Bengals muster sellout of Miami game

Getty Images

When the Dolphins cut Chad Johnson during training camp, Sunday’s visit from Miami to Cincinnati instantly lost a lot of its luster.

Still, the Bengals managed to sell out the non-premium tickets, thanks to a 24-hours extension of the deadline for doing so.  The team announced on Friday that the local blackout has been lifted.

“We had a very good week of sales and we thank our fans for their support,” said Bengals ticket sales manager Andrew Brown. “We also want to thank [WKRC-TV] for their help in getting us over the top.  We are looking forward to a great atmosphere with a full house.”

The acknowledgement of WKRC-TV suggests that the local CBS affiliate bought up a certain number of tickets at 34 cents on the dollar.  Since the Bengals opted not to take advantage of the new rule that allows the threshold for non-premium ticket sales to be dropped to as low as 85 percent, all non-premium tickets had to be sold.

The Bengals have now sold out games against the Browns and Dolphins.  With the Steelers, Broncos, Giants, Raiders (and Carson Palmer), Cowboys, and Ravens remaining on the schedule, it would be a shock if any of the home games are blacked out.