Mark Sanchez unthreatened by prospect of losing his job

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One of the first things Jets coach Rex Ryan did in the wake of Sunday’s 34-0 pounding at the hands of the 49ers was to reaffirm his commitment to Mark Sanchez as the team’s starting quarterback.

Ryan’s unwavering support of his quarterback after a 10-of-29, 103 yard performance in spite of the presence of Tim Tebow seems to have buoyed Sanchez’s confidence in his grasp on the job. He said that having Tebow on the roster, with or without the support of the owner, isn’t causing him any more sleepless nights than Kellen Clemens or Mark Brunell did in past seasons.

“I don’t feel threatened to lose my job at all anyway,” Sanchez said, via Mike Vorkunov of the Newark Star-Ledger. “It’s no different whether it’s Tim, or Brunell or Kellen. It doesn’t change. I really don’t worry about it.”

Sanchez may or may not be proven right about the lack of a threat to his job, but he’s definitely right about the fact that things haven’t changed at the position for the Jets. Not for the better, anyway. Sanchez hasn’t shown much sign that he’s a markedly different quarterback than he was at any other point in his three seasons, which is a big part of the reason why the Jets have spent a fair amount of time this week swatting away questions about when or if they will make a quarterback change.

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  1. “Sanchez hasn’t shown much sign that he’s a markedly different quarterback than he was at any other point in his three seasons, ”


    I disagree. He looks worse.

  2. Not a fan of the Jets in general or Sanchez in particular, but their offense without Holmes has such little talent that I doubt any QB would do well.

  3. And here in lies the problem. Sanchez does not worry about it, and he definitely plays that way.
    You brought Tebow in for a reason, now would be the time to show it.

  4. The media wants him out so Tebow can play and they can write MORE stories about Tebow. Tebow, Tebow, Tebow, thats what sells newspapers, oh wait, noone reads newspapers anymore. Im sure Jets coach/foot worshipper Rex Ryan wont do anything to draw more attention to his players and away from him as he really really likes to read about himself in the news because good grief every other sports related article is about what Rex Ryan has to say!

    Like we care.

  5. Well Sanchez better start feeling threatened. I know he doesn’t have much to work with at the wide receiver position or at running back but the mental mistakes like holding onto the ball in the pocket and throwing a 98 mph fastball for a screen NEED TO STOP. Still sticking with Sanchez for now, but those mistakes must be fixed.

  6. Either he’s been threatened before and didn’t care or he’s just to comfortable. He has no desire to help the team win. Time for the Jets to move on. Tebow or not.

  7. he’s not worried cause the idiot gm signed him to an the loudmouth coach will back his inept qb as the season goes down the toilet. couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch. hope the texans put a 50burger on that clown show in jersey.

  8. Because he has already been guaranteed all of the money he will ever make in the NFL. Great job Jets.

  9. The latest USC—- QB’s stink.
    Pat Haden played 5 years as a NFL QB. Did better then these latest losers

  10. For the love of pete!
    When will this end?
    Tebow shouldn’t start this week, he should have FINISHED last week. It’s called change of pace…..
    If he had finished out last week, the jets would have had an instant new look, plus this weeks opponent would have to game plan for him, only to have sanchez start.


  11. Tebow can’t pass very well, but what difference does that make? The Jets don’t have anyone who can catch. Turn him loose with the option and see what happens.

    As it stands now, they are the most hopeless tied-for-first team ever.

  12. the 2012 version of Sanchez is still putting up nearly double the yards and TDs that Tebow did as a starter last year…

    and if you didn’t notice, the Jets D isn’t exactly keeping the games close….

    be careful what you wish for Jet fans and Tebow groupies…. you might get it…

    ‘it’ being a top 3 draft pick…..

  13. gopats23 says:Oct 4, 2012 7:11 PM

    This is sooo much fun to watch

    You can ask Belichick for some ,”during the pre-game” tapes.
    And for the one who said “who cares”? You care enough to reply to anything Jets.
    Obsessesion is a sad thing to be in.

