Conflicting accounts on Amendola’s collarbone


Last night, we reported during the Cardinals-Rams game that St. Louis receiver Danny Amendola has a broken collarbone.  In the wake of the game, conflicting reports regarding Amendola’s status emerged.

NFL Network reported that the Rams “fear” the collarbone is broken, but that a CT scan on Friday will be needed to make a diagnosis.  Meanwhile, Rams G.M. Les Snead told ESPN that “Amendola’s clavicle doesn’t appear to be broken, and he expects him to be able to play again this season.”

Given that the team source was unequivocal last night regarding the broken bone, we’ve gone back to the well for a clearer look at the water.  The source says that, indeed, the diagnosis provided on Thursday night was that Amendola, who visited with PFT Live after his 15-catch game against the Redskins, has a broken collarbone.  The source says that doctors now want to take a closer look via CT scan, and that there apparently is a disagreement among the physicians regarding the extent of the injury, based on the X-rays.

Either way, there’s no reason to think Amendola is done for the year.  Last night, the source pegged the potential absence roughly at four-to-10 weeks.  Even at the high end, Amendola will be back at some point this season.  Today, the source said that, regardless of the final diagnosis, Amendola is still expected to miss at least a few weeks.