Pasadena residents: We don’t want the NFL in the Rose Bowl

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The people trying to bring the NFL back to Los Angeles say they’re ready to do it next season, putting an NFL team in a Southern California stadium in 2013 and then moving the team to the downtown Farmers Field when it’s ready to open in a few years. The two Southern California stadiums that could host an NFL team in 2013 are the Rose Bowl and L.A. Coliseum.

People who live near the Rose Bowl are rooting for the Coliseum.

The Pasadena Sun reports that residents came out to declare their opposition at a public meeting on the issue Wednesday, noting that traffic, noise and trash are among the issues that will come along with 10 NFL games a year at the Rose Bowl. As anyone who has driven to a game at the Rose Bowl can tell you, traffic and parking in the area are a nightmare on game days, and people who live in Pasadena want to limit those nightmares to the college games the Rose Bowl already hosts.

Some residents say the NFL will bring out worse fans than college games.

“NFL games are different than UCLA games. The crowds are much tougher. You’ve got much more alcohol,” said resident Don Orsi, who also said that Pasadena should request that “the Raiders not be included as a possible NFL team.”

At this point it appears unlikely that any NFL team will play in the Rose Bowl next year. Which is just how the locals want it.

32 responses to “Pasadena residents: We don’t want the NFL in the Rose Bowl

  1. “the Raiders not be included as a possible NFL team.”

    and now u know why its hard for the raiders to win games,

    bias across everywhere,

    dennis allen, no smiling after broncos loss,

    get the squad together during bye week,


    the raiders still RULE and are only football world championship

    Al davis 1984.

  2. Let the Raiders play in S. Calif. Put the filed out in the desert, surround it with a roofed in fence, bring the fans/drinkers in by special trains and shut the gates after the trains arrive

  3. mjbulls45:

    No. It’s hard for the Raiders to win games because they are a TERRIBLE organization, which had been run by a senile old man, loooong past his prime. Now, he’s chip-off-the-old-block son is going in the same direction.

    As for Pasadena. Those whiny little residents don’t want anything in their backyard. LA can’t even finish the 710 freeway, for Pete’s sake, without those guys moaning and protesting.

  4. Yep…there it is. Anything bad that ever happens at any football game anywhere in the world has go to be the fault of the Raiders…idiot.

    That’s right, no other stadium serves alcohol or has fights in the stands or berates opposing fans…nope, only the Raiders do that.

  5. I bet if you walk through that neighborhood you’ll hear the phrase, “Kids now days … they have no respect” … at least once or twice.

  6. some of the complaints are total BS. NFL games are rowdier and have more alcohol than college games? Seriously, have these people been to college games?

  7. The NFL has much tougher crowds?

    There’s more alcohol?

    I’m pretty sure there’s more alcohol consumed at college games. Perhaps not more SOLD… as college kids are smart enough to get their alcohol much cheaper at the store anyway. Even if it’s not sold at college events, kids can easily sneak alcohol into the stadiums.

    I guess the idea that most college crowds are all for the same team plays a part in there being less “violence.”

  8. To the residents:

    Why the heck did you buy, or rent, a place so close to the Rose Bowl then? You people crack me up in Cali! It’s the same as the people that buy the houses near the airports out there, then complain about the noise, and cry to local officials for a curfew! Don’t be a fool, and do research before you buy!



  9. This is the best comment in the article…“the Raiders not be included as a possible NFL team.” Even residents near LA don’t want them back there.

  10. People in Oakland and the East Bay would like to see the Raiders move back to Southern California, but nobody in So Cal wants the Raiders, so it looks like we’re stuck with them up here.

    That’s too bad for A’s fans, who would like to tear down Mt. Davis at the Oakland Coliseum to restore their home to its former grandeur. It’s really a shame the Amazing A’s have to share a facility with a franchise like the Raiders.

  11. Is it just me wondering why the NFL is still trying to get a team in a market that has show over and over again really doesn’t care if the have a team. I’m sure the city is a great place to live but the time has come for the NFL to make it work with teams in the city where they are located and just move on. It obvious to me that LA just doesn’t have a real intrest in having a team there

  12. Not surprising. The “Wine and Cheese” set in Pasadena would NEVER tolerate the commoner riff-raff of an NFL crowd. They’d have to take the Subaru ALL THE WAY around the other side of Poppy Peak so Muffin can take a piddle on the way to the gallery. (YAWN…..)

  13. NCAA prohibits the sale of alcohol at events, so while the college kids may be more lit up going to the games, they have a good 3-4 hour window of sobering down (except those succesful sneaking a bottle in). The NFL will have fans lit before and during the games, likely making for angrier, more beligirent drunks. I can see why the don’t want any part of this.

  14. “dougydougdoug says: Oct 4, 2012 11:03 AM
    As for Pasadena. Those whiny little residents don’t want anything in their backyard. LA can’t even finish the 710 freeway, for Pete’s sake, without those guys moaning and protesting.”

    Darn, you beat me to it. The 710 freeway needs to be finished but the Pasadena and South Pasadena residents are full of lawyers and politicians. Very selfish people.

    The area around the Rose Bowl is beautiful, but the stadium was there long before any of those residents moved in, so there indignation is quite hollow.

  15. The people in LA who want an NFL team. Build the stadium first and then several teams will want to move. Don’t expect someone to move before you build it. YOU take the risk!

  16. If the Raiders moved back to SoCal they “might” sell out the first season but then fans will quickly move back to their normal lives. Raiders are showing that they are the same old Raiders without Uncle Al and fans won’t pay to go watch an unwatchable product. I still don’t know how they beat the Steelers and they might not win 3 more games all year.

  17. how naive do you have to be to assume that there’s “more” alcohol at NFL games? Yeah, I’m sure that frats are having tea and cookies at their tailgates.

  18. YIKES! Easy on the Cali bashing & stereotyping. Nor Cal and So Cal are totally different…. Do you realize how big Cali is? …plus, Raider fans don’t own HOMES anywhere They’re only renters, as most of them are unemployed.

  19. National Fanatic says:
    “…plus, Raider fans don’t own HOMES anywhere They’re only renters, as most of them are unemployed.”

    So when people racially stereotype, I assume you are part of the bandwagon, since you have no problem doing it in other venues.
    As an owner of 3 businesses and watching Raider football for, well, a LONG time, I would say your assessments are inaccurate. You might seek help for all that hate you have locked away as you judge other people in what they have and don’t have. Most of these fans have been loyal for many years. We don’t bandwagon with this years” favorite team”. We are part of “The Nation”. Something you obviously can’t grasp.

  20. Thank you ray guy returns:

    I have another theory and any article pushing story would now that the Rose Bowl was counting on getting the NFL if they could. why? $$$

    Money that will pay for the renovations and other things. There is a year old article on their website that specifies this so of course they want the NFL even if the people don’t in Pasadena.

  21. You know for a town that is known around the world as one that produces epic entertainment. LA sure has its challenges getting a stadium or a team. Let me get this straight we’re all supposed to be on the edge of our seat because a NFL team might play at the Rose Bowl or the Stadium while a new stadium gets built. That was the story when Charlies Angels was on prime time. Nothing has changed and nothing will. Produce something or shut up already.

  22. Hey Don,

    The feelings are mutual. We don’t want to anywhere stinking L.A. The greatness of the Raiders was forged in Oakland, and that’s where the team should stay. The new stadium should be built on the current site for many reasons which I won’t get into now.

    Let the Chargers go back to L.A. (and they will). The natives will love those powder puff uniforms.

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