Trent Richardson: Browns can run on Giants


Browns running back Trent Richardson has watched the film of the Giants’ loss to the Eagles, and he liked what he saw.

Richardson told New York reporters that after seeing the Giants’ defense give up 191 rushing yards against Philadelphia, he’s confident that he can have a big game against the Giants on Sunday.

“Oh yeah,” Richardson said, via the Star-Ledger. “If we put a hat on a number, just cover them up, I think we can get yards on ’em. But at the same time, I know they’re going to throw everything they can at us. I’m pretty sure they’re going to game plan on our running game, and so we’ve got to make sure we open up the passing game so we can get some good runs in.”

The Eagles ran outside the Giants’ defensive ends repeatedly, and Richardson is hoping to do the same.

“We’ve got to run some outside zone, and we’ve really got to try cover up No. 90 [Jason Pierre-Paul] as much as you can and big [Justin] Tuck,” Richardson said. “I think that if we cover the edges and run our hardest – don’t be doing all this juking and stuff like that, one move and go – I think we can have pretty good success in the running game.”

Richardson has shown flashes of the talent that led the Browns to trade up and take him with the third overall pick in the NFL draft, but in three of his first four games he’s been held under 50 yards. Richardson sounds confident that he can have his best game yet against the Giants.

14 responses to “Trent Richardson: Browns can run on Giants

  1. Anyone can, but DOING it will be a different story. They won’t be dropping Weeden back that frequently. Fewell knows that. Lots of 8 man fronts coming for him to run against.

  2. Richardson is no Shady McCoy. And Weeden is no Vick. I wouldn’t anticipate the same kind of success the Eagles had last week.
    Some how I think the G Men O-line will be extra juiced for this match up.

  3. he’s my #2RB in my fantasy team .. the browns coaching staff are clueless .. this rookie should be beasting the league

  4. ill admit hes a beast, if only he couldve went to a better team with a real run orientated o-line, like texans or ravens, but after his rookie deal is up he will bolt outta there like Lebron!!!

  5. Sure they can, they can ran right into the ground when you have a defense that doesn’t respect the quarterback ability to consistently move the ball.

  6. The Giants are 2-2 and the Browns are playing the disrespect card on them already? Wow, Trent, that’s a bit arrogant. The guy has potential, but humility should go along with that. Hope the Giants are aware of this and keep their mouths shut and play hard.

  7. He is not smack-talking them, just saying what he should be, that he thinks he can run on them. He shows the respect due to JPP and Tuck and that they need to be blocked no matter what. He is not dissing them at all. But as someone mentioned, he is not a shifty and quick as shady and obviously old man Weeden is not Michael Vick. It shouldn’t happen, but after watching the giants for 20 years, i always expect the unexpected.

  8. I don’t think Richardson has a good week. The giants d line is good. McCoy excelled only in the second half when they were beat up. And Richardson is no McCoy. I think the browns catch a beat down this week.

  9. All of you Browns fans giving the thumbs down on the obvious, please don’t disappear on Monday. The worst thing that could’ve happened was the Eagles beating the Giants on Sunday night. This won’t be the Eagles game, and this will not be close.

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