Aaron Hernandez not expected to play this week


He returned to practice yesterday, but Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez doesn’t appear ready to play this week against the Broncos.

Albert Breer of the NFL Network reports that Hernandez is a “virtual certainty” to miss this week’s game, but could be available next week against the Seahawks, citing a source familiar with his medical condition.

Hernandez was injured in Week 2, and the Pats have scored 82 points in two games without him, but he’s a versatile and important part of their offense.

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  1. Let Hernandez not play until he is as close to 100% as posible as he will be more needed for the 2nd half of the season into the playoff run to New Orleans.

  2. … but he’s a versatile and important part of their offense…
    never mind that… he’s my starting tight end on my fantasy football team!

  3. I do not consider anything “in the bag” or assured, but in spite of two close losses, I do feel that the Patriots are advancing at their typical rate, and unless there are more crucial injuries, I believe that the Patriots will be primed and ready to go as we approach the middle of the season, and if they continue to do the kinds of things that they’ve done every year in the past decade, they should have a strong finish, make the playoffs, and be a serious contender for the AFC Championship.

    They have some good teams that they have to play in order to win the AFC, much less go further. For that matter, the things that I’ve mentioned still need to take place.

    It will be important as the season goes on to have a healthy Aaron Hernandez. It will be important for the defensive line to continue to build on what they’ve done, and it will be important to continue to win those turnover battles and cut down significantly on the mental errors that have been hampering better results early in the season. However, if these things do happen, then the Patriots are as deep as any other team in the league and could go far.

  4. They have scored 82 the last 2 weeks without him yes, but do not undervalue him. We struggled against Arizona and only scored 18 without him. He was injured early. He is greatly needed, a top 5 TE in his own right. He is someone even elite defenses have problems matching up with.

  5. @masinick

    I agree that nothing is guaranteed but PSL said the AFC east is in the bag, not the AFC. And I agree with him on that. The AFC east is pretty bad outside the Patriots.

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