Ponder’s sore knee is improving


Vikings quarterback Christian Ponder developed a knee problem this week.  As the team prepares to attempt to stretch its record to 4-1 against the Titans, Ponder’s knee is improving.

“It didn’t bother him very much on Monday, but it was really sore Wednesday,” Frazier said Thursday, via ESPN1500.com.  “It was much better today.  He didn’t have any inhibitions today.  He was fine.”

Still, Ponder, who has thrown no interceptions in 2012, officially was limited in practice each day.

Ponder’s backup is the underrated Joe Webb.  For now, it looks like the Vikings won’t need him.

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  1. Underrated??? Webb is a freakish athlete , who should get @ least 5-6 touches a game, in sub packages, but he will never be a QB in this league. 1-2 fill in games , he can do things that the D’s have not game planned for but let’s be real! Ponder is the only future unless Bethel-Thompson ever gets a crack! Kid has an arm!

  2. Joe Webb is a great athlete and a good kid who I was very excited about drafting… as a wide receiver.

    He simply has not shown what it takes to play QB at this level. His accuracy is horrible, he has no touch on his passes and his decision making is lacking. Simply put, I feel like he is not a good QB and is probably the 3rd best QB on our roster, which says a lot considering the raw but talented McLeod Bethel-Thompson is the third QB.

    I really wish they’d stop wasting Webb’s talent at the QB spot and move to WR, or simply trade him for a high draft pick, because he doesn’t have what it takes to move the offense like an NFL QB should.

  3. Please provide us with some hard statistical evidence to back up your saying that his back up is underrated? Is he a good back up, yes. Is he able to start at QB for an NFL team, no. He’s a faster version of Tim Tebow, and a poor man’s Mike Vick, that is all. Ponder is the future of the Vikes at QB. Period.

  4. How is Webb underrated??? We’ve seen what he can do… And all he can do is scramble from the pocket… he can’t throw a decent pass to save his life and can’t read a defense… I’m so sick of the webbaholics

  5. Fear not, Vikings fans… Ponder will be back to throwing 4 yard passes in NO TIME!

  6. This is kind of funny….. Most of the comments are about Webb, except for the two at the top that came from people who either don’t proof-read or are undereducated.

    For my two cents, Webb is not a starter-quality QB. He can serve as a back-up, but I agree that he could probably be better utilized if he were to focus on learning how to run routes. At the very least, they should get him out for some WR screens or some end-around pass/run options, and then use him as a decoy if that is successful. My thinking is that if MBT progresses to the point that the Vikings are comfortable with him as the backup, we may see Webb more next year.

  7. The only thing that could prevent Ponder from becoming a very good to great quarterback is injuries. So far he has seemed a little injury prone so I hope he’s able to stay healthy all year. You’re not paying attention if you think Webb is underrated. He’s overrated by every 8-year old who watches him play.

  8. Hey tokyo….

    Who would have guessed that the Vikings would be scoring more points than the Packers allowed this year?

  9. Webb’s progression to a degree falls on him and his handlers; however, being pushed behind a horrible McNabb, and then the Vikings picking Ponder, how much investment and effort can the Vikes really put into Webb. Working second or scout teams, or being a camp arm are not conducive to establishing the type of progress needed to become a competent starter. Given the same opportunity as Ponder to go out and learn on the job, Webb would shine! I have no doubt Webb could pull of the kind of low key management Ponder is being praised for now!!

  10. Vikes can win with both QB’s

    WEB has the arm and leg speed that Ponder can only dream about. He is accurate and has developed touch. Still learning to go through reads and not panic.


  11. PONDER goes through reads faster can run and throw an acurrate ball. He still needs to learn pocket presence and the long ball speed may not be there.

    Vikes can win with both.

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