Plaxico says he’s back to being the player he knows he can be

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The Jets have a real need at receiver.  But they really don’t want Plaxico Burress.

No one wants Plaxico Burress.  And it makes no sense.

Last year, fresh from an extended stay at the Motel 6-to-10, Burress had multiple suitors.  The Jets wanted him.  The 49ers were interested.  His former teams, the Steelers and Giants, at least feigned interest.

Ultimately, Burress took a one-year deal to play with the Jets, at $3 million.  After eight touchdowns and a full non-prison year to get himself back in shape, the phone isn’t ringing.

Apart from a tire-kicking in Foxboro, Burress has gotten the cold shoulder.  And he’s understandably confused.

“Nobody’s even seen me and put me out on the field. That’s the sad part about it,” Burress told Mike Garafolo of USA Today on Wednesday.  “Right now, if I was to sign with a team and go out and play, I’m going to do some damage, because I’m back to being the player I know I can be.”

The Jets prefer to go with a younger guy.  With Santonio Holmes done for the year, Rex Ryan and company have opted for Jason Hill.

“I don’t know who he is,” Burress said.  “I’m sorry.”  (Don’t be.  Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis said the same thing last year.)

And while it would be easy to say that the Jets don’t want Burress in part because of things he has said about quarterback Mark Sanchez in recent months, Hill’s comments from last season about the Jets being “overhyped” didn’t hurt his chances.

The whole situation is strange.  Maybe teams have heard too many stories about Burress being chronically late or not thinking the rules applied to him while he was with the Giants.  (If any of that happened last year with the Jets, no one has been talking much about it.)  Maybe teams don’t want a guy who went to jail for shooting himself in the leg — even though plenty of teams wanted him last year, when the stigma was much more fresh.

Either way, it’s shocking that teams looking for wideout help won’t even bring him in to see what he can do.

46 responses to “Plaxico says he’s back to being the player he knows he can be

  1. Romo has not a lot heart, the attitude, the clutch ability, the greatness. Rg3 is an ass clown. Rg3 is the bottom qb in the east and watching him magnifies the ineptitude of his skills. Rg3 frowns in his sleep at the brilliance of Romos choices. The Redskins still suck!!!!!! You’ve been warned!!!!!!

  2. Why not just retire? Oh wait, another pro that spent the cheese too fast…….or is it cut the cheese????

  3. I don’t see the confusion here. He’s 35 years old and clearly showed that he has lost a step last year. Sure he could be a redzone presence, but between the 20’s he got not separation and was a non factor. Move on with your life Plaxico.

  4. I feel bad for the guy. He squandered away a big chunk of what should have been the height of his career. It sounds like he’s going to have to make that $3M last a long time.

  5. It’s a shame. I would take him in Carolina but knowing how GM Marty Hurney is, that move is out of the question.

  6. Maybe he and Jeremy Shockey can go as a matched set? ‘Ebony … and Ivory … locker room poison in perfect harmony’.

  7. Raiders should sign him. Should have weeks ago. But McKenzie doesn’t favor making smart moves.

  8. I would think the talent a player has should outweigh any stories you might have heard about the player. Jason Hill is probably not in the top ten of available wide receivers prior to Sunday. The Jets are losing because they lack talent. Going young in professional sports means they are forgoing this season to rebuild in the draft. The Jets will be picking in the top 5 of the 2013 NFL Draft.

  9. Personally, I love that teams are staying away from these me first players.

    It’s about time.

  10. I agree. I think he’d fit perfectly in St Louis:
    He has a history of working well with young QB’s, former teammate in The Other Steve Smith, last year’s OC, and Fisher did take a flier on Moss 2yrs ago.

    Maybe Schotty is the reason he’s NOT there??

  11. One thing for certain we can use you in Philly because our kicker is getting a little more work than I want. We need TD’s not field goals and being you averaged a TD every other game with an average Quarterback and a receiver who wanted all the balls thrown his way I cannot understand why you aren’t on a roster.

  12. It’s really that surprising to you Florio that no teams want to bring in a 35 year old unreformed ex-con with chronic foot problems and who hasn’t had a 1,000 yard season since 2007? You must have been equally surprised when no one signed Tiki Barber.

  13. He wont get a shot with a top tier team. I know the Browns need a vet receiver to help mentor Raw players Greg “butterfingers” Little, and Josh Gordon. Gordon I feel can be something in this league. A 1 year mentor type deal why not

  14. I feel for Plax. Did his time, sort of straightened out. He scored 8TDs for the Jets with ring rust. Give him another chance. But the Jets logic is lose a WR, pick up a fullback.
    Suck for Geno Smith?

  15. Cleveland should give him a look. Mo Mass is constantly hurt, Greg Little is constantly dropping, and everyone else is a rookie. One set of experienced sure hands might make some sense, even if he isn’t everything he used to be. He’s done it before.

