Packers rule Greg Jennings out for Week Five


It was pretty easy to predict that the Packers were going to try to beat the Colts this weekend without wide receiver Greg Jennings after Jennings aggravated his groin injury against the Saints, but we thought we’d have to wait until Friday for them to make the news official.

It seems that calling replacement referees who played a hand in a call that sent his team to a loss isn’t the only way that Packers coach Mike McCarthy shows that he’s thoughtful, however. McCarthy announced Thursday that Jennings is out of the lineup, which means that the Colts, fantasy football owners, gamblers and others can now plan accordingly.

There wasn’t really any sense to waiting to make the call on Jennings. The fact that McCarthy went public early this week with word that the team was thinking about shutting Jennings down for a week in order for his groin to fully heal was a pretty massive hint about his status for Sunday. Now the team can set its sights on building a game plan that doesn’t include Jennings while Jennings can focus only on getting ready for what should be a pretty entertaining matchup with the Texans in Week Six.

James Jones, Randall Cobb and Donald Driver will fill in alongside Jordy Nelson with Jennings out of the lineup, a group that could prove to be too much for a suspect Colts secondary to stop this Sunday.

19 responses to “Packers rule Greg Jennings out for Week Five

  1. He shouldn’t have been allowed to play last week. Get him healed up for the second half of the season.

  2. Okay, humor me for a second….

    What happens if the Colts win? Not really expecting them to or anything, I just want to know if anyone has really thought over the possibility that the Packers might open the season 2-4, with Houston coming up next and all.

  3. Greg get your damn rest, take your time to heal, don’t rush it…. Miami Dolphins and Philbin will be coming after you in FA, we need you at 100%. So relax and get better.

    Comment is sure to get the Packer fans riled up lol

  4. brewdogg says:
    Oct 4, 2012 3:55 PM

    Okay, humor me for a second….

    What happens if the Colts win? Not really expecting them to or anything,
    I was at the game in Indy in 97 when the Packers were 8-2 and the Colts hadn’t even won a game yet. I didn’t think it would happen then, either, but the Colts won on a last-second field goal. 4 games in, this year’s Packer team has definitely shown us that we can’t take anything for granted.

    I personally think they will win easily this week, win a close, defensive battle over Houston, and then narrowly beat the Rams in a game they should win going away. After that, it’s two at Lambeau and hopefully a 7-2 record heading into the bye.

  5. Think this is the first Packers article this week that doesn’t include the word “frustrating.” But it surely could have been worked in there. Disappointing.

  6. Conspiracy theory: Jennings wants out of GB and faking an injury because he wont put up the numbers in this offense to get the new deal he’s looking for. Probably not true but always fun to stir things up.

  7. I hope he gets well enogh to play against the Texans, I don’t want to dismiss the Colts, but I would rather have him miss a game against them.

    I don’t think Jennings is sandbagging, obviously he would love to be putting up huge numbers in a contract year.

    The Packers offnese isn’t the same when hes out though.

  8. Without Jennings that offense is weak an it wouldnt be except that dumb coach wont use Driver except for a hand full of plays. Trying to stop him from making his bonus. Green bay is suppose to win this game but rookie QB’s have been close to beating the packers all season maybe LUCK can beat green bay this week

  9. That Packers-Colts game in 97 is a classic “Any Given Sunday” story, especially since Lindy Infante was on the sidelines for the Colts. The Packers have never won in Indy in their history.

  10. Green bay looks to be weak enough to get upset by the Colts. Now I expect the packers to win but if the Colts DONT lay down for them this could be a great upset

  11. Unfortunately, it takes longer than two weeks for these things to heal. Not like a joint sprain where you can dump some cortisone into it for a game band-aid. Much better to have him healthy for second half of season rather than to keep reinjuring it.

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