Fitzgerald says, “We’re still 4-1”

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Correction week has begun in the NFL, to the chagrin of MDS.

The previously undefeated Cardinals have fallen to the Rams to launch Week Five, but star receiver Larry Fitzgerald sees the glass as 80-percent full.

“We’re still 4-1,” Fitzgerald said after the game, via comments transcribed and distributed by the Rams.  “There are great opportunities still ahead of us and we all understand that.  We need to fix the mistakes we made tonight and try to bounce back next week against Buffalo.”

So what mistakes need to be fixed?

“How much time you got?” Fitzgerald said.  “There were mistakes across the board.  It wasn’t just one guy, it was a collective group effort.  One guy messing up here, dropped ball here, missed assignment there.  If you have a lot of those, offensively it’s going to stop a lot of drives and that’s what happened.  We weren’t able to sustain any good drives and when we were able to get down there and put a couple good plays together, we weren’t able to punch it in and obviously get in the [end] zone.  That’s what we definitely need to work on.”
The only good news for the Cardinals is that the performance of Kevin Kolb will make it easier to go back to John Skelton, once he gets to 100 percent.  A source close to the situation told PFT on Thursday that Skelton, while not ready to play just yet, could be good to go in Week Six.

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  1. “The only good news for the Cardinals is that the performance of Kevin Kolb will make it easier to go back to John Skelton”


    Kolb actually played pretty well considering the circumstances. He was one of the main reasons that they were still in that game. Sure, he got a little rattled, but he was getting killed all night and still hung in there and made some plays.

    I don’t think Skelton would have done much better.

  2. I love how all of these articles anticipating the return to health of Skelton act like he is somehow good at football. He has never had a stretch in which he actually played well, never had more TDs than interceptions. The Cardinals weren’t starting him because he can play, but because Kolb was struggling. Kolb has played far better the last 4 weeks than Skelton has ever played in his career.

  3. Gimie a break,kolb wasnt the problem and as a seahawk fan im being honest. this division isnt the same anymore and its going to a battle in this divison. kolb did well but had some guys drop some tough catches agains a good defense. just like we had when we played the cards game one. looks like its gone be 10 wins minimum this year to get a playoff spot in the nfc though. this division your gona need 12 to win it.

  4. Oh yeah, no way last night is on Kolb, who were those alleged professional O-lineman completely getting blown up by Rams D-Line? Pathetic performance, they should return this weeks paycheck for not showing up.

  5. The last 2 weeks have really thrown a spotlight on the Cards major weakness, the O line. This gas been their problem for years and they’ve known it, so what is their solution? Draft yet another tailback, and start a left tackle who’s been cut by 5 different teams. Onward to victory!

  6. I was one that got sick of hearing about mediocre Kolb here an offseason ago as if he was the Holy Grail to trade for, but apparently the author didn’t bother to even watch the game last night. Considering the circumstances, Kolb played pretty damn well. That offensive line he was playing behind was a disgrace and Arizona had no running game what-so-ever. I’m amazed he came out of that game without turning the ball over once, much less alive. The guy had to chuck it up 50 times while running for his life the entire time.

  7. As a Ram’s fan I can tell you NO qb would have done any better behind that O-line. The Cards should have kept giving the ball to Williams (before he got hurt of course) Run defense has been the Rams biggest weakness and it should have bee exposed. Bad game plan by Wisenhunt

  8. The Cardinals Offense is pathetic! Yea, the O-Line is garbage but that doesnt excuse Kevin Kolb for tossing all of those errant passes!! He’s the same Kolb that was in Philly, rattle his cage and he will start to have that deer looking in the headlights appearance. Im not saying he isnt tough but he just doesnt handle pressure well. You can only get but so far trying to attain victories on the back of ur defense and special teams!

  9. I think the Cardinals have been exposed the last couple of weeks. The Defense is great but the O-line is going to give them major problems. i think you will see them starting to loose some games here and there. This division is really good, but the Niners still win it by at least 3 games.

  10. I know fans tend to be reactionary but that offensive output should not surprise anyone who has seen any of their games. It is one thing for an O-line to struggle pass block but they also cannot run block. Typically they are good at one of the two. I expect Larry Fitz next three weeks to go like this: “we are still 4-2, we are still 4-3, we are still 4-4”.

  11. “The only good news for the Cardinals is that the performance of Kevin Kolb will make it easier to go back to John Skelton”

    Allow me to add my voice to the chorus of “huh?”s. Why would you want to go back to John Skelton? Your big money QB is starting to finally put it together after you graciously allowed him to start more than two games in a row, and you want to go back to THAT guy? Because the immobile Skelton would have done SO much better behind that sieve of an offensive line.

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