Archie Manning: Peyton, Brady will enjoy rivalry more later

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Peyton Manning and Tom Brady have downplayed the significance of their personal rivalry this week, saying it’s more about the Broncos and the Patriots.

But Archie Manning said he wished he’d have been able to have had something similar in his day, and knows his son and Brady will look back fondly on it.

We weren’t good enough to have rivals,” Manning said with a laugh to Mike Garafolo of USA Today. “Right now, they’re probably both too focused and have too much to do to get ready to play a ballgame, but one day both of them will look back on this and be proud of it. Just the fact they played in an era where they both had a lot of success in games that meant something, drew a lot of attention, the networks pushed it and people wrote about it.

“It’s really a credit to both of them.”

Archie Manning had a career record of 35-101-3 with the Saints, so there wasn’t much opportunity to create the same kind of storyline with another team.

This will be the 13th meeting for Brady and Peyton Manning, the 10th in the regular season and three in the playoffs. Brady leads 8-4 overall.

That’s an alarming number of chances to compare the contemporaries, since Dan Marino and John Elway on faced off three times in 16 years together in the league.

“I always tell my kids you live to play in big games,” Archie said. “The Bronco-Patriot rivalry has been good anyway. But there was the Colts and Patriots and now this.

“It’s good for football.”

Especially for the people who watch it.

18 responses to “Archie Manning: Peyton, Brady will enjoy rivalry more later

  1. Hey Archie. Act more like Eli, not Peyton.
    You are wearing out your welcome. Enough is enough.

  2. Enjoy it while you can. Amazing how despite not playing in the same division, they’ve still been scheduled to play each other every year. Obviously that’s no coincidence. Both stand-up guys that’ve been great for the league.

  3. If you want to see the two best QBs of the past decade in one game, Manning v. Brady is always one of the most anticipated games of the season. Years from now when my kids are grown up and ask who the best QBs of my generation were, I’ll always think of the games these two QBs played against each other. The NFL is a better league because of them and their rivalry.

  4. Too bad the Brady-Manning rivalry isn’t much of one…. the Brady-ELI rivalry that is, since Eli owns him!

  5. Those Pats Colts games were all great to watch. Offensive trickeration at it’s peak. Hope this one is half as good. I agree Steelers Ravens better defensive rivalry.

  6. He didn’t say these words but it’s implied: Colts Patriots was exciting and great theater precisely because of Brady and Manning. In 2003-2006, “supporting cast” players and big plays certainly helped for awesome NFL Theater but we all tuned in because of these two. Colts Pats this year?? No such Luck 😀

  7. Pats-Colts was a great rivalry, in the Red Sox-Yankees vein, and has been great for the NFL as well as the fans of both teams.

    Donks have also been a great rivalry with New England over the years.

    Wish Peyton Manning the best this season; it’s always more fun beating him when he’s on top of his game 😉

  8. No, it isn’t a coincidence. It is however not the league manipulating the schedule to put them head to head against one another. It’s a direct result of the schedule system that has been in place for the last decade or so. 14 of a team’s 16 regular season of games are already determined years in advance. The Pats and Colts would play each other every 3rd year automatically. But since the two teams have consistently finished at the top of their division, they end up playing each other those 2 off years a large percentage of the time. Add in playoff meetings and there you have it.

    The fact that the Pat’s play the Broncos this year is a result of Denver finishing atop the AFC West last year and the Pats on top in the East. (Baltimore is the other team on the Pats schedule as a result of being on top of the North – Pats and the rest of the AFC East play all 4 teams in the South)

  9. @giantssb42champs Eli doesn’t own Tom, the Giants defense does. They never get the credit they deserve. Without that defense Eli doesn’t win anything.

  10. rc33 says: Oct 5, 2012 9:59 AM

    Enjoy it while you can. Amazing how despite not playing in the same division, they’ve still been scheduled to play each other every year. Obviously that’s no coincidence. Both stand-up guys that’ve been great for the league.

    Yeah, its not a coincidence because they both won their division every year, guaranteeing that they face each other the next season

  11. Personally, I think comments from the Father of two championship caliber QB’s are press worthy, as many of we fathers seek to instill such values in our children. My candidate for all time NFL Father would be Bruce and Clay Matthews Sr.’s Dad with the third generation still excelling. Have read their family gatherings can get a bit rough.

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