  14. Why should he care he’s one of the last of the pre-rookie wage scale lottery winners. 50 mil / 28 guaranteed but he’ll play that contract all the way out.

    Unless he’s been a total idiot and blown it all already he’s set for life. If he gets set to the bench or cut it doesn’t matter to him.

  15. This was the same guy who said not to hit the “Panic Button” enroute to an 8-8 season, right?

  16. I hear that the team is getting ready to put Tebow in pretty soon. I know it’s true because they just ordered a new hot dog cart for the sidelines.

  17. The Jets are like a train wreck. You don’t want to watch….but you can’t look away.

    Honestly, I would have both the coach and the team stop talking to the media. There is a feeding frenzy by the press and every time a Jet opens their mouth, it backfires on them.

    As a Phins fan, I couldn’t be happier.

  18. Start Tebow? OMG… people really don’t watch much football, do you? Sanchez is doing lousy, but did you watch any of Timmy’s last 6 games in Denver? Beyond lousy……

    Let me guess, you are the ones at a football party that makes the rest of us say “Hey dude, do you mind? We’re trying to watch a FOOTBALL game here!”

  19. Not a tebow fan at all but might as well start him. Sanchez has proven time and time again that he’s not a great qb. And to the person who said that he has no help at we, who do the fins have at wr? It’s the qb’s duty to find someone open. Glad all is imploding on the jets! Too much bravado is dangerous!!

  20. He might want to get benched rather than take a weekly ass kicking. He gets the big obey, and if the Jets dump him, he’ll get picked up for nice money in a NY minute. It extends his football, and physical life. He’s not stupid, he may have read the writing on the wall and said forget this.

  21. It seems to me right about this time last season the yearning masses were howling for Tim Tebow – the chants could be heard all the way down the Front Range to Colorado Springs.

    They started him – he won a few games and got ’em into the playoffs. After a well-deserved beatdown by the Patriots, we fortunate ones in Denver never heard his name again. Well, at least not until they sent him off to New York.

    Now he resides in a city not far removed from Hades (that shot was more to describe the ravenous media there) and plays for something that resembles a football team. Same situation – well, at least eerily similar. I honestly doubt he makes it.

  22. “the 2012 version of Sanchez is still putting up nearly double the yards and TDs that Tebow did as a starter last year… ”
    Huh? You better check your facts, darling…

  23. Sanchez not being worried about losing his job is one of problems. Even an average QB can have success if they put forth the effort…if they have a burning desire to be the best, they get to practice early and stay late. They become students of the game…using their brain to compensate for any physical shortcomings.
    But some players are satisfied with just making it to the NFL and cashing their paychecks. Its the Jets’ fault for allowing Sanchez to skate by with a sense of entitlement. And the Jets were idiots for bringing in Tim Tebow… possibly the one QB with a worse arm than Sanchez. They’ll start Tebow at some point this season, hoping he’ll provide a spark like he did in Denver. But it won’t happen, because there’s no talent on the offense. Does anyone really think Greene will be any more effective running in the option offense? What about the offensive line? And the defense isn’t good enough to keep games close. So, the Jets are pretty much screwed this season.

  24. not Sanchez’s fault, fire the GM, the guy hasn’t had a secure O line in 2 years, hasn’t had the same receiving core ever, the only receiver he really had a repore with Edwards was let go, Sanchez is getting leveled on over half his snaps, Green sucks,really no running game at all, and no didn’t forget about Keller they just use him for the first 3 or 4 games then it seems they rt him off for some reason, the Jets are easy to beat,crowd the box and blitz, Sanchez has no protection, Wayne Hunter is gone for Howard which is alittle better I guess, still seems the rt side is a free for all, goodnight I am tired and can’t handle this debacle

  25. helix828 says:
    Oct 4, 2012 7:45 PM
    With the lack of any real backup on the roster, I wouldn’t be too worried either if I were Sanchez.


    What do you mean lack of backup QB’s. The Jets have nothing but. It’s a STARTING QB they need. At least Tebow is a leader. Can’t do any worse.

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