  16. It’s not shocking at all. He’s a 35 year old head case.
    What the media really finds shocking is that NFL teams aren’t taking the media’s advice and doing what the media thinks they should do.
    That’s the only reason it’s a story.
    No one else cares. Except Plaxico.

  17. @mrbigass-

    How about you just retire from whatever you do for a living?

    See how easy it is to tell other people what to do with their lives?

    Who cares why he wants/needs to play? The fact is that he does, and there are 50 recievers in the league, at least, who have less talent than him and are probably making more money than he would want who have jobs.

  18. I would lobby for him to come to Buffalo, but we have a QB that can’t throw 40 yards…..if he ends up throwing 40 yards, it won’t be accurate. In fact, it will end up out of bounds :-/

  19. Yep. Blaxico is back to being the receiver he knows he can be – an unemployable one whom nobody wants on his team.

    Fact of the matter is that he was never that great to begin with. Nothing more than a slightly above-average possession receiver with a poor work ethic and bad attitude.

  20. Romo has not a lot heart, the attitude, the clutch ability, the greatness. Rg3 is an ass clown. Rg3 is the bottom qb in the east and watching him magnifies the ineptitude of his skills. Rg3 frowns in his sleep at the brilliance of Romos choices. The Redskins still suck!!!!!! You’ve been warned!!!!!!

    The hell, the articles about plaxico fool….

  21. “Plaxico says he’s back to being the player he knows he can be”…….really?…I mean….really?

    The harsh reality is that those checks have stopped coming. Mr. Burris is likely broke or on route to ‘regular guy” status. Reality check time for Plaxico.

    What with that full education of yours, I’m sure you will be quite qualified to work at the local gas station pimping that spray that removes the crud from your headlights.

  22. I think Cleveland should at least give him a work out. I can’t see a reason not to check this guy out when he has the things this team is missing. plaxico is what there rookie qb needs to be able to compete well in this league

  23. and still I am still trying to figure out why the first comment is talking about romo and rg3 in a purely idiotic fashion never mind nothing to do with the article….

    is not deleted yet….

    when perfectly topical comments get deleted in minutes, like this one will be AGAIN

  24. All the shooting jokes aside, the problem with Plax is simple… no team wants to touch him due to the baggage he carries from his days with Pittsburg and NYG. He’s made his bed; now he needs to lie in it. Did he really think his SB ring(s) would simply wash away all those years of insubordination? I mean, really, this shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone, especially himself.

  25. I wish the Eagles would sign him that way maybe they could score touchdowns instead of having to settle for fieldgoals.

  26. After the screw ups by the Cowboys receivers on Monday night, they should call him. In fact, they should have brought him into camp. I bet Garrett and Witten would veto that move, but Jerry Jones calls the shots. Call him Jerry!

  27. Egotistical divas like TO, Chad, and Plax are learning the hard way their mouths and attitudes are catching up with them. They held franchises hostage and now it’s payback time.

    Let this be a lesson to young players (and non-players), burning bridges with your employer(s), especially in an industry where everyone knows and talks with one another is a terrible idea.

  28. They guy shot himself in the leg….the embarrassment should have been enough punishment. Besides a accident he hasn’t had any issues in what 10+ year career. Kenny britt is in the league and he’s been busted twice and it take 3 offenses before we know about so that’s what 5 times hes screwed up in a 4 year career. I have no ideas why a team like buffalo,Minnesota,Cleveland or even Tennessee would not jump all over him or at least give him a workout.

  29. Is it sports hate, ignorance, or just plain hate that prompts some of you to post such negative and mean comments. The man is simply trying to salvage what he can of his damaged career. I for one wish him luck.

  30. I think there is something a lot of people are overlooking.

    The main problem is that while teams could use him as a #3 to #5 WR, those teams also need those guys to be able to play ST at least some of the time. With roster spots being tight, no one is going to be able to use Plax unless they get hit hard with season ending injuries to their top guys.

  31. Resume for Plax: MSU–JERK, Steelers–Bigger JERK, Giants Biggest JERK, Jets– Old, Slow, Stupid, Present Day–Unemployed, Unemployable, in OR out of The NFL. I do NOT understand the big mystery.

  32. Plax being Plax. Desperate, had an opportunity to be with Jets for a few years, but showed his true colors.

    Learn your lessons kids. Opportunities like his are rare, don’t blow them. Be humble.

    Regretting your attitude with the Jets now Plax?

  33. The following is a list of WR’s talented enough to catch 8 TD passes in a season with Sanchez throwing them the ball:

    Santonio Holmes
    Plaxico Burress

  34. Plaxico will get picked up soon an he will make a good WR for some one mabe Minnesota could use him an the Redskins wouldnt hurt them self to take a look

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