Harrison, Mendenhall and Polamalu all listed as probable

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Earlier this week, Steelers coach Mike Tomlin said that he expected to have James Harrison, Rashard Mendenhall and Troy Polamalu in the lineup when the Steelers face the Eagles on Sunday.

Everything appears to be on track as far as making that expectation a reality. All three players are listed as probable on Friday’s injury report, which makes it quite likely that all three will be in uniform this weekend. If so, it will mark the 2012 debuts for both Harrison and Mendenhall and Polamalu’s first game since Week One.

Gerry Dulac of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports that Harrison will start at outside linebacker, but that he will split time with Chris Carter over the course of the game. Dulac also reports that LaMarr Woodley will be spelled by Jason Worilds with designs on keeping both Woodley and Harrison fresh for chasing after Michael Vick in the fourth quarter. Polamalu will also see plenty of time, although he’s not one for using the absences as an excuse for the Steelers’ 1-2 start.

“There’s always room for excuses,” Polamalu said, via Ralph Paulk of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. “We know the two defeats we have, it’s come down to one-on-one matchups. There were breakdowns here and there. It’s not that I would have made a play that Ryan Mundy couldn’t, and I’m sure James would say the same about Chris Carter.”

Mendenhall’s exact role remains to be seen, although it’s a good bet that he’ll be eased back into a lineup that currently has the league’s second-worst rushing attack.

20 responses to “Harrison, Mendenhall and Polamalu all listed as probable

  1. Hope they are really healthy and not rushed into the situation.

    Re-injuries will kill the season.

  2. People are acting like these guys are going to come in and be in mid-season form right away. Look at what having no preseason did to Mike Vick. He played incredibly sloppy and took to week 4 to clean it up. I for one, am not worried about facing rusty guys in their first game back.

  3. The Eagles will still win by a touchdown. The Steelers just don’t have enough. After Philly gets done beating Pittsburg up the Steelers will need another bye week.

  4. mydadyourmom says:Oct 5, 2012 3:51 PM

    The Steelers bring out more jealousy than any other team. Love it. Vick will be runnin for his life. Steeeeelaahhhs!!!


    Ironic that a steeler fan would say the Vick will be running for his life. Your QB is Ben Roethlisberger! He can’t read a defense and has no OL, he’s been running for his life since 2004.

    Oh, BTW, Philly’s pass rush is better than yours, so yeah…

  5. I love when when all the negative words come towards the steelers…..same clowns calln em old is the same clowns watching us play with their team come January…lmmao…pour on the hate…in Pittsburgh we feed off of it…….

  6. randallflagg52

    A team being overrated would mean that they do not live up to expectations. Looking back at the past 8 seasons the steelers have accomplished more than most franchises have in their entire history.

    You really have no clue about anything or you are just a troll.

    Which one?

  7. Hard to hate on a 1-2 team, you beat the jets, lost to manning before he even was in mid season form, and the lowly raiders. Let’s not forget they were Tebowd by the jets backup QB last year in the playoffs (one and done). There’s no hating, just pointing out facts. Steelers are not the class of the AFCN, that title is held by the Ravens. You know, the team that swept you last year as Flacco and Torrey burned your secondary

  8. Randall flag is both. He forgets about ” cundiffs kick is wide right. You can’t compare who has the most wins, SB ‘s that is. The steelers live rent free in his head and ravenators. Any questions?

  9. I agree 100% with jeffa about making sure DeBo, Troy and Mendy are sufficiently healthy – as opposed to being rushed out.

    We’ve RUSHED out a LOT of Steelers, and it did have the very foreseeable consequences.

    They can be dinged up, but we can’t rush ’em out if they’re one nick from the trainer’s room again.

  10. Ravenator,

    What did all that tough talk and hate fore the Steelers get you? What about the division sweep? Oh ya, I know. The Ravens won one more game than the Steelers and got cundiffed out of the playoffs.

    Congrats on the division title though.

    The Steelers may not be the class of the AFCN, but look around the conference. 9 wins is getting the sixth seed and you can bet your a$$ the steelers will have 9 wins. As we all know, getting to the dance is all that matters and anything can happen when you have a QB like Big Ben.

  11. Lol @ 1 extra game..Yeah that about sums it up,that’s all the Raven’s got last year..One extra game WOW!! Tole you aslong as they beat the Steelers, Ratbird fans are completely happy..hell it’s been 12 years since they went to a Super Bowl.. 12 loooooong years, Lmmfao they are irritable,its understandable.

  12. The ravens wish that they had a two time Super Bowl winner on there team like Ben. I see them fading as the year goes along they have some very old players on the team Steelers overtake them at the end!

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