Brandon Spikes fined 21K for illegal blindside block

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Earlier this week, Patriots linebacker Brandon Spikes was asked about his aggressive nature on the field.

“Absolutely. A lot of guys, they know the new rules. I don’t think I’ve done anything illegal,” Spikes said, via the Patriots website. “I’ve tried to keep it legal, but I just want to kind of try to make a point — when I hit a guy, I want him [to say], ‘Oh, that was Spikes that hit me. I know that already.'”

The NFL doesn’t agree that Spikes kept it legal during last Sunday’s 52-28 victory over the Bills. The NFL confirmed Friday that Spikes has been fined $21,000 for an illegal blindside block delivered to Bills tight end Scott Chandler in the fourth quarter of that game.

The block came when Spikes left his feet to deliver a block on Chandler during an interception return by Patriots cornerback Devin McCourty. Spikes hit Chandler in the head, causing a concussion for the tight end that doesn’t appear likely to keep him out of this week’s game since he has been listed as probable on the Friday injury report. There was no flag thrown on the play by the officials.

21 responses to “Brandon Spikes fined 21K for illegal blindside block

  1. What a beautiful time to be an offensive player. Blind side block? Sucks to play defense these days.

  2. Yup, the exact kind of blindside hits the league wants to eliminate. And he launched himself into chandler’s head which I’m sure didn’t help.

  3. Cops risk their lives every single day to make our country better for a measly $44,000/yr average. To me, you should risk your life on every play in the NFL since they ALL are overpaid. Sad to see, another “good hit penalty” getting fined. Keep trucking!

  4. I’m a huge Patriot’s fan and even I think Spikes should of been fined for that hit – it was a cheap shot. I’m starting to think this guy is a major league moron.

  5. He deserved the fine but he has been a bone crusher this year with legal hits that have led to a number of timely turnovers.

  6. The league stance is basically “Keep your head on a swivel son”. If the league really cared about stopping this kind of thing they would hand out bigger penalties then 21 grand.

    That being said he should have just buried his shoulder in Chandler’s chest, it would have had the same effect and not risked Chandler’s livelihood.

  7. Pats fan here.. I couldn’t believe Spikes was stupid enough to launch, when I saw it.

    He deserved that fine, and then some.

  8. Dude should have been fined $50K.

    We can argue all day about whether or not players should be fined $21K for hits that are caused as much by the speed of the game as anything else. But cheap hits that are entirely intentional, as this one clearly was, really should be subject to fines that are at least twice as much as hits that are not so easily preventable.

  9. There was definitely intent to injure on that play. You don’t accidentally hit a 6’7 player in the head when he’s running down a ball carrier. He deserved the fine. The play was pretty much over at that point too.

    I’m not referring to this one play in particular, but these fines are a joke with how much these guys get paid. 21k, in this instance, is 4% of his salary, and he doesn’t make big money. Do you really think that’s going to stop someone? There’s a reason you see guys get fined over and over. They don’t care, and they’ll continue to not care until the punishment has some sort of substantial impact.

  10. Maybe the NFL should look more into the Pats tactics, it seemed everytime a Bill did well they targeted them. Ask Jarius Byrd how his hip is after he forced 2 fumbles.

  11. doublebase says:
    Oct 5, 2012 7:28 PM
    I’m a huge Patriot’s fan and even I think Spikes should of been fined for that hit – it was a cheap shot. I’m starting to think this guy is a major league moron.
    He does have some crazy in him, but most of the time it’s a good thing. All great defenses (which the Pats aren’t near to yet) have some crazy in them. I don’t have a problem with the fine at all but he’d have to go some to be in the Meriweather class of morons. Have you forgotten “Big Bang Clock’s” exploits already?

  12. Chandler….awwww, poor thing. You want to run your un-accomplished mouth all game you’re going to have to pay; and pay you did. I hope Kraft pays the fine for Spikes.

  13. So is it fair, Williams gets fined $15k for hitting Brady on the back of the calf and this moron only gets a $21k fine for trying to kill somebody taking their head off…. of course though Chandler is only a tight end and it was the “brady”….

  14. Cops have over wealming force and rarely risk their lives. They are not trained to go out there and risk their lives, they are trained to always be in control. Just like there are no Rambos in the military, it’s team work. Football players are not paid so high because they risk their lives!

  15. I like the tone this guy is setting, and he’s had some awesome plays already this year. That was a cheap shot, though, and I cringed and shook my head as soon as I saw it. He deserves a fine, maybe even a one-game suspension IMO, for that one.

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