History doesn’t favor Eagles on Sunday

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When justifying my prediction that the Steelers will beat the Eagles on Sunday at Heinz Field, I opted for the visceral.

Based on living most of my life within 100 miles of Pittsburgh, this simply isn’t a game the Steelers lose.

Reuben Frank of CSNPhilly.com opted for evidence slightly more tangible.  He writes that the Steelers are 19-2-1 against NFC teams at Heinz Field.  In their last four home games against NFC opponents, the Steelers have won by the combined score of 93-12.

Moreover, quarterback Ben Roethlisberger is 13-1 at home against NFC opponents.

Then there’s the fact that Eagles teams under Andy Reid have gone 0-9 on the road against AFC teams that went to the playoffs.  Though the Steelers still may not go to the playoffs, the Steelers are still the Steelers.

If the Eagles can somehow win at Heinz Field, it will mean that Philly is a very good team.  Or the Steelers are uncharacteristically bad.  Or both.


31 responses to “History doesn’t favor Eagles on Sunday

  1. And all of them stats mean absolutely nothing when them men step on the field at 1 pm Sunday. You really think any players or coach are concerned about any of that?

  2. All of that plus the Steelers need it more. Cant let Cincy and Baltimore go 4-1 and conversely go 1-3 if you want to have a good chance of winning the AFC North. Meanwhile the Skins, although improved, still aren’t completely there yet, the Giants aren’t running away with anything, and the Cowboys are a mess per usual.

    Not to say needing it more means the Steelers win, but just another factor to throw in.

  3. Based on living most of my life within 100 miles of Pittsburgh, this simply isn’t a game the Steelers lose.

    Yes this explains it. Gee I’m not a homer…..

  4. Forget history…harrison and polamalu are back…thats more than enough!!! Gonna be somw boykin candy bar ownage come sunday!!!

  5. I’m not sure why national hosts like Skip Bayless and other national personalities have picked the Eagles for the SB. Vick is statistically guaranteed to not make the whole season, yet , in spite of the knowledge of that stat many assert a caveat by saying “they’ll make the SB IF Vick stays healthy….” but he never does.

    I like pitt but their defense is a lot like Baltimore’s and is getting old real fast. Injuries are happening a lot sooner in the season than before and are taking longer to heal. Both are still good but both are on the downside.

  6. And in all those years those stats came from, when were the Steelers 1-2? They’re not the same team, err, actually they ARE and that’s the problem. They’re too old and living off past accomplishments. Tough game? Yes. But I think the Eagles have turned the proverbial corner and cleaned up their game. Don’t forget, Vick had all of 12 preseason snaps and basically just got done his preseason in week 3 and showed he’s getting in the groove in week 4. Steelers are getting gashed in the run too, something that NEVER used to happen. Their strength has become their achillies heel. The present is what matters and right now they’re 1-2, the Eagles are 3-1 and have knocked off the defending champs and the Ravens(who most if not all would argue are better than the Steelers). I think the Arizona game was an anomaly, just like last nights Ari-StL game was.

    Eagles 23 – Steelers 17

  7. Im sure that number goes up when you factor in coming off a bye week too.

    Steelers turn it around and get their season started Sunday. The loss to the Raiders hurt, but both of their losses have come on the road after traveling to the west coast. They will be fine.

  8. And isn’t Philly 6-2 in the past 8 vs Pittsburgh? Just saying. And Mike Vick 8-1 vs AFC in his past 9? That might be a little history to consider.

  9. Ben is 13-1 against NFC teams at home.

    Stats like this are misleading. Why is it that because Roethilisumthin beat the Joey Harrington Lions 35-21 on 1/1/2006, he is more likely to win this game, now?

  10. Law school didn’t point out the fallacy here?

    Are all NFC teams the same?

    Are The Same teams the same every year? (usually a drastic roster change after 3 years)

    A name “Steelers” is what wins games?

    Going 0-9 vs different teams that went to the playoffs the previous year (and are diff the following) has any relation to the next year?

  11. Andy Reid took the Eagles into Plittsborg 8 years ago. Akers kicked an onside kick, game-tying FG and overtime FG that sent the fans home a little unhappy. Big Ben had many a sack (19 0r 20) when he last visited Philly). Should be a good game.

  12. As an Eagles fan I marked this game as a loss when I looked at the Eagles Schedule. We haven’t had good luck against AFC teams on the road, but we have done well against them at home which is why the Baltimore win to me was so important for the Eagles. Steelers are coming off a bye week and getting a few key players back while this is close to being a must win game for them. I like the Steelers this Sunday in a close one.

  13. I can’t wait to see who wins this one so we finally know something about these teams…or nothing…or something about one team and nothing about the other.

  14. I’ll take the Wise Guys over history. Eagles 3.5 favorites in Pittsburgh means they’re actually a touchdown favorite.

    Taking the Eagles to win this one.

  15. Ndizzl,

    That game was in philly, in ’08. 9 sack, 8 of which i believe were on ben. even then the “whooping” was, i believe, 16-15 or thereabout.

    Last time i remember eagles were at heinz was 04 when TO started jawing at mcnabb because the steelers beat then down and took TO out of the game. Yeah youre welcome for starting the TO-Mcnabb drama.

    Good comment though, bro.

  16. As an Eagles fan, I think this is going to be a very tough game. I do think that the game is winnable, but the Steelers are going to provide a tough test especially if their newly returned starters perform well.

  17. If the Eagles win it’ll be a case of the Steelers playing very badly. How likely is that? No way Andy has his team ready for this game. I can hear the post game press conference now – “I need to put the players in a better position to win.” I just hope Vick escapes without a serious injury. Watch the Eagles come out very flat.

  18. How many people picked the Cards to go 4-0? Bottomline is the more you THINK you know the more you should realize you know nothing at all. You can speculate all you want, but theres a reason your workin drive-thru and not apart of an NFL franchise.

    If you know so much about the NFL, then why would you even begin to give such strong opinions? …. ANYTHING can happen on any given Sunday, but Im sure you guys knew that as well….smh

  19. Regardless of who wins this game, it won’t be because of history. I’m looking forward to a good game, may the better team win.

  20. Philly has so many smart sports fans, but why do their mentally challenged fans post here and on the hockey site. It’s okay to like your team but your reasoning stinks. The stats don’t lie, but a fool would know stats don’t play so on any given Sunday . Oh yea, Philly phans it’s just a game, lighten up!

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