Reggie Bush says knee pain slowed him down on Sunday


Reggie Bush suffered a knee injury in Week Three and then played anyway in Week Four. But he wasn’t playing at full speed.

Bush averaged 3.9 yards a carry Sunday against the Cardinals, his worst average in a game since November of last year, and he told reporters on Wednesday that the reason is he was still feeling the effects of that knee injury.

I was hurting; I’m not going to lie,” Bush said, via the Miami Herald. “I tried to fight through it. I did the best I could.”

Bush said he expects to be better this week against the Bengals.

“I’m not going to make any excuses,” Bush said. “I’ve got to play better. I didn’t play well at all.”

If Bush can’t play better, he may be doing the Dolphins a disservice by toughing it out. If he can’t play well, he shouldn’t play at all.