Gregg Williams will attend Rams-Cardinals game


Sean Payton, Mickey Loomis and Joe Vitt aren’t going to be the only notable names in attendance at an NFL game this week.

Gregg Williams is going to be in attendance at another Rams game on Thursday night. The NFL confirmed to PFT that Williams will be in the stands as the team he was planning to work for this season takes on the Cardinals to kick off the fifth week of the regular season. It’s the second straight game that Williams, whose son Blake is the Rams’ linebackers coach, will attend in person.

As part of his punishment from the league, we know that Williams will not be permitted to interact with players or team officials during the game. What remains less clear is whether or not he has to ask permission from the league every time he wants to sit in the stands for a game.

The league and the Rams maintain that he has been suspended indefinitely from the league and, as a result, needs to get the go-ahead from the NFL before he can walk through the turnstiles. When Williams attended last week’s win over the Seahawks, the league said that permission was granted for that game, but they’ve only said that they are aware he will be in attendance this time. Adam Schefter of ESPN reported earlier this week that Williams has been banned, as opposed to suspended, which means that he does not need to ask permission from the league to attend a game if he is sitting in the stands.

Either way, the close connection of Williams’ affidavit in the bounty case and his return to NFL stadiums is sure to keep eyebrows raised.

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  1. Can Rae Carruth begin to attend games if he is willing to sign an affadavit against Vilma? Probably so…

  2. the NFL is like a lousy parent that grounds a kid for a week on Sunday…. then lets them do a little more every day until they are robbing a 7-11 on Wed!

    I wonder if they gave Williams a gift card for the concession stand….

    punishment should mean they actually do it.

  3. punishment should mean they actually do it.

    love how people act like his pre-game speech @ the niners was the first time any coach has side anything like that..

    funny how the NFL has no actual evidence of a bounty, just hearsay

  4. It’s simple. Give Godell what he wants and he’ll throw you a bone.

    Stand in defiance of the iron fist and you get the shaft.


  5. Let me make this perfectly clear from the start. I’m a life long Saints fan and will always be. With that being said I’m confused and troubled by what has transpired the last few weeks with all of this. When it was disclosed that Greg Williams sighed a document swearing that JV offer the 10,000 dallors that was game, set and match for me. I was prepared to move on. Now, I see that Greg williams is being allowed to attend games is second game in a row. And, JV, ML, SP are all going to be at the Saints game. It makes me wonder if we will see them all back this year. If so this as been the greatest waste of time in the history of the league. Let me also say this I think John Vilma owes all of the Saints fan an aplogy for continuing his farse when he knew full well he was guilty. Whatever happens I’m at the point where I’m tired of hearing anything about the mess.

  6. hor2012,
    Interesting, you say you are life long Saints fan yet you spell Gregg Williams’ name wrong.

    You think Vilma owes the Saints fans an apology? How about Goodell owing the fans an apology instead? The federal courts see this as a disaster. The league rolled on its “protected” witness, so now it might as well release all of the so called proof, now that they don’t have to protect him anymore.

    Let the league share its info and let the media debunk it, just like it has with every other piece of garbage “proof” the league has so far.

  7. I think he probably got a raw deal (although if he flipped his own players to save himself he deserves everything he gets and more) but I’ve always believed he was overrated. When Brees was even a little off, the Saints lost and he couldn’t even keep my mediocre 49ers in check when it truly mattered.

    Still though, weird that he gets a year or more when the Giants said virtually the same thing going against SF (arguably worse) and got nothing.

  8. Why does anyone care if he is allowed to go to a game and sit in the stands?

    The reason this is made public is so he can enter the game without being thrown out by security or maybe it will prevent some fans from making a big deal about him being at the game.

    If he was going to be standing on the sidelines and speaking with players or coaches it would be different, but he is no more involved/part of the NFL than anyone sitting in the nose-bleed section.

  9. So, I would guess, players, you know, who are banned for substance abuse, could ask to sit in the stands during their suspentions? It would only be fair now, this is the second week for the coaches now. It is a joke of a punishment…. The reason why both sides of this debate should just move on. It has not really affected any team yet. You could argue the Saints, but the system of coaching is in place, doesn’t matter for one year. Just let them all play, the punishment is a vaction for the people suspended.

  10. jackers252
    I didn’t realize that I spelled Gregg williams name wrong but it didn’t look correct when I spelled it thanks. For the second part of your statement I’ve been a Saints fan sense I can remember. I still remeber watching at Tulane Stadium when OJ simpson played for the bills the year he rushed for over 2000 yards. I was also there when Atlanta beat us 62 to 7 again at Tulane Stadium. Now I’m sorry you seemed to think because I choose not to carry this debate on concerning rather there was a bounty in place or not makes me less than you are as it relates to being a Saints fan, but the fact remains that this doesn’t make sense to have these coaches and gm at games when they were supposedly suspended for the year. I didn’t mean to suggest that Roger was right. I believe that he went overboard. But, I still stand by the fact that this is getting old.

  11. If one is banned (as opposed to being suspended) one is no longer an employee of the NFL or the Saints. As such, they have no jurisdiction over a banned person’s actions. He can go to whatever game he likes to so long as he can attain a ticket.

    On the other hand, if he has any intention of returning to the NFL (if it is even possible), it would be smart of him go through the proper channels to see if his attendance is an affront to the NFL.

  12. Many of you are faulting the NFL for allowing Williams to attend tonight’s game. Curious if you all have the same outrage and disgust now that Payton is attending this Sunday’s game?

  13. cags777

    This is the second week in a row Williams is going to a game. Sean Payton wasn’t even allowed to watch the hall of fame game. The only reason Payton, Loomis, and Vitt, can go is because Drew Brees is on the verge of a record and Drew Brees personally asked goodell. It would look extremely bad if he says no and Williams got to go last week. Also, Williams is just going to games with no special reason. He son is the new Defensive Coordinator at the Rams. They can talk anytime they want, while Sean Payton has to tell the NFL is he sees someone associated with the league at a restaurant. Do you not see something wrong with that?

  14. Mixed emotions. I have never worked for a company that told me who I could or could not talk to. The NFL shouldn’t have that power or the power to say who may attend their games. That said, they should enforce their rules evenly especially where this guy is concerned. His audio tape may cost the league billions down the road.

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