Kolb starts Thursday, but Skelton is close to being ready


It wasn’t much of a choice for the Cardinals to tab Kevin Kolb as their starting quarterback for the fourth straight game on Thursday night against the Rams.

Mike Florio reports that John Skelton’s sprained ankle has not healed enough for him to get back onto the field for game action yet, leaving Kolb as the unquestioned man to lead the offense in search of its fifth straight win. According to Florio, Skelton is very close to being ready, however, and that will force Cardinals coach Ken Whisenhunt to name a starter based on criteria other than who’s the healthiest.

Whisenhunt addressed that during an interview on The Dan Patrick Show and didn’t give any idea about who he would choose to be the starting quarterback once Skelton is healthy enough to be a consideration. He did say that he’s not a subscriber to the theory of players being unable to lose their starting jobs because of injuries.

“I don’t know about that policy. I hear people talking about that all the time. I think what we’ve always done is we base our decisions on what player gives us the best chance to win,” Whisenhunt said, via SportsRadioInterviews.com “I think we’ve been pretty consistent with that. And I guess, over the last 13 games, it’s worked out pretty well for us.”

There’s no real reason for Whisenhunt to paint himself into a corner in terms of a starting quarterback at this point. If Kolb should have a disaster in St. Louis on Thursday, then it’s easy to go back to Skelton if so desired because there’s never been any promise in terms of which player is in the lineup.

If Kolb and the Cardinals win again, though, we’d expect to see him remain under center against the Bills in 10 days. Benching a quarterback off of five straight wins isn’t something that happens all that often and Skelton was hardly established enough to say that the team’s play with Kolb shouldn’t allow the status quo to remain in place.

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  1. Kolb lost his starting job while he was injured in Philly. Don’t see the problem with him taking over a starting job in a similar circumstance.

  2. If they win tonight, there is no way Whiz benches a 5-0 quarterback. He’s not that stupid.

  3. Dont know how this is even up for debate. Kolb stays as long as he is winning or playing well. Skelton has been shaky at best, and wildly inconsistent to boot.
    Kolb seems to finally be showing the promise he showed in Philly.

  4. pretty sure not even the packers-seahawks hail mary ref would be dumb enough to take out your starting quarterback if you just went 4-0, no coach ken isn’t going to make the switch until kolb starts really struggling, not when kolb is blasting his personal records.

  5. Imagine in the Patriots had gone back to Bledsoe in ’01?

    Kolb is no Brady, (even though he beat him fair and square), but Wisenhunt would be wise to stick to stick with him while his team is rolling.

    Call it superstitious, but if it ain’t broke don’t fix it!

  6. Kolb should be used to this. As a refresher, he lost his starting role when he went down in Philly and Vick took his spot.

    You see, it’s like a circle…

  7. Of course its a no brainer, theyre still winning. Lose this week and i bet skeltons ankle gets a lot better during the next 10 days.

  8. We’re not talking about Manning and Painter here. Why on earth would Skelton automatically get the starting job back, especially if the team is winning.

  9. John Skelton is not an NFL quarterback. His completion % is nauseating & he throws picks like Jerome Simpson sells reefer. Whisenhunt should quit playing games.

  10. Not a big Kolb fan, nor am I a Cardinals fan. But Kolb should start, period. If you put in Skelton, all you’re going to do is anger Larry Fitzgerald. I’m still amazed that he’s wearing a Cardinals uniform in 2012- especially since the last real quarterback he played with retired in at the end of the 2009 season.

  11. If Wizzie hands over the starting QB job, he might as well hand over his own job.

    That decision would be among the all-time blunders of all time.

  12. So the great majority of the posting “experts” voice their opinions that Kolb is now solely responsible for the Cards winning streak to 4-0? Guess these geniuses cannot understand that the Cards Defense and Special Teamers had anything to do with these wins, but then hypocritically argue the Defense and Special Teamers were responsible for the Cards finishing last season at 5-2 when Skelton started and finished those games to bring the team back from a 3-6 record. While Kolb had an excellent game against the Philly defense that he was extremely familiar with, Kolb as played very iffy against the Pats and Miami. Granted he had the one good series at the end of the Seahawks game, but his overall performances to date do not make any compelling reasons to keep starting him over Skelton who can execute more of the Cards passing playbook. Of course our resident experts simply cannot be bothered with such complex facts.

  13. Not a big Kolb fan, nor am I a Cardinals fan. But Kolb should start, period.
    Me neither, and I agree of course for now- as someone else said it’s a no-brainer. But the more challenging question is, what does Coach Whisenhunt do if Kolb regresses and has a terrible game?

    Then it’s a much more interesting issue because the HC has to make the decision as to which QB really gives them the better chance of winning- the guy with the it factor, or the guy who was paid the big bucks.

  14. Um, yeah, truths4all, not one single person said Kolb was “solely” responsible for the winning streak.

    All anyone has said is that you don’t bench a 5-0 QB.

    I think it’s telling that you consider simple statistics to be “complex facts”.

  15. “players don’t lose their job to injury” must be one of those dumb “unspoken” rules made up by injured players.

  16. The Cardinals should win tonight, which will make them 5-0. Conventional wisdom is you stick with the horse who got you here when you’re undefeated. I’d keep Kolb as the starter.

    Am I too late for the Red Skelton jokes? He’s a Cardinal, so that name should be sticking … you’d think.

  17. let met look at it this way,you gave up a 2nd pick and one of your better corner to get a guy you thought would be your #1 qb.then you got that guy who was losing the opening game got injured the other one(that you traded for) get in and you win all of your first 4 games.Now you want to get back to that 5th or 6th round pick QB? Yeah it makes a lot of sense to even bring that up

    now i know why AZ are one of the laughing stock of the NFL

  18. And if they lose tonight(which i think they do),they go back to Skelton and then if he loses too you’re all messed up for the rest of the season.Prediction: by the beginning of week 8 they will have changed twice their starting QB

  19. Cards o line had been suspect since day one and Kolb is running for dear life…at least they got Skelton fresh ready to step in so he can get sack as well.

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