that the biggest one was that Gailey used to publicly blame players when things were going badly in order to keep the heat off of himself.

With the Bills heading to town, Whitner was asked again about his thoughts about his former team. He made it clear that he thinks Gailey and the rest of the coaching staff are falling short when it comes to putting Bills players in position to succeed.

“You never go out there and feel like you’re in control of the football games and I think that comes from coaching,” Whitner said, via Eric Branch of the San Francisco Chonicle. “I think that comes from upstairs and I think that comes from just getting the right players in place. A lot of times when I was there, we struggled a lot. We wanted to win football games. We went out there and did everything they asked us to do and it didn’t happen.”

It’s happened for Whitner since coming the 49ers, which could say something about the Gailey/Harbaugh comparison or it could be a result of the talent disparity on the two rosters. Whatever the reason, it sounds like Whitner’s found what he’s looking for in San Francisco and that the visit from former teammates won’t make him wish he could shuffle back to Buffalo.

29 responses to “Donte Whitner suggests players aren’t the problem with Bills

  1. Donte, it’s not Chan Galley’s fault you can’t cover tight ends or create a turnover if your life depended upon it. You couldn’t do it for Dick Jauron, either.

  2. Whitner is one of the best safties in football… at tackling players already in the end zone.

    On the surface it looks like he is good with the 49ers, but he is the same player he was with the Bills. Extremely average, loves to talk, few game changing plays. The 49ers defense is able to make him look better because their depth at all positions is way better. Bills have very poor LB play, 49ers have the best one in the game.

  3. Whitner is a lot better with great players around him. But if he has to be one of your go to guys on defense and get interceptions and cover a good tight end, then you are in DEEP TROUBLE.

  4. m aseasoticket holder for 20+ years… only memory of a good play from donte _hitner was when he tackle the raiders WR 7 yrd deep in the endzone…..over.rated.

  5. He’s right. The truth hurts some times but Chan Gailey is not a very good NFL head coach.

    To make this a Donte Whitner hate thread is ridiculous. He is a good player who happens to play on a great defense…cut the man some slack for speaking his mind.

  6. Doesn’t Whitner know that you should NEVER burn bridges in this league? That Gailey or someone on his staff that Whitner just slammed might be in a position one day to give him a job, but might not do it because of his actions? STUPID comments.

  7. It was Donte Whitner that destroyed the Saints RB last year in the playoffs short of the goalline, causing a fumble that the Niners recovered. He may not be good in covering TEs, but he doesn’t need to be. Willis and Bowman take care of that. He’s a great fit in the 49ers physical defense.

  8. Safeties shouldn’t be covering Tight Ends or Receivers in man/press coverage unless the Defense is in Dime Pack with 3 Safeties on the field. Figures Buffalo fans would be booty hurt over Whitners comments.

    What is Gailey’s coaching record in the NFL?

    We know Harbaugh has it beat by a few hundredths of a percent. Gailey has never been a great coach. He’s a good Coordinator who does a reasonable job as a Head Coach, but he doesn’t put his players in a place to Win the game. Harbaugh clearly does that. I don’t know why Bills fans feel the need to insult Whitner for voicing his own opinion. If we insulted you in a bar for voicing yours you’d want to kick someones teeth in over it.

    Y’all Buffalo peeps need ta chill with your comments. What did Whitner say that wasn’t true. He no longer plays for your team so bringing his time in Buffalo into the debate just shows that you don’t have anything. Was he right or was he wrong? Since his statement was based on HIS experience there, I think that he’s right.

  9. I agree. You guys are haitin cus he didn’t want to play on ur team and now he found a team he loves that’s perfect for both him and the team.

  10. Bills fans aren’t just sour at Whitner because of his lack of playmaking ability, it’s also the fact that after he left Buffalo he took to twitter and ripped the organization, the city and individually insulted his former “fans”. Dude is immature.

  11. it’s not about Whitner. The question should be, If Bill Belichick were coaching the Bills would they be 2 and 2? So, if better then the Bills coaches could be doing a better job.

  12. It’s understandable if Bills fans say something. It’s natural. All I know is that Whitner appears to be a perfect fit with the defense he’s playing in now. He and Goldston in the secondary are probably the two hardest hitting safeties in the game. I don’t know what he did in Buffalo but I’m sure glad he’s on our team now.


  13. The 49ers were terrible before Harbaugh got there. Alex Smith was terrible, their record was terrible. The only impact player that they have added was Aldon Smith last year…how can it NOT be coaching?

    Look at the Saints this year without Sean Payton. Sorry Buffalo, but Donte is 100% dead on.

  14. Donte played under DC’s Perry Fewell and George Edwards while in Buffalo. I don’t hear much complaining about Perry from New York, so maybe his comments reflect his time under Edwards?

  15. The right way to trash your former team is not through the media. It is when you are returning a pick six down the opponents sideline, Deion style.

  16. His production in Buffalo was a direct result of what he was asked to do. Mario Williams didn’t seem to have a problem with the Texans, now he does. Coincidence? You can blame the player all you want, but if you’re not being utilized to your strengths, and not being put in a position to succeed, you’re only going to get so far. If you had Jimmy Graham and asked him to block, he wouldn’t be making nearly an impact as going out on a route.

  17. He had the same issues with Jauron that he did with Gailey. I’m glad that SF likes their player….but Buffalo fans have every right to question his opinion. I think he looks better because he’s on a better team. He did not enhance the Bills roster while he was here, but I’m glad he’s doing well in SF (I just hope he plays like he used to this Sunday against the Bills).

  18. I’m starting to agree with Whitner on this one. Buffalo has had talent on its team every year, yet every year they fail to accomplish anything.

    Bufflo has been struggling to find a competent coach and QB since the early 90s.

  19. Why go at your former team before you play them? That will give them EXTRA incentive to go right at you from play one – and Scott Chandler is a superb endzone threat . That being said, Whitner did deliver a game changing blow on Pierre Thomas, and looks a lot better with talent around him, although George Wilson is one of the better underrated safeties in that Bill secondary.

    It’ll be interesting if the Bills begin to go at the Niners with added incentive. I have a feeling they will have to to even stay in that game.

  20. Hey Guys, give Whitner some slack, he is at least speaking his mind for a team he has been with for some time. I think he knows what he’s talking about.. The Bills have been a group of teams over the last couple decades that really haven’t done anything to get over the slump they are in except for trying to think they know what is better for the team(like keeping a few players for show) and haven’t even thought about getting the one thing you definely need and that is a First Round Quarterback and get rid of the bottom dwellers that are bringing the Bills down every year! Quit paying for show and start producing with talent.

  21. Just because the messenger is an idiot, does not mean the message is not valid. Gailey and Wannstedt’s job is to to turn great individuals into greater than the sum of their parts, or what’s their point. I never believed the play-off hype but even my prediction of 8-8 is not looking so solid as I imagine we’ll be 2-4 in a few weeks. Time to step up or move on.

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