Tebow continues to tiptoe around tough topics

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With increasing speculation that the Jets should remove the funk hovering over the franchise by benching quarterback Mark Sanchez and going with Tim Tebow, the New York media tried their damnedest on Thursday to get Tebow to give them a sound bite suggesting frustration with his role or a desire to supplant Sanchez or anything other than the happy-go-lucky Buddy-the-Elf optimism that characterizes the backup quarterback/punt protector who always says all the right things.

Tebow never strayed from his lane.  He’s excited and ready and anxious for whatever the team wants him to do, but he’s not asking for a chance to do anything more than what they want him to do, whenever they ask him to do whatever they want him to do.

Twenty different ways they tried to get him to crack, and he didn’t.

That said, I’ve got a feeling that the Jets are planning to use him more this week — and possibly to flip the switch to Tebow if the game starts to get away from Sanchez.  As explained during Thursday’s Pro Football Talk, the Jets will try to preserve the element of surprise in order to get the most out of the change.

If/when they make a change.

OK, when they make a change.

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27 responses to “Tebow continues to tiptoe around tough topics

  1. Tebow’s been trained how to deal with the media since he was in High School.

    It’s impossible to trip him up.

  2. The media would be upset about it and call him “buddy-the-elf”, because he’s not giving the media a story. Good for him.

  3. Tebow is a robot sent from the vatican. He is only programmed to respond as neutral as humanly possible to all topics unrelated to religion.
    Remember where you heard it first!

  4. The headline, though perhaps unintentional, could appear a bit pejorative. “Tebow continues to tiptoe around tough topics” could lead some to believe Tebow is either spineless or less-than-truthful.

    My take is Tebow darn near always puts other people first, and that includes coaches, players, even third world kids in the Philipenes. And this is one more ongoing sequence of Tebow putting others first, and basically trying to do what’s best for Sanchez, Coach Ryan and generally the rest of the team — while balling out hard every chance he gets to show he is a competitor ready for as much of a workload as they’ll put on his shoulders.

    I’m not a UF grad, nor a Jets fan or Donks fan. Just sayin’ my take on Tebow is really positive in every way possible, except one key thing: at the risk of dramatically oversimplifying things, his QB’ing needs a good deal of work.

    But he is a fighter and a leader. I wish him the very best.

  5. “Tebow continues to tiptoe around tough topics

    Interesting title. Tebow continues to not say things that will cause controversy within his team. Which is all the media wants. If I was him I wouldn’t speak to the media whatsoever.

  6. I continue to be unconcerned regarding his religion worn on his sleeve and I hate his ( and Woody’s ) politics, however I find his refusal to stick and twist a knife into his teammate’s back an exceedingly admirable trait and at the same time a very rare one as well. He appears to walk his Christian talk. His parents are surely proud of him, and should be. By anyone’s definition, he is a decent human being. I wish him well.

  7. I should clarify… Tebow will resond as humanly as his robot programming will allow. He was sent back in time by the vatican from the year 2316. Steve Austin was thier first attempt at entertainment brainwashing. NFL was the obvious choice. I have a theory that Goodell is a robot gone rogue. Hellbent on destroying any respectable stage Tebow has to complete his mission. I guess only time will tell.

  8. Reporter: Tebow do you think you’ll eventually be the starting quarterback of the New York Jets?
    Tebow: I don’t know. That’s up to God.
    Rex Ryan: He’s right. It is up to me.

  9. I look forward to seeing him play again. He’s a great football player. I think he will provide the spark the Jets need. This is like deja vu from last year except Sanchez doesn’t suck nearly as bad as Orton. If they do play him Jets fans get ready for wild ride. Every week you’ll be on your feet shouting at the tv not being able to believe how in the world you just won that game. It’s Tebow time baby and that’s all you need to know.

  10. Start Tebow already. He will never look like the answer in practice but he will make stuff happen in games. Mark’s completion % is already terrible so there won’t be much drop off there. Just look at what he did for the 1-4 Broncos.

  11. Let him play or let him ride the pine. Just DON’T show him Tebowing every time the camera gets near him.

  12. Its astounding to me that people still say Tebow puts others first – nothing in his career could lead a reasonable person to that conclusion.

    Also, this is exactly the passive-aggressive approach Timmy ALWAYS takes. His surrogates make it clear that he’s unhappy that the world is not currently revolving around him, then he calls a press conference to talk about how humble he is.

    It happened in high school, it happened in college and it happened in Denver – look it up.

  13. My son idolizes Tim and I couldnt be happier. Everytime Tim has the chance, he shows the entire world what a real man looks like. If my son can be 1 Inth of the leader and role model Tim is I would be a VERY proud man.

  14. Good thing for Tebow is, he is humble and smart. He ain’t gona give you jerk ‘journalists’ a thing to write.

  15. Why trade for Tebow if you don’t eventually get him in the game. All anyone has ever said about the guy is that he can’t throw. News flash, what has Sanchez done the first four games that warrents keeping him the starter?

  16. djaehne…. NOTHING! try to trade him, or cut him, he’s just taking up a roster spot. Give Greg McElroy the job, he couldn’t do any worse then the two in front of him.

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