Chad Greenway fined $21,000 for hit on Calvin Johnson


Vikings linebacker Chad Greenway delivered a brutal helmet-to-helmet hit to Lions receiver Calvin Johnson on Sunday, and he’s paying for it.

Greenway has been fined $21,000, the NFL confirmed.

After the game Greenway acknowledged that he was in the wrong and that he expected to be fined.

Obviously, I didn’t mean any intent to hurt him or anything,” Greenway said. “I was just trying to play the game. Once I saw he was in a vulnerable position, I tried to pull off a little late. I’m glad he wasn’t hurt and I hope he’s good.”

Greenway put his hands on his head and backed away after drilling Johnson, which he said was an attempt to show that he wasn’t trying anything dirty, although in reality it probably just made the helmet-to-helmet hit more obvious.

“It made it look like I was really guilty, which is fine,” Greenway said. “I was guilty, I hit him. I was trying to [show] that I didn’t finish the hit, I tried to pull off. [It’s] just something about being a defensive player in the NFL right now. That’s what it’s going to be. So you’ve got to expect it.”

Johnson was checked for a concussion after the hit, but he was OK and returned to the game.

44 responses to “Chad Greenway fined $21,000 for hit on Calvin Johnson

  1. He should have been suspended. He left his feet and jumped *up* to get the crown of his helmet into Megatron’s jaw while Megatron was still in the air.

    If that’s not worth a game, I don’t know what is.

  2. Greenway is a good linebacker and a class act on and off the field. He admittedly made a mistake with this one, though. Fine was expected, we’ll all move on now.

  3. One of the few times a defensive player has sounded authentic about these types of hits. It’s a tough situation b/c your job is on the line if you miss a hit or you could get fined if you hit someone illegally.

  4. Suspended? get a life dude(thekiy), he showed contrition by accepting full responsibility. He did nothing to hide what he had done and even appologized. Atleast he didn’t act like he did nothing wrong and then claim he fell into him on “accident.”

  5. It is obvious, Chad Greenway needs to get his brakes checked. ” I saw him, but I could stop”

    That said, greenway isn’t out to hurt other players……….unless they play for the Saints. All New Orlean Saints are fair game.

  6. I don’t remember all these fines on Saints players the years there supposed “bounty” program was going on… weird.

  7. He deserved the fine, but you have to admit that megatron had more drops than usual in that game — likely the result of hearing Viking defender footsteps.

  8. As a Packer fan, all I can think of when I see Greenway is that they picked that clown A.J. Hawk over him. Greenway is a heck of a ball player, and he followed his instincts on the Johnson hit. He should change nothing about his style of play, it was just an unfortunate event that was a normal part of the game until 3 years ago.

  9. I watched that game. He knew immediately he did wrong but he was playing the game and things like this happen. He couldn’t stop in mid air.

  10. he expected megatron to CATCH the ball like a good wr does……but well worth it for chad, mega bust did not catch a pass rest of game..

    chad is truly one of the good guys in the NFL…..he holds no grudges and does not play dirty, megatron saw him coming & ducked his head and thats why chad ended up hitting him helmet to helmet, kinda hard to rotate your body in a second and a half to avoid that

  11. Unintentional illegal hit, decent sized fine for first time offender, and Greenway takes full responsibility instead of whining like so many other violators…What exactly is the problem here?

  12. Alot of crap here, Greenway laid an illegal hit on him and he knew it before he left his feet. he jumped into the air like a missile with his head as the warhead to hit Johnson in the head under the chin. then after the play he throws his hands up like he didn’t do it or didn’t mean to do it? he reminded me of a criminal that throws his hands up in the air and screams I didn’t do it after everybody saw him do it red handed.
    plain and simple it was a dirty hit he knew it was a dirty hit and he has to accept the fine. but please save us the mumbo jumbo of the a fake apology written by either your girl your mom your agent or your publicist.

  13. Most NFL LB’s and CB’s would get up and taunt the player after that hit. But Greenway is a smart man and realized what he did and how bad it was.

    Also the comment about this always being around before 3 years ago. I wonder if we go back to the 60’s or 70’s if we will see anyone leading with their heads, Im guessing not, cause back then they knew how to tackle. Want to get rid of the Helmet to helmet hits? go back to where the helmets would not protect as well. maybe they wont do it as often if the percent chance of hurting themselves increases.

  14. @vikefan

    Megabust? Really? And he ducked his head on that play? Did you watch that play? Do you even watch football?

    Look, I understand you’re a Vikings fan, but don’t be a moron. I’m a Lions fan and I think Greenway is a great player and didn’t do what he did intentionally, so I have no problem with what happened and I’m especially glad CJ didn’t get hurt. No need to act like a child about it, but I’m assuming you might actually be a child.

  15. I remember Greenway’s flagrant face mask against Reggie Bush during a rare viking appearance on MNF back in 2008.

    He is the one who committed the pass interference on a Saints winning drive in 2010.

    Now $21,000 for a cheapshot on Calvin Johnson.

    It seems Greenway is famous for rules violations and not for tackling, pass defense or sacks.

  16. plain and simple he ‘launched’ himself into CJ and something like that doesnt juat ‘happen’ in a game day situation. I have played ball for years and see guy make bonecrushing smash tackles on wideouts going over the middle that are perfectly legal. This crap Greenwat pulled was far from legal, and a player doesnt just ‘launch’ themselves unless its intentional. they didnt want to get beat on by CJ and tried to make him a non factor. it worked. It’ll come full circle…they have to play them again this year.

  17. bobnelsonjr says:
    Oct 5, 2012 5:49 PM
    I remember Greenway’s flagrant face mask against Reggie Bush during a rare viking appearance on MNF back in 2008.

    He is the one who committed the pass interference on a Saints winning drive in 2010.

    Now $21,000 for a cheapshot on Calvin Johnson.

    It seems Greenway is famous for rules violations and not for tackling, pass defense or sacks.

    Actually, it was Ben Leber who got called for the PI, and it wasn’t PI. The refs bailed the Saints out 3 times on that drive. At least have an idea of what it is you’re talking about before you start yapping.

  18. Seems to me that 9 out of 10 of the hitting a defenseless player penalties are accidental.

    It’s SO close when a player leads with his pads to hit high on the pads or chest of another player.

    If the angle is wrong or changes it ends up hitting the offensive player too high, and it’s a penalty.

    I think it was the case with Greenway too. He was trying to hit him hard and clean, but ended up getting him too high.

    He admitted it, fessed up, move on. End of story.

  19. Chad Greenway is the nicest NFL player I’ve ever met in my life. He’s a true class act, and I hope him the best in life! On the other hand, sad to see the good hit penalty called. Calvin’s a big boy, he can handle it.

  20. He let up big time, he should not be fined anything, as he was already penalized in the game and it was not intentional. If you are going to fine guys that can’t stop completely and obviously let up, then he should have followed through at full speed! If your going to fine him either way he should knock the snot out of him!

  21. @vikefan

    You obviously don’t know a thing about the nfl. Calling Calvin a bust? He’s the best WR in the game and everyone knows it. Big deal he didn’t catch it. That’s like calling Adrian Peterson a bust, but u don’t see any lions fans saying that because we aren’t stupid like u.

    Megatron is megatron for a reason.

  22. If this is the shot in the end zone that made Calvin drop the ball…it looked like a good hit at the time. Was this later in the game and I missed it?

  23. Given that he hit a Detroit Lion in a defenseless position with a cheap shot, leaving his feet and leading with his helmet, I’m surprised the leaugue didn’t pay him extra. Everyone knows the Lions are the bad guys.

  24. Greenway fans are you saying its ok to injure a player. Sure the guy was doing his job just as all defense players do. But you guys clammer constantly about hits on your players.

    Is brain injury worse than an ankle? Tisk Tisk. I guess you guys are going to have to just be quiet and accept it.

    Can’t really be all holier than thou any more.

  25. CJ was going across the middle on a key third down. He was open and Stafford (under pressure) threw it a bit too high. CJ went up for it and Greenway went to lay a hit on hit to try to jar the ball loose. The only problem, CJ didn’t catch it and therefore wasn’t ready for a hit. Greenway tried to pull up, but was too late.

    The clean hit in the end zone that jarred the ball loose was from rookie safety Harrison Smith who has been absolutely outstanding this year. He’s a big reason why the Vikings secondary has played so well this far.

  26. I would rather have the Vikings make the headlines for stuff like this vs. getting pulled over by the local police for doing 105 mph on the local highway or running over meter maids or scalping Superbowl tickets illegally or sexual harassment of the administrative staff….you get the picture.

  27. Greenway and Vikes fans alike said it is what it is and it deserved a fine. It was an accident. Nobody got hurt. Lets move on. BTW: if 100 people disagree with your comment to 4 people liking your comment, you’re the one that’s wrong, ok?

  28. The NFL should consider Rugby rules for tackling. Two arms first on the man with the ball and drag down to ground. The player can’t be hit first with a shoulder (or. Helmet/head.)
    It’s the crushing shoulder stop or even more so launching shoulder first at the player with the ball that causes the bigger chance of injury. There’s plenty of time for shoulder crushing launches when blocking players without the ball.
    I pay to see the stars. They need to be protected better.

  29. At least Greenway admits it was an illegal hit and apologized for it. Unlike some players (how’s that knee feeling, Harrison?) who intentionally and repeatedly make illegal hits and then whine about Goodell fining them.
    It doesn’t matter if players or fans dislike the new rules… that’s just the way it is. If players hate it they can quit the NFL and can sell used cars. If fans hate it they can always stop watching.
    Now that more is understood about traumatic brain injuries and how harmful they can be, both short and long-term…it would be criminal NOT to try and reduce some of the risks. Yes, football is a violent and dangerous sport. Yes, the players know and accept the risks. But the NFL has a moral and legal obligation to do what it can to minimize those risks.
    @ preopgirl…yes, a brain injury is worse than an ankle injury. For you to suggest otherwise indicates the possibility you’ve had a brain injury at some point in your life. Or, maybe you were employing sarcasm. If so, I retract my accusation that you’ve suffered a head injury.
    Neurological damage is a serious issue…it can cause early onset dementia, depression, and other devestating health problems.

  30. Anyone who says Greenway pulled up before the hit didn’t see the play. He put his hands up right after, but he took his cheap shot first.

  31. @bigboi30. Man are you and some others on here stupid. He got fined, move on. Nobody cares what a bunch of random people think happened. I dont either, i just wanted to let you know you should go get a life 🙂